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1809 U.S. Patents

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Sampson, William & Curtis, Cyrus on January 6, 1809
#X000974 cleaning clover seed New Haven, VT

Upham, Pliny on January 6, 1809
#X000975 apneumatic forcing pump Brookfield, MA

Miller, William on January 6, 1809
#X000976 machine for manufacturing dip candles New York, NY

Stansbury, Samuel on January 6, 1809
#X000977 machine for dipping candles New York, NY

Horn, Abraham on January 6, 1809
#X000978 pumps Easton, Northampton County, PA

Farnham, Joel on May 7,1809
#X000979 machine for making window sashes Owego, Tioga County, NY

Boyden, Seth on May 7,1809
#X000980 machine for splitting hides and shaving leather Foxborough, Norfork County, MA

Chappel, Richard S. on January 8, 1809
#X000981 machine for dressing flax and hemp Pawlet, Rutland County, NY

Moss, Moses on January 10, 1809
#X000982 hair combs Farmington, Hartford County, CT

Tucker, Septimus on January 12, 1809
#X000983 washing and wringing machine Dublin, Philadelphia County, PA

Pratt, Jonathan on January 14, 1809
#X000984 composition for the bottoms of vessels Middletown, CT

Ross, William on January 14, 1809
#X000985 carriages New York, NY

Blanchard, James on January 14, 1809
#X000986 fastening to window shutters New York, NY

Bartlett, Samuel on January 15, 1809
#X000987 clay conduit Hartford, CT

Thornton, William on January 16, 1809
#X000988 steam boats and boilers Washington, DC

Bolton, Samuel on January 16, 1809
#X000989 machine for heating liquids Philadelphia, PA

Moore, Alexander Duncan on January 19, 1809
#X000990 machine for pounding rice New Hanover, NC

Boucherie, Antoine on January 30, 1809
#X000991 distilling apparatus Philadelphia, PA

Parmantier, Nicholas Simon on January 30, 1809
#X000992 discolouring linseed oil, imparting to it a drying quality and converting it into an uncoloured varnish Philadelphia, PA

Boucherie, Antoine on January 31, 1809
#X000993 improvement in making gin cordial, called Holland's gin Philadelphia, PA

Linsey, James on February 4, 1809
#X000994 machine for sawing timber in a circular form Casenovia, Madison County, NY

Fulton, Robert on February 11, 1809
#X000995 improvement in steam boats New York, NY

Jones, Jonathan on February 11, 1809
#X000996 cleansing lye and melting pot ash Fabias, Onondago County, NY

Hill, Eli F. on February 11, 1809
#X000997 washing machine Fabias, Onondago County, NY

Hill, Eli F. on February 11, 1809
#X000998 flax and hemp machine Fabias, Onondago County, NY

Berrian, Richard on February 13, 1809
#X000999 overshot strap or chain wheel to go by water New York, NY

Crafts, Moses on February 14, 1809
#X001000 machine for propelling boats by horses Troy, NY

Hock, Lawrence on February 15, 1809
#X001001 thrashing and winnowing machine Frederick County, MD

Green, Samuel on February 15, 1809
#X001002 mode of making paper from alga or sea weed New London, CT

Badger, William on February 16, 1809
#X001003 machine for paring, quartering, and coring apples Boston, MA

Chard, Hugh on February 16, 1809
#X001004 mode of teaching to read Courtland Town, Washington County, NY

Dotterer, Henry on February 16, 1809
#X001005 bellows for forges Philadelphia, PA

Blodgett, Aziel on February 16, 1809
#X001006 washing machine Amherst, Hampshire County, MA

Patten, Robert on February 17, 1809
#X001007 thrashing and other purposes Columbia, PA

Mans, Samuel and Black, Jeremiah on February 18, 1809
#X001008 constructing of mills and the means of communicating a rotary motion by an auger, spindle and spur wheel with cylindrical teeth, PA

Rew, Ephraim on February 22, 1809
#X001009 mills by a wheel of a new construction Canandaigua, NY

Fales, James on February 22, 1809
#X001010 stoves Newport, RI

Williams, Michael on February 24, 1809
#X001011 navigating rivers and shoal waters Albany, NY

Robinson, John on February 25, 1809
#X001012 curing tobacco Charlotte, VA

Cobb, Isaac on March 1, 1809
#X001013 application of the pendulum to mills Walpole, NH

Few, William on March 1, 1809
#X001014 making Bene oil New York, NY

Cutter, Ephraim on March 1, 1809
#X001015 machine for extracting hair and cutting fur from peltry Brattleboro, Windham County, VT

Nichols, Daniel on March 1, 1809
#X001016 making bow strings for hatters New Milford, CT

Millington, Ira on March 2, 1809
#X001017 churn Warren, Herkimer County, NY

Sherman, Elihu on March 2, 1809
#X001018 scows and boats Lansingburgh, Ranssear County, NY

Condon, Samuel on March 3, 1809
#X001019 machine for getting out clover seed New Hartford, Litchfield County, CT

Condon, Samuel on March 3, 1809
#X001020 machine for thrashing grain and breaking and dressing flax New Hartford, Litchfield County, CT

Barnitt, John on March 3, 1809
#X001021 ovens Upper Providence, Montgomery County, PA

Yarwood, Joseph on March 11, 1809
#X001022 washing machine New Brunswick, NJ

Morneweck, Charles on March 13, 1809
#X001023 cement intended as a substitute for slates, tiles, etc. for covering houses Baltimore, MD

Beecher, John on March 18, 1809
#X001024 machine for planting Indian corn in rows Lycoming County, PA

Stearns, Abner on March 22, 1809
#X001025 machine to faciliting the coloring and finishing of silk stuffs West Cambridge, Middlesex County, MA

Anderson, Levi on March 23, 1809
#X001026 washing machine Bristol, Bucks County, PA

Buckman, William on March 23, 1809
#X001027 washing machine Arundell County, MD

Cowperthwaite, Job, Sr. on April 13, 1809
#X001028 case or kirb to be used to prevent excavation in sinking wells and boring into loose ground, unknown

Reed, Jesse on April 15, 1809
#X001029 horizontal wheel for cutting and heading nails Kingston, MA

Wheeler, Benjamin on April 17, 1809
#X001030 making salt Boston, MA

Bishop, Garry on April 17, 1809
#X001031 washing machine Madison County, NY

Jennings, Isaiah on April 17, 1809
#X001032 hand saw New York, NY

Jones, Ezra G. on April 21, 1809
#X001033 churning machine Otsego, NY

Mirick, Benjamin on April 21, 1809
#X001034 harness Rutland County, NY

Wilmot, Samuel, Jr. on April 21, 1809
#X001035 machine for heading cut nails New Haven, CT

Bachelor, Lemuel on April 24, 1809
#X001036 washing and wringing machine Vernon, Oneida County, NY

Cobb, Gersham on April 24, 1809
#X001037 geometrical interest table Boston, MA

Parker, Samuel on April 26, 1809
#X001038 improvement in currying and finishing leather of all kinds, unknown

Worthington, David on April 27, 1809
#X001039 machine for laying out window sashes Hartford, CT

Stubbs, William on May 1, 1809
#X001040 tide water or river wheel Chilicothe, OH

Kies, Mary on May 5, 1809
#X001041 weaving straw with silk or thread Killingly, Windham County, CT

Woodcock, John on April 8, 1809
#X001042 machine for splitting leather and skins Worcester, MA

Kendall, Levi on April 8, 1809
#X001043 balance spring catch lever New York, NY

Dickerman, Hezekiah on April 9, 1809
#X001044 churns Great Barrington, Berkshire County, MA

Jones, Nathaniel on April 9, 1809
#X001045 wooden combs Southington, Hartford County, CT

Votee, George on May 10, 1809
#X001046 churns Berling, Hartford County, CT

Allen, Phineas on May 13, 1809
#X001047 cheese press Burlington, Otsego County, NY

DeRiemer, Samuel on May 15, 1809
#X001048 compounding a blue color as a substitute for indigo Poughkeepsie, NY

Chatfield, Orin on May 15, 1809
#X001049 washing machine Burlington, Otsego County, NY

VanZandt, Nicholas on May 21, 1809
#X001050 washing machine Washington, DC

Haskell, Roger on May 25, 1809
#X001051 machine for cutting straw Burlington, Otsego County, NY

Osgood, Gardener on June 7, 1809
#X001052 washing and churning machine Madison County, NY

Cleveland, James B. on June 7, 1809
#X001053 machine for dividing and boring hubbs Bergan County, NJ

Lee, Martin on June 8, 1809
#X001054 washing machine Burlington, Otsego County, NY

Stoy,William ( Elizabeth Stoy, executrix) on June 9, 1809
#X001055 medicine to prevent or cure the effects of the bite of a mad dog Lebanon, Dauphin County, PA

Reed, Jacob on June 9, 1809
#X001056 pounding the husk off rice Charleston, SC

Richardson, William H. on June 9, 1809
#X001057 sea table Baltimore, MD

Haggett, Amos on June 10, 1809
#X001058 uniform turning lathe Middlesex County, MA

McCoord, John on June 13, 1809
#X001059 churn Washington, Dutchess County, NY

Jennings, Isaiah on June 13, 1809
#X001060 washing machine New York, NY

Wells, John J. on June 13, 1809
#X001061 mill for grinding painter's colors Hartford, CT

Shultz, Willam on June 14, 1809
#X001062 telegraph Baltimore, MD

Smith, Daniel on June 14, 1809
#X001063 machine for carding wool Philadelphia, PA

Broad, Aaron on June 14, 1809
#X001064 mode of boring boxes for axletrees of carriages Salisbury, Litchfield County, CT

Brown, George on June 16, 1809
#X001065 roving flax and hemp for spinning Schatecoke, Rensselaer County, NY

Schultz, William on June 16, 1809
#X001066 machine for moving ground in rivers, creeks, etc. Baltimore, MD

Briggs, Nathaniel on June 17, 1809
#X001067 water table for doors Windham, Brattleboro County, VT

Bartholomew, Truman on June 17, 1809
#X001068 shutters for windows New York, NY

Ames, Oliver on June 24, 1809
#X001069 water back and tewel for smiths Plymouth, MA

Pierce, Thomas on June 24, 1809
#X001070 washing machine Fishkill, NY

Truman, James on June 24, 1809
#X001071 worm boiler Philadelphia, PA

Schultz, William on June 24, 1809
#X001072 mechanical pump Baltimore, MD

Schultz, William on June 24, 1809
#X001073 machine to lay cables and spin ropes of any size Baltimore, MD

Thomson, Luther on June 24, 1809
#X001074 churn Sturbridge, Worcester County, MA

Ives, Ira on June 24, 1809
#X001075 time and striking parts of a clock Bristol, Stratford County, CT

Lecesne, Lewis on June 26, 1809
#X001076 chimneys Philadelphia, PA

Perkins, Jacobs on June 26, 1809
#X001077 machine for polishing and graining morocco leather Boston, MA

Gedney, Robert on June 26, 1809
#X001078 mode of making combs with hoofs of cattle New York, NY

Canfield, Jacob on June 26, 1809
#X001079 machine for cutting straw Morristown, NJ

Bissel, Luther on June 27, 1809
#X001080 machine for cutting nails Hartwick, Otsego County, NY

Hosford, Amos & Kelsey, Ezekiel on June 27, 1809
#X001081 washing machine and press Berlin, Hartford County, CT

Barrett, William on June 27, 1809
#X001082 machine to facilitate the dying of silk goods and frame to finish them, unknown

Dewey, David on June 27, 1809
#X001083 shearing cloth Poultney, Rutland County, VT

Hubbel, Ephraim on June 27, 1809
#X001084 machine for cutting dyer's wood Middlebury, Addison County, VT

Newman, John on June 27, 1809
#X001085 raising mud from rivers Providence, RI

Robinson, George W. on June 27, 1809
#X001086 securing a button in a lathe Providence, RI

Canfield, Jacob on June 28, 1809
#X001087 pumps Morris Town, NJ

Chamberlin, William on June 28, 1809
#X001088 trigonometer or trigon for ascertaining the sides of angles, unknown

Foster, Nathaniel on June 28, 1809
#X001089 hemp and flax spinning machine Flamingsbury, KY

Freeman, Timothy on June 30, 1809
#X001090 washing machine Madison County, NY

Deneale, James on July 1, 1809
#X001091 machine called the wheat rubber Dumfries, Prince William County, VA

Sacket, Augustus on July 3, 1809
#X001092 rapid jack for ascending rapids New York, NY

Ives, Fitch on July 5, 1809
#X001093 spiral float wheel mill Lisle, Broome County, NY

Lainhart, Henry, Jr. on July 6, 1809
#X001094 manufacturing light hats Baltimore, MD

Stanley, Timothy on July 3, 1809
#X001095 hair combs Southington, Hartford County, CT

Mathews, John on July 6, 1809
#X001096 machine for tempering clay Baltimore, MD

Allison, Burgiss on July 6, 1809
#X001097 mode of distilling spirits from corn stalks Philadelphia, PA

Newell, Theodore on July 7, 1809
#X001098 revolutionary astronomical time keeper Sheffield County, MA

Goodwin, Samuel on July 7, 1809
#X001099 over balanced pendulum lock Baltimore, MD

Bernard, Phares on July 7, 1809
#X001100 twisting or bobbing machine for weaving the wire work of paper maker's moulds Whitestown, Oneida County, NY

Bolton, Samuel on July 7, 1809
#X001101 pipe or grate boiler and heater Philadelphia, PA

Ross, William on July 10, 1809
#X001102 turning lathe Chester County, PA

DeSavignhac, Philip A. on July 13, 1809
#X001103 spiril truss New York, NY

Jocelin, Simeon on July 13, 1809
#X001104 pruning shears New Haven, CT

Balcomb, Jacob on July 15, 1809
#X001105 machine for riving and shaving shingles Reading, Steuban County, NY

Jope, John William on July 17, 1809
#X001106 manufacturing shot Philadelphia, PA

Atwell, Benjamin on July 18, 1809
#X001107 cheese press Burlington, Otsego County, NY

Woodward, Frederick on July 18, 1809
#X001108 planting plough New Lisbon, NY

Stowell, Abel on July 19, 1809
#X001109 machine for cutting screws of wood Worcester, MA

Josslyn, James on July 25, 1809
#X001110 balance wheel uniform working pump Hanover, Plymouth County, MA

Stone, David on July 27, 1809
#X001111 stump lifting machine Clearmont, NH

Youle, George on July 27, 1809
#X001112 caboose New York, NY

Hamilton, James on July 31, 1809
#X001113 wood saw Brookfield, Worcester County, MA

L'Hommedieu, Ezra on July 31, 1809
#X001114 double podded centre screw auger Saybrook, Middlesex County, CT

Bailey, Francis on July 31, 1809
#X001115 hot pressing all kinds of paper Salisbury, PA

Cerneau, Joseph and Hallett, Stephen S. on August 3, 1809
#X001116 improvement in the hydraulic ram New York, NY

Nicholson, Thomas on August 10, 1809
#X001117 churn Nelson County, KY

Ritter, Christian on August 11, 1809
#X001118 machine for planing boards Beaver, Northumberland County, PA

Kimball, Shubael on August 12, 1809
#X001119 washing machine Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, NY

Lapish, Benjamin U. on August 15, 1809
#X001120 churn Durham, Stafford County, NH

Cerneau, Joseph on August 17, 1809
#X001121 truss for the prevention and cure of ruptures New York, NY

Bakewell, William L. on August 18, 1809
#X001122 wheel to operate by wind or water New Haven, CT

Barlow, Jonathan on August 23, 1809
#X001123 flax dressing machine Granville, MA

Hopkins, John on August 24, 1809
#X001124 barbal alkahest or magic lotion Philadelphia, PA

Kelsey, Israel on August 25, 1809
#X001125 horizontal mill Hartford, CT

Cruttenden, Stephen on August 25, 1809
#X001126 machine for paring and coring apples Gilford, Newhaven County, CT

Elgar, Joseph, Sr. & Elgar, John on September 1, 1809
#X001127 nail machine York Town, PA

Thornton, William on September 7, 1809
#X001128 ameliorating spirits and wines Washington, DC

Hawkins, Joseph on September 7, 1809
#X001129 mode of imitating natural mineral waters Baltimore, MD

Decatur, Stephen and Tatham, William on October 11, 1809
#X001130 machine for making horse shoes, unknown

Harrington, Nathaniel on October 11, 1809
#X001131 churning machine Whitestown, Oneida County, NY

Alricks, Jacob on October 11, 1809
#X001132 cotton twisting frames, denominated the Delaware spinner Wilmington, DE

French, Daniel on October 12, 1809
#X001133 improvement in the steam engine for boats, mills, etc. New York, NY

Kilborn, Lemuel J. on October 12, 1809
#X001134 striking part of a clock, PA

Nichols, Israel on October 12, 1809
#X001135 machine to press cheese, cyder, oil, tobacco, etc. Otsego County, NY

Nichols, Martin & Nichols, Israel on October 12, 1809
#X001136 machine for furrowing two or three furrows at a time and dropping corn Otsego County, NY

Kilborn, Lemuel J. on October 13, 1809
#X001137 casting wheels for clocks, PA

Perry, Nathaniel on October 13, 1809
#X001138 bureau dressing table Boston, MA

Phillips, Rozel on October 14, 1809
#X001139 washing machine Otsego County, NY

Smith, John on October 14, 1809
#X001140 trip hammer Otsego County, NY

Atwell, Benjamin and Nichols, Israel on October 14, 1809
#X001141 churning machine Otsego County, NY

Smith, Samuel, 2nd on October 17, 1809
#X001142 mould for running cart boxes Amherst, Hampshire County, MA

Walworth, Joseph on October 17, 1809
#X001143 melting metals New York, NY

Gould, John F. on October 17, 1809
#X001144 machine for manufacturing bricks, tiles, etc. Newburyport, MA

Ridgway, David on October 26, 1809
#X001145 machine for striping leather, unknown

Coppinger, Joseph on October 31, 1809
#X001146 splitting shingles Baltimore, MD

Coppinger, Joseph on October 31, 1809
#X001147 planing machine Baltimore, MD

Coppinger, Joseph on October 31, 1809
#X001148 threshing and cleaning grain Baltimore, MD

Robinson, Robert on November 3, 1809
#X001149 washing machine Leesburgh, VA

Simmons, James (administrators: David P. Simmons, Condy Raguet) on November 7, 1809
#X001150 machine for binding and securing cotton, hay, etc. Philadelphia, PA

Parmelee, David on November 20, 1809
#X001151 horizontal water wheel Redding, Fairfield County, CT

Burt, Enoch on November 20, 1809
#X001152 churn Princeton, NJ

Bisbee, Isaiah on November 20, 1809
#X001153 machine for manufacturing spoons Bath, Lincoln County, MA

Brown, William on November 20, 1809
#X001154 improvement in Wm. Bent's machine for splitting hides and skins Philadelphia, PA

King, Roswell on November 21, 1809
#X001155 machine for cleaning rice Darien, Glyn County, GA

Coppinger, Joseph on November 21, 1809
#X001156 mode of distilling with case iron stills Beaufort, SC

Omitted on November 21, 1809
#X001157 through #X001166

Walworth, Joseph on November 22, 1809
#X001167 casting iron, brass and composition nails New York, NY

Williamson, Peregrine on November 22, 1809
#X001168 metallic writing pen Baltimore, MD

Applegate, Samuel & Howard, Thomas and Wharton, Peregrine H. on November 22, 1809
#X001169 application of heat to fluids Philadelphia, PA

Johnson, John, Jr. on November 22, 1809
#X001170 flexible platform for giving motion to wheels and machinery of all kinds Charleston, SC

Coppinger, Joseph on November 23, 1809
#X001171 mode of preserving animal and vegetable substances Beaufort, SC

Huling, George on November 24, 1809
#X001172 circular saw mill or machine Shaftsbury, VT

Ellis, Samuel on November 25, 1809
#X001173 geometrical writing plates, unknown

Syme, John Meriwether on November 29, 1809
#X001174 thrashing machine New Bedford, Bristol County, MA

Russell, William on December 1, 1809
#X001175 mariner's or surveyor's compas New Bedford, Bristol County, MA

Farra, Atkinson on December 5, 1809
#X001176 double bored pendulum pump Montgomery County, PA

Schrack, Lewis on December 8, 1809
#X001177 improved balance wheel pump Norristown, Montgomery County, PA

Witmore, John on December 8, 1809
#X001178 churn Litchfield, CT

Groff, Philip on December 16, 1809
#X001179 fishing seine and mode of using it Little York, PA

Sheffield, William E. on December 20, 1809
#X001180 machine for sawing felloes for wheels New York, NY

Ford, Ebenezer on December 21, 1809
#X001181 floating mill and silent fisher Charleston, SC

Olds, Ezekiel & Upham, Pliny on December 21, 1809
#X001182 sawing machine Worcester, MA

Jones, Elihu & White, Philip on December 21, 1809
#X001183 machine for drilling rocks Brookfield, Worcester County, MA

Cady, Asa on December 27, 1809
#X001184 thrashing and shelling machine Florda, Montgomery County, NY

Mason, William on December 28, 1809
#X001185 hemp break Washington County, OH

Belknap, Stephen on December 28, 1809
#X001186 chain band with buckets or float boards to give motion to the machinery of mills New York, NY

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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