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1812 U.S. Patents

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Stanly, Timothy on January 6, 1812
#X001626 structure of bee-hives Farmington, Harford County, CT

Walton, Azariah on January 6, 1812
#X001627 flyers for spinning cotton yarn Keene, Cheshire County, NH

Frink, Hervey on January 6, 1812
#X001628 restorative elixir Northampton, Hampshire County, MA

Crosbie, Richard on January 6, 1812
#X001629 loom Newark, NJ

Crosbie, Richard on January 6, 1812
#X001630 hydro pneumatic engine Newark, NJ

Evans, Jonathan on January 6, 1812
#X001631 pump Whites Town, Oneida County, NY

Bouis, John on January 6, 1812
#X001632 steam drawer kitchen or apparatus for cooking Baltimore, MD

Leonard, Enoch on January 6, 1812
#X001633 converting pig iron into steel Canton, Norfolk County, MA

Walcott, Peter Tilton on January 6, 1812
#X001634 improved easy draught bedstead Monmouth County, NJ

Barker, Joseph on January 10, 1812
#X001635 art of tanning Deerfield, Oneida County, NY

Johnson, Asa on January 11, 1812
#X001636 febrifuge Northumberland County, PA

May, Samuel on January 11, 1812
#X001637 net or scine for taking shad or other fish Columbia, Lancaster County, PA

Giffen, William on January 11, 1812
#X001638 cylindrical frame for roving and spinning flax or hemp New York, NY

Howell, James on January 11, 1812
#X001639 machine for rolling wire Philadelphia, PA

Whitlow, Charles on January 11, 1812
#X001640 new species of plant applicable to many uses, particularly for the uses of flax and hemp New York, NY

White, Josiah on January 11, 1812
#X001641 cutting and heading nails Philadelphia, PA

Randall, Samuel on January 11, 1812
#X001642 mode of teaching to write Warren, Bristol County, RI

Klay, John on January 11, 1812
#X001643 construction of the plough Frederick County, MD

Tousley, Roswell on January 11, 1812
#X001644 plough Cayuga County, NY

Barnum, Thomas S. on January 15, 1812
#X001645 fanning mill Sharon, Litchfield County, CT

Beale, Josiah on January 15, 1812
#X001646 swinging keel Alexandria, VA

Belknap, Morris Burk on January 6, 1812
#X001647 machine for cutting files Worcester, Worcester County, MA

Brewster, Gilbert and Trumbull, Guy & Mathes, James on January 16, 1812
#X001648 machine for spinning cotton, wool, flax and tow Barre, Orange County, VT

Hart, Josiah and Fling, Lester on January 18, 1812
#X001649 save-all for saw mills Cheshire, NH

Raymond, Ephraim on January 18, 1812
#X001650 machine for cleaning and picking cotton wool Norton, MA

Biemler, Frederick on January 21, 1812
#X001651 construction of coaches and other carriages New York, NY

Messer, Frederick on January 23, 1812
#X001652 composition of materials for the manufacturing of hats Guildhall, Essex County, VT

Rood, Job on January 23, 1812
#X001653 art of weaving Canterbury, Windham County, CT

Rich, Joseph on January 27, 1812
#X001654 manufacturing flour Madison County, NY

Gaston, Charles on January 31, 1812
#X001655 metallic case or stove for kettles, boilers, stills, etc. Williamsport, Washington County, PA

Quinby, Joseph on February 3, 1812
#X001656 regulated mill Wilmington, NC

Reeve, Mark & Reeve, Richard on February 3, 1812
#X001657 machine for cutting and heading nails and for making wrought nails Burlington, NJ

Moore, Nathaniel L. on February 4, 1812
#X001658 machine for cramping boot legs Smithfield, Madison County, NY

Hill, Uri K. on February 7, 1812
#X001659 musical types New York, NY

Spencer, Asa on February 7, 1812
#X001660 ruling machine New London, New London County, CT

Curtis, Junia and Yeamans, Royal on February 8, 1812
#X001661 steam engines Plymouth, Chenango County, NY & Westfield, Hampshire County, MA

Crafts, Chauncey on February 10, 1812
#X001662 whirl and regulator for spinning flax, hemp, tow, etc. Woodbury, CT

Norton, Abraham on February 11, 1812
#X001663 increasing press Litchfield, CT

Root, Joel on February 13, 1812
#X001664 air backs for chimneys Southington, Harford County, CT

Quincy, Abraham H. on February 17, 1812
#X001665 furnace for heating ovens Boston, MA

Crosbie, Richard on February 17, 1812
#X001666 granulating gun powder Newark, Essex County, NJ

Crosbie, Richard on February 17, 1812
#X001667 rolling draw bridge Newark, Essex County, NJ

Pennock, Moses on February 18, 1812
#X001668 wind and water mill Kennets Square, Chesnut County, PA

Shaw, William on February 16, 1812
#X001669 rowing and propelling boats Otsego County, NY

Hort, Benjamin S. on February 21, 1812
#X001670 threshing machine George Town, SC

Walgemore, Samuel on February 22, 1812
#X001671 improved conveyor, elevator, and hopper boy Washington, DC

Ives, Ira on February 24, 1812
#X001672 pinions of clocks Bristol, Harford County, CT

Low, Jonathan on February 24, 1812
#X001673 cooking stove Fitchburg, Worcester County, MA

Neall, Daniel on February 26, 1812
#X001674 construction of carriages Milford, Kent County, DE

Richards, John D. on February 27, 1812
#X001675 machine for rubbing wheat and other grain Middleburg, VA

Lloyd, Nichodemus on February 29, 1812
#X001676 stoves Philadelphia, PA

Richards, William on March 2, 1812
#X001677 threshing machine Culpepper County, VA

Thayer, Elijah (1678½) on March 14, 1812
#X001678 machine for making boots and shoes Leicester, Worcester County, MA

Waldron, Daniel on March 4, 1812
#X001678 extracting icthyocalla or fish glues New York, NY

Owings, John on March 5, 1812
#X001679 mode of preparing flax, hemp, etc. to be spun on the same principles that cotton and wool is spun Baltimore, MD

Chickering, Nathaniel. and Chickering, Daniel on March 9, 1812
#X001680 cutting and heading nails originally invented by Jonathan Newell Dover, Norfolk County, MA

Battle, Millen (1681½) on March 27, 1812
#X001681 revolving steam engine for propelling boats by poles Herkemer County, NY

Hunt, Joseph on March 11, 1812
#X001681 steam boat to be propelled by sculling East Chester, NY

Jones, Noel on March 14, 1812
#X001682 machine for spinning, reeling, and spooling flax and hemp Madison County, NY

Omitted on March 14, 1812
#X001683 see 1678½

Heavia, John on March 16, 1812
#X001684 machine for dressing shingles Montgomery County, VA

Clements, Stephen on March 16, 1812
#X001685 spinning sheeps' wool, being an improvement on the water frames used for spinning cotton Harford, Windsor County, VT

Hunt, Charles on March 17, 1812
#X001686 grates New York, NY

Goulding, Joseph on March 19, 1812
#X001687 threshing machine Bangor, MA

Brown, George McAdam on March 19, 1812
#X001688 machine for separating grain and seeds by rubbing Northumberland County, VA

Shoemaker, Daniel on March 27, 1812
#X001689 fire extinguisher and chimney regulator Philadelphia, PA

Omitted on March 27, 1812
#X001690 see 1681½

Adams, Rufus W. on March 27, 1812
#X001691 wooden still and condensing box Marlboro, Windham County, VT

Currie, Samuel on March 28, 1812
#X001692 tanning Philadelphia, PA

Thorp, John on March 28, 1812
#X001693 hand and water loom Providence, RI

DeLacy, John Devereux on March 28, 1812
#X001694 working saw, grist, and other mills New York, NY

Campbell, Asa on March 28, 1812
#X001695 looms Kingston, Luzerne County, PA

Dudley, Ambrose on March 31, 1812
#X001696 manufacturing salt King William County, VA

McDonald, James on April 1, 1812
#X001697 brick machine New York, NY

Omitted on April 12, 1812
#X001698 see 1706½

Dunn, William on April 1, 1812
#X001699 preparing magnesia Boston, MA

Clark, Edward on April 2, 1812
#X001700 forts Philadelphia, PA

Zwisler, James on April 2, 1812
#X001701 making candles with tallow and wax Baltimore, MD

Davidson, John on April 3, 1812
#X001702 horizontal churn Cheshire, NH

Vanderpool, James & Eagles, John on April 8, 1812
#X001703 tobacco spinning and turning off wheel Newark, Essex County, NJ

Morey, Samuel on April 8, 1812
#X001704 mode of obtaining power between the difference of a column of rarified and unrarified air Philadelphia, PA

Gillet, Nathaniel and Smith, John on April 8, 1812
#X001705 boring machine Cazenovia, Madison County, NY

Hesser, Charles & Paxson, Amos on April 11, 1812
#X001706 machine for cutting files Philadelphia, PA

Jennings, Isaiah (1706.5) on April 12, 1812
#X001706 suction pump and fire engine Philadelphia, PA

Anderson, Levi and Anderson, David on April 20, 1812
#X001707 machine for manufacturing files Philadelphia, PA

Kelley, Zaccheus on April 22, 1812
#X001708 machine for cutting miters Easton, MD

Conner, Benjamin on April 23, 1812
#X001709 construction of bridges Portsmouth, Rockingham County, NH

Evelett, John on April 23, 1812
#X001710 propelling boats by steam called the setting float steam boat Boston, MA

Jenks, Charles on April 25, 1812
#X001711 quilted cloathing for a copper still head East Windsor, Harford County, CT

Jenks, Charles on April 25, 1812
#X001712 wooden still head East Windsor, Harford County, CT

Mix, Eli on April 25, 1812
#X001713 fire places for warming rooms by means of a cast iron fluted back New Haven, CT

Treadwell, Stephen on April 27, 1812
#X001714 shearing machine Redding, Fairfield County, CT

Shepard, Silas on April 27, 1812
#X001715 water loom Philadelphia, PA

Carrington, Jonathan on April 27, 1812
#X001716 machine for cutting scale board Litchfield, Litchfield County, CT

Green, Job on April 27, 1812
#X001717 refining and making camphire Charlestown, Middlesex County, MA

Allison, Burgiss on April 27, 1812
#X001718 portable spinning machine Philadelphia, PA

Shaw, James on April 27, 1812
#X001719 spinning wheel Herkemer County, NY

Cobb, Elkanah on April 29, 1812
#X001720 combining wool into blankets and other manufactures Georgetown, DC

Canfield, Russel on May 1, 1812
#X001721 sawing machine Philadelphia, PA

Gore, Samuel Kennedy on May 4, 1812
#X001722 travelling cross cut saw mill Bradford County, PA

Luther, Christopher and Smith, James on May 5, 1812
#X001723 tanning Georgetown, DC

Baldwin, Sylvanus & Town, Elisha on April 6, 1812
#X001724 linen spinner VT

Canviss, Edward Morris on April 6, 1812
#X001725 pressing and rendering transparent horse hoofs and other corneus substances for making combs Southington, Harford County, CT

Geiger, Paul on May 12, 1812
#X001726 breaking plaister of paris Robeson, Berks County, PA

Dod, Daniel on May 12, 1812
#X001727 steam engine Elizabeth Town, NJ
Grannis, John on May 12, 1812
#X001728 horse mills by using weights Cheshire, New Haven County, CT

Stanton, William on May 12, 1812
#X001729 washing machine Lynchburg, Campbell County, VA

Sperry, David on May 12, 1812
#X001730 machine for boring hubbs and felloes of wheels Colchester, New London County, CT

Pettibone, Daniel on May 12, 1812
#X001731 warming rooms by rarified air applicable to ovens, hot or green houses, rooms, etc. Philadelphia, PA

Jones, William on May 13, 1812
#X001732 plugged faucet New York, NY

Robinson, George W. on May 14, 1812
#X001733 moulds for casting metal buttons New Haven, CT

Hazard, Elisha and White, Josiah on May 15, 1812
#X001734 machine for cutting screws Philadelphia, PA

Bailey, Robert on May 15, 1812
#X001735 fair dealer of the chartae lusoriae Washington, DC

Mayo, William on May 15, 1812
#X001736 grinding of corn in the cobb Henrico, VA

White, Josiah on May 15, 1812
#X001737 rolling machine for reducing metal from bars and for making wire round or square Philadelphia, PA

Ives, Ira on May 19, 1812
#X001738 machine for cutting fur from skins Bristol, Harford County, CT

Tomlinson, Daniel on May 20, 1812
#X001739 casting or smut machine Brookfield, CT

Quincy, Abraham H. on May 21, 1812
#X001740 fire proof stone stove Boston, MA

Richards, Robert U. on May 23, 1812
#X001741 making shoes and boots with wooden pegs, screws, notches or creases Norfolk, Litchfield County, CT

Shultz, William on May 26, 1812
#X001742 hydraulic machine for raising water Philadelphia, PA

Elliott, James, Jr. on May 26, 1812
#X001743 chair bottoms Philadelphia, PA

Hart, Webb on May 26, 1812
#X001744 saw mills Cheshire, CT

Long, Charity Shaw on May 27, 1812
#X001745 cure of consumptions and all other pulmonary complaints Philadelphia, PA

Shultz, William on May 28, 1812
#X001746 hydraulic boat with the mode of propelling the same with or against the current or stream Philadelphia, PA

Shaw, William on June 5, 1812
#X001747 propelling boats, working mills, etc. Otsego County, NY

Allison, Nathaniel S. and Kugler, Benjamin on June 5, 1812
#X001748 mode of preparing vegetable acids Philadelphia, PA

Richardson, Joseph & Stout, Benjamin on June 6, 1812
#X001749 grinding and packing bark for exportation Bucks County, PA

Holladay, H. S. and Griffin, E.G. on June 6, 1812
#X001750 machine for bowing wool for hatters Lyme, New London County, CT

Kennedy, Walter on June 12, 1812
#X001751 shearing cloth Frankford, Franklin County, KY

Quincy, Abraham H. on June 13, 1812
#X001752 stone boiler for refining sulphur and for chemical purposes Boston, MA

Quincy, Abraham H. on June 13, 1812
#X001753 foot stove with stone heaters Boston, MA

Townsend, William W. on June 13, 1812
#X001754 cheese press Addison County, VT

Volentine, Roswell on June 13, 1812
#X001755 liquid heating machine Canaan, Columbia County, NY

Livingston, Robert R. on June 13, 1812
#X001756 chain wheels and paddles for boats Clermont, NY

Rose, Samuel on June 15, 1812
#X001757 floating dry dock New York, NY

Haws, John on June 19, 1812
#X001758 flax dressing machine Hudson, NY

Phinney, Zina on June 16, 1812
#X001759 washing and churning machine Cairo, Green County, NY

Phinney, Zina on June 19, 1812
#X001760 improvement on John Moffatt's machine for boiling salt water Cairo, Green County, NY

Adams, Paul on June 19, 1812
#X001761 preventing the canker worm from destroying fruit trees Newbury, Essex County, MA

Bolton, Amos on June 19, 1812
#X001762 mode of shutting the water gate of a mill Fauquier County, VA

Baily, Jeremiah and on June 19, 1812
#X001763 elevating grain, meal, flour or other pulverized substances Kennets Square, Chester County, PA

Cunningham John & Edmonston, Samuel S. on June 22, 1812
#X001764 pressing and straining oil and other fluids New York, NY

Francis, William on June 23, 1812
#X001765 boots and shoes called the elastic hair soles Boston, MA

Lecesne, Lewis on June 23, 1812
#X001766 mode of purifying fish and other oils New York, NY

Rogers, Richard C. on June 23, 1812
#X001767 improvement in his patented loom District of Maine, MA

Nicholson, Robert on June 23, 1812
#X001768 manufacturing iron ore into paints Bairdstown, Nelson County, KY

Gordon, Elisha on June 12, 1812
#X001769 manufacturing edge tools of steel prepared by a common rolling press Philadelphia, PA

Weston, Thomas on June 26, 1812
#X001770 plummets of lead to be used in teaching Wrifford's art of writing Peacham, Caledonia County, VT

Hill, Abel on June 30, 1812
#X001771 machine for making and forming all kind of cordage Walpole, NH

Woolsen, Thomas on July 3, 1812
#X001772 stove for heating water and to wash and boil clothes Amherst, Hillsborough County, NH

Parsons, Hezekiah on July 9, 1812
#X001773 malting and kiln drying Colebrook, Colebrook County, NH

White, Samuel Gilman on July 11, 1812
#X001774 machine for cutting files, rasps and sickles Haverhill, Essex County, MA

Kirk, Nathaniel and Clark, Samuel C. on July 18, 1812
#X001775 machine for breaking, hairing and fleshing every species of hides St. Clairsville, Belmont County, OH

Dickerman, Lemuel on July 18, 1812
#X001776 shearing and laying the knap of cloth Schaghticoke, Rensselaer County, NY

Sexton, Jacob W. on July 18, 1812
#X001777 horizontal steam engine for boats Burlington, NJ

Crease, William G. & Morgan, J. on July 20, 1812
#X001778 mathematical boot Philadelphia, PA

Ward, Peter & Alison, Burgis on July 20, 1812
#X001779 economical candle holder Philadelphia, PA

Cornell, Gideon on July 22, 1812
#X001780 roping and spinning machine Rensselaer County, NY

Hart, Seth on July 27, 1812
#X001781 machine for brushing and finishing cloth Hempstead, Long Island, NY

Woodward, Frederick on July 27, 1812
#X001782 plane for shaving leather North Lisbon, Otsego County, NY

Sullivan, John T. on July 27, 1812
#X001783 bookbinding Philadelphia, PA

Pease, Abiel and Bestor, Samuel on July 27, 1812
#X001784 purifying spirits Enfield, Harford County, CT
Rotch, Francis on August 3, 1812
#X001785 constructing boats and vessels Philadelphia, PA

Lies, Bennet on August 6, 1812
#X001786 cog and pendulum pump New York, NY

Hathaway, Isaac on August 6, 1812
#X001787 fire engine Walton, Delaware County, NY

Pollock, Allen & Perkins, Jacob on August 6, 1812
#X001788 fire engine Boston, MA

Brown, John on August 8, 1812
#X001789 roping and spinning cotton and wool Providence, RI

Anderson, Alexander on August 21, 1812
#X001790 steam engine Philadelphia, PA

Anderson, Alexander on August 21, 1812
#X001791 propelling boats or vessels Philadelphia, PA

Truman, James on August 21, 1812
#X001792 steam washer Philadelphia, PA

Palmer, Joseph on August 21, 1812
#X001793 facilitating washing machines Brookfield, Madison County, NY

Maiben, Richard on August 21, 1812
#X001794 apparatus and the art of making oil of vitriol New York, NY

Parmelee, Marcus B. on August 25, 1812
#X001795 steam machine to be applied to keep a wheel in constant motion Newtown, Fairfield County, CT

Phelps, John on August 27, 1812
#X001796 looms Manlius, Onondago County, NY

Dunlap, Henry on August 27, 1812
#X001797 bodies of carriages Georgetown, DC

Twombly, Ephraim on August 28, 1812
#X001798 iron bound boots, bootees, etc. Norway, Oxford County, MA

Cooper, Charles and Shaake, George on August 28, 1812
#X001799 looms Lebanon, Dauphin County, PA

Jelleff, Joseph on September 8, 1812
#X001800 circular interest table Butternuts, Otsego County, NY

Butler, James on September 9, 1812
#X001801 constructing of wharves Baltimore, MD

Baron, William A. on September 10, 1812
#X001802 fumiductors New York, NY

DeSilver, Robert on September 14, 1812
#X001803 bookbinding called the extra moveable case Philadelphia, PA

Morrill, Samuel on September 28, 1812
#X001804 trip hammer Readfield, Kennebec County, MA

Morison, John H. on September 28, 1812
#X001805 chain carts and rail ways for levelling hills Boscawen, Hilsborough County, NH

Newton, Martin on September 28, 1812
#X001806 flier for spinning cotton Fitchburg, Worcester County, MA

Bostwick, Gersham on September 28, 1812
#X001807 machine for shearing cloth Brookfield, CT

Owen, Ethan on October 1, 1812
#X001808 saw mill to be worked by animal power Prince George County, VA

Morris, John on October 3, 1812
#X001809 cooking apparatus New Haven, CT

Morris, John on October 3, 1812
#X001810 box boiler New Haven, CT

Wadsworth, William on October 6, 1812
#X001811 machine for drawing all kinds of wire Harford, CT

Booth, George on October 13, 1812
#X001812 wool carding machine Poughkeepsie, NY

Booth, George on October 13, 1812
#X001813 shearing cloth Poughkeepsie, NY

Browning Samuel on October 13, 1812
#X001814 magnetic cylinder Franconia, NH

Barker, T. E & Fordham, S.S. on October 15, 1812
#X001815 breaking, taking off the hair, fleshing and scraping hides and skins Hudson, NY

Heavin, John on October 16, 1812
#X001816 loom Montgomery County, VA

Coxe, John Redman on October 16, 1812
#X001817 bedsteads Philadelphia, PA

Edwards, William on October 19, 1812
#X001818 tanning Northampton, Hampshire County, MA

Edwards, William on October 19, 1812
#X001819 compressing leather by a roller Northampton, Hampshire County, MA

Fessenden, William Greene on October 20, 1812
#X001820 mode of obtaining extracts from barks Walpole, NH

Sizer, Jonathan and Sizer, Rozanna on October 21, 1812
#X001821 weaving feather cloth New London, New London County, CT

Walden, Jacob T. & Walden, Thomas on October 31, 1812
#X001822 machine for drawing wire New York, NY

Reeve, Mark and Reeve, Richard on October 31, 1812
#X001823 eliptical hinge Burlington, NJ

Reeve, Mark & Reeve, Richard on October 31, 1812
#X001824 cutting and heading nails Burlington, NJ

Phinny, Zina on October 31, 1812
#X001825 saving of fuel Cairo, Green County, NY

Seabolt, Henry on November 11, 1812
#X001826 converting cider into wine Scipio, Cayuga County, NY

Lathrop, Rufus on November 12, 1812
#X001827 mill wheel West Springfield, Hamden County, MA

Large, Daniel and Grice, Francis on November 12, 1812
#X001828 steam boats and engines Philadelphia, PA

Sommer, John on November 16, 1812
#X001829 setting saws Franklin, PA

Robertson, George on November 16, 1812
#X001830 mode of subliming sulphur Elizabeth Town, NJ

Houpt, Sebastian on November 16, 1812
#X001831 cylindrical hulling machine Philadelphia, PA

James, William F. on November 19, 1812
#X001832 machine for cutting files Greenwich, Washington County, NY

Giles, Nehemia on November 19, 1812
#X001833 flier for spinning Fitchburg, Worcester County, MA

Giles, Nehemia on November 19, 1812
#X001834 spinning cotton Fitchburg, Worcester County, MA

Astolfi, Laurence on November 20, 1812
#X001835 manufacturing of sugar candy ware Philadelphia, PA

Mallory, James on November 20, 1812
#X001836 lamps New York, NY

Christy, Robert on November 21, 1812
#X001837 elevator for raising fluids or grain Jefferson County, VA

Whitcomb, Hiram on November 24, 1812
#X001838 stills Cornwall, Litchfield County, CT

Lankester, William on November 24, 1812
#X001839 stoves called the parlour fire place Boston, MA

Howe, Joseph & Lankester, William on November 25, 1812
#X001840 open stoves Boston, MA

Brouwer, Samuel on November 27, 1812
#X001841 water mills New York, NY

Judson, T. and Hotchkiss, J. on November 27, 1812
#X001842 threshing machine Woodbury, Litchfield County, CT

Partarrieu, John B. on November 30, 1812
#X001843 snuff cutter or grater New York, NY

Gaillard, Peter on December 4, 1812
#X001844 mowing machine Lancaster, PA

Skiff, Samuel on December 5, 1812
#X001845 threshing machine Sharon, Litchfield County, CT

Barrett, Oliver, Jr. on December 8, 1812
#X001846 machine for making cloth by felting Troy, NY

Smether, Robert on December 10, 1812
#X001847 bridles Orange County, VA

Bouis, John (1848½) on December 13, 1812
#X001848 bake oven Baltimore, MD

Sanford, John on December 10, 1812
#X001848 machine for boring rocks Sharon, Litchfield County, CT

Houpt, John, Jr. on December 14, 1812
#X001849 threshing machine Bucks County, PA

Peabody, William H. on December 14, 1812
#X001850 wheel heads Woodbury, Litchfield County, CT

Tudor, Frederick on December 17, 1812
#X001851 building or modelling ships or vessels Boston, MA

Stilliman, Isaac on December 17, 1812
#X001852 propelling boats by sculling Philadelphia, PA

Webster, Alpheus on December 21, 1812
#X001853 linnen spinner Green County, NY

Loomis, John on December 24, 1812
#X001854 making shingles Geneva, Orange County, NY

Edwards, William on December 30, 1812
#X001855 hide mill or machine for softening dry hides Northampton, Hampshire County, MA

Edwards, William on December 30, 1812
#X001856 improvements in tanning soal leather Northampton, Hampshire County, MA

Achman, John on December 30, 1812
#X001857 improved fire engines Washington, DC

Denison, Erastus on December 30, 1812
#X001858 washing machine New Lisbon, Otsego County, NY

Omitted on December 13, 1812

Bouis, John on December 31, 1812
#X001860 cambouse Baltimore, MD

Hart, Ezias on December 31, 1812
#X001861 rake for collecting apples Berlin, Harford County, CT

Howe, William on December 31, 1812
#X001862 nurse lamp Boston, MA

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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