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1823 U.S. Patents

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Emmons, Uri on January 8, 1823
#X003633 making casks Green County, NY

Bolton, John on January 9, 1823
#X003634 mills for breaking the chaff and hulling clover seed Warren, Herkimer County, NY

Maze, John on January 10, 1823
#X003635 vertical water wheel Green Brier County, VA

Cook, Chester on January 11, 1823
#X003636 making still worms Paris, Oneida County, NY

Briggs, Samuel on January 11, 1823
#X003637 making bricks by pressing Salem, MA

Child, Howland on January 11, 1823
#X003638 machine for cleaning grass seeds Canton, Oxford County, ME

Mills, Nathaniel & Rogers, Isaac on January 14, 1823
#X003639 machine for cleaning clover seed, thrashing, and cleaning grain Bath, Grafton County, NH

Geilhausen, Elias on January 14, 1823
#X003640 distilling by steam Halifax Township, Dauphin County, PA

Macdonald, James on January 18, 1823
#X003641 machine for dressing hemp and flax New York, NY

Reynolds, Gideon on January 21, 1823
#X003642 threshing machine New York, NY

Arnold, Aza on January 21, 1823
#X003643 cotton roving machine North Providence, RI

Mollineux, Jesse on January 24, 1823
#X003644 windmill North Hempstead, Queen's County, NY

Holmes, Nathaniel on January 24, 1823
#X003645 machine for sawing stone Barnstable, MA

Thompson, Samuel on January 28, 1823
#X003646 medicine Boston, MA

McNamara, Charles on January 31, 1823
#X003647 mode of finishing scythes Northbridge, Worcester County, MA

Harry, Peter on February 1, 1823
#X003648 elastic spring girth and saddle tree Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, VA

Tasker, John on February 3, 1823
#X003649 stoves Philadelphia, PA

Hines, Joseph and Bain, William on February 3, 1823
#X003650 machine for dressing flax and hemp Columbus, OH

Fuller, Elisha on February 6, 1823
#X003651 machine for spinning cotton yarn Attleborough, Bristol County, MA

Rogers, Robert on February 6, 1823
#X003652 chain lanyards Dover, Strafford County, NH

Allen, Adolphus on February 8, 1823
#X003653 water wheel Troy, Bradford County, PA

Jacobs, Leonard on February 10, 1823
#X003654 tanning MO
Buck, David S. on February 10, 1823
#X003655 universal seed cleaner Hurley, Ulster County, NY

Carll, John on February 12, 1823
#X003656 machine for thrashing grain and cleaning flax New York, NY

Prince, William A. on February 12, 1823
#X003657 making carpeting, ingrain New York, NY

Mosby, Littleberry H. on February 15, 1823
#X003658 raising water by successive pumps Powhatan County, VA

Burnap, Lucy on February 16, 1823
#X003659 weaving grass for making hats Merrimack, NH

Farnam, Dudley L. on February 19, 1823
#X003660 rotary steam engine Albany, NY

McDonald, Malcolm on February 19, 1823
#X003661 distilling Fayette County, PA

Godley, Joseph on February 22, 1823
#X003662 machinery for navigating rivers Alexandria, Huntingdon County, NJ

Rhodes, Ryland on February 25, 1823
#X003663 plough Albemarle County, VA

Spooner, Samuel on February 27, 1823
#X003664 machine for shelling corn Petersham, MA

Pease, Dan, Jr. on February 27, 1823
#X003665 smut machine Winfield, Herkimer County, NY

Hull, Amos G. on February 27, 1823
#X003666 truss New York, NY

Hopkins, William on March 6, 1823
#X003667 cotton whipper Plainfield, Windham County, CT
Dodge, William M. on March 6, 1823
#X003668 art of printing New York, NY

Thayer, Amos, Jr. on March 6, 1823
#X003669 steam engine New York, NY

Sadler, George T. on March 10, 1823
#X003670 machine for cleaning cotton Lawrence County, AL

Aiken, Herrick on March 12, 1823
#X003671 knife for splitting leather Brighton, Middlesex County, MA

Aiken, Herrick on March 12, 1823
#X003672 coach and chaise hames Brighton, Middlesex County, MA

Townsend, Edward S. on March 12, 1823
#X003673 towing boats Palmyra, Ontario County, NY

Miller, John on March 13, 1823
#X003674 fire proof furnace for distilleries Northampton, Lehigh County, PA

Goodsell, Naman on March 21, 1823
#X003675 machine for thrashing grain, cutting straw, etc. Clinton, Oneida County, NY

Hugunin, Robert on March 24, 1823
#X003676 canal steam boat Albany, NY

Babcock, Isaac on March 24, 1823
#X003677 grain cradle Ransselaerville, NY

Read, Nathan on March 31, 1823
#X003678 spiral spring locks Belfast, ME

Knapp, William on April 5, 1823
#X003679 extracting the tanin from the bark of trees Milford, Otsego County, NY

Ives, Ira on April 5, 1823
#X003680 manufacturing hair combs Bristol, Hartford County, CT

Hawkins, Joseph on April 5, 1823
#X003681 giving temperature to artificial mineral waters Philadelphia, PA

Jones, Caleb on April 5, 1823
#X003682 mode of making stove pipes Burlington, VT

Collins, Samuel on April 10, 1823
#X003683 scraps and bars of iron converted into cast steel Troy, NY

Finch, Joseph on April 12, 1823
#X003684 percussion guns and pistols New York, NY

Sheffield, William E. on April 15, 1823
#X003685 cornsheller New York, NY

Reading, Pierson on April 15, 1823
#X003686 threshing machine Trenton, NJ

Miner, Amos on April 25, 1823
#X003687 making pails Camillus, Onandaga County, NY

Miller, Joseph R. on April 30, 1823
#X003688 threshing machine Dryden, Tompkins County, NY

Chittenden, Junia & Delano, A.W. on May 1, 1823
#X003689 machinery for propelling boats Stevenson, Rensselaer County, NY

Norcross, Leonard on April 6, 1823
#X003690 machine for dressing mill stones Livermore, Oxford County, ME

Lacey, John on April 6, 1823
#X003691 piston and valve cock Philadelphia, PA

Paddleford, John on April 6, 1823
#X003692 forcing pump Lebanon, Madison County, NY

Eames, Daniel W. on April 8, 1823
#X003693 construction of mail stages Watertown, NY

Finney, Joseph D. on April 8, 1823
#X003694 easy chair Keene, NH

Weaver, John on April 8, 1823
#X003695 plough for listing and preparing land Washington, DC

Waterman, Flavian, 3rd on April 9, 1823
#X003696 propelling boats by a step wheel Washington, DC

Ewbank, Thomas on April 9, 1823
#X003697 tin plated lead pipes for stills New York, NY

Williams, Simon C. on May 14, 1823
#X003698 construction of the bee hive Shenandoah County, VA

Benson, Matthew on May 19, 1823
#X003699 machine for scraping chimneys Cincinnati, OH

Benson, Matthew on May 15, 1823
#X003700 fire fender Cincinnati, OH

Ramage, Adam on May 19, 1823
#X003701 letter press for proofs Philadelphia, PA

Terry, Eli on May 26, 1823
#X003702 wooden wheeled clocks Plymouth, CT

Kurtz, Christopher on May 28, 1823
#X003703 saddle trees Lancaster, PA

Jenckes, John C. on May 29, 1823
#X003704 machine for moving the sick Providence, RI

Reed, Briggs R. on May 29, 1823
#X003705 machine for pressing bricks Danvers, Essex County, MA

Reed, Briggs R. on May 29, 1823
#X003706 treadle machine for bricks Danvers, Essex County, MA

Ewbank, Thomas on May 30, 1823
#X003707 making tinned sheet lead New York, NY

Nixon, George on June 3, 1823
#X003708 plough New York, NY

Carver, Eleazar, Jr. on June 13, 1823
#X003709 saws and grates for cotton gins Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA

Carver, Eleazar, Jr. on June 12, 1823
#X003710 construction of cotton gins Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA

Martin, Granville on June 13, 1823
#X003711 making four-tined forks Waterbury, New Haven County, CT

Cooper, James on June 17, 1823
#X003712 wheel to prevent chains from slipping Augusta County, VA

Elford, James M. on June 18, 1823
#X003713 telegraph Charleston, SC

Williams, Eliphalet and Collins, J. on June 20, 1823
#X003714 fire engine and water pump Falley Roads, MA

Blair, Sherman on June 20, 1823
#X003715 making wagons New Haven, CT

Sharrock, John T. on June 20, 1823
#X003716 manufacturing cotton Winchester, VA

Sealy, Richard on June 20, 1823
#X003717 destroying bed bugs New York, NY

Hubbard, Stephen & Graves, Joseph on June 21, 1823
#X003718 cultivator Wilmington, VT

Phillips, Thomas on June 25, 1823
#X003719 portable condensing lamp New York, NY

Clark, Edward on June 25, 1823
#X003720 navigating and ferrying rivers Philadelphia, PA

Church, Othello on July 3, 1823
#X003721 mode of fencing grounds Friendship, Allegany County, NY

Butts, Lorin on July 9, 1823
#X003722 new mode of applying mechanical powers Canterbury, Windham County, CT

Miner, Amos on July 9, 1823
#X003723 machinery for making window sash Elbridge, Onandaga County, NY

Turner, William A. on July 12, 1823
#X003724 mode of keeping tally Plymouth, NC

Fenn, Gaius on July 12, 1823
#X003725 making stop cocks New York, NY

Hitchcock, Daniel on July 16, 1823
#X003726 plough New York, NY

Thomson, James on July 16, 1823
#X003727 rotary steam engine Pittsburgh, PA

Caldwell, Timothy on July 21, 1823
#X003728 making fire proof bricks Philadelphia, PA

Kirk, William on July 22, 1823
#X003729 threshing machine Baltimore, MD

Gilbert, Ephraim on July 22, 1823
#X003730 loading the boring for blasting rocks Rochester, Monroe County, NY

Lawrence, Christian on July 23, 1823
#X003731 making hay, dung forks, etc. Chatham, Columbia County, NY

Weston, Henry on July 23, 1823
#X003732 pin machines Philadelphia, PA

Swan, John B. on July 24, 1823
#X003733 construction of four wheeled carriages Albany, NY

Watson, Joseph on July 26, 1823
#X003734 making hoes New Canaan, Fairfield County, CT

Jones, D.H. and Richardson, W.F. on July 29, 1823
#X003735 cutters and points for ploughs Palmyra, Ontario County, NY

Blair, Sherman on August 1, 1823
#X003736 making elastic spring cushions New Haven, CT

Menefee, John on August 7, 1823
#X003737 machine for making bricks Landry Parish, LA

Dinwiddie, J. & Dinwiddie, William on August 8, 1823
#X003738 spring saddle tree Concord Post Office, Campbell County, VA

Bazin, John A. on August 8, 1823
#X003739 temples for cloth looms Canton, Norfolk County, MA

Savage, John Y. on August 9, 1823
#X003740 converting rectilineal into a rotary motion Raleigh, NC

Leavitt, Isaac on August 12, 1823
#X003741 washing machine Turner, Oxford County, ME

Brown, John on August 13, 1823
#X003742 mode of using circular saws Boston, MA

Berrien, Daniel on August 21, 1823
#X003743 chimney fire extinguisher New York, NY

Beach, Waldron on August 26, 1823
#X003744 self-sharpening plough Philadelphia, PA

Bigelow, Lewis on August 29, 1823
#X003745 construction of the steam engine Petersham, MA

Smith, Archibald on August 30, 1823
#X003746 rotary motion obtained from a rectilineal one Rhinebeck, Duchess County, NY

Willcox, Richard on September 4, 1823
#X003747 improvement in machinery for ruling paper New York, NY

Smith, Charles on September 6, 1823
#X003748 threshing machine New York, NY

Hook, Asa on September 9, 1823
#X003749 machine for extracting flaxseed Searsmont, Hancock County, ME

Clark, Joshua on September 11, 1823
#X003750 forcing and suction pump Westminster, Windham County, VT

Fougeray, George J. on September 11, 1823
#X003751 stove for burning stone coal Philadelphia, PA

Douglass, Archibald on September 18, 1823
#X003752 threshing machine Marcellus, Onondaga County, NY

Willcox, Richard on September 19, 1823
#X003753 prevent forgeries New York, NY

Goujon, Louis on September 22, 1823
#X003754 common stove Philadelphia, PA

Neefus, David on September 22, 1823
#X003755 fanning mills Flat Lands, King's County, Long Island, NY

Glendening, Andrew on September 25, 1823
#X003756 machine for cutting corn stalks Butler County, PA

Glendening, Andrew on September 25, 1823
#X003757 washing machine Butler County, PA

Glendening, Andrew on September 25, 1823
#X003758 universal boiler Butler County, PA

Bonnel, Silvenus on September 26, 1823
#X003759 construction of circular saws Chatham, Morris County, NJ

Langdon, B. and Langdon, J.C. & Trash, J. on September 26, 1823
#X003760 mode of grinding grain Troy, NY

Dalliba, James on September 26, 1823
#X003761 making crucibles Watervliet, Albany County, NY

Vansants, Abner on September 29, 1823
#X003762 water power by a spiral wheel Jefferson County, MO

Vansants, Abner on September 29, 1823
#X003763 making salt, pot and pearl ash Jefferson County, MO

Bryant, William on September 30, 1823
#X003764 spinning cotton Mill Creek, Davidson County, TN

Rice, Wanton on October 1, 1823
#X003765 cast iron grist mill spindle Athens, Bradford County, PA

Nash, John (3766½) on October 14, 1823
#X003766 plows Middlebury, Summit County, OH

Roe, D and Kellogg, C.F. and Gazlay, J.W. on October 3, 1823
#X003766 mode of procuring tanin Cincinnati, OH

Curtis, Philo. C. on October 15, 1823
#X003767 carding and spinning wool Paris, Oneida County, NY

Galbraith, Joshua on October 15, 1823
#X003768 tanning Trenton, NJ

Vannini, Joseph on October 18, 1823
#X003769 construction of lottery schemes Philadelphia, PA

Lewis, William S. on October 20, 1823
#X003770 thrashing and grinding grain Pittsylvania, VA

Willcox, Richard on November 1, 1823
#X003771 pneumo hydraulic engines New York, NY

Campbell, Ethan on November 6, 1823
#X003772 mode of cutting out cloths Philadelphia, PA

Renwick, James on November 7, 1823
#X003773 internal navigation New York, NY

Lannay, Peter on November 11, 1823
#X003774 mode of warming beds Baltimore, MD

Losey, Eleazer L. on November 20, 1823
#X003775 process of converting iron into steel New Brunswick, NJ

Taylor, Joel on November 20, 1823
#X003776 coloring hats Danbury, CT

Tillotson, Alfred on November 22, 1823
#X003777 moccasins New York, NY

Litzenberger, John on November 24, 1823
#X003778 scouring and cleaning grain Philadelphia, PA

Stedwell, James, 3rd on November 25, 1823
#X003779 wheel used in machinery instead of the crank Carmel, Putnam County, NY

Hayden, Horace H. on November 26, 1823
#X003780 pyroligneous oil and acid used in tanning Baltimore, MD

Fairlamb, Jonas P. on November 27, 1823
#X003781 saving water in canal locks Wilmington, DE

Fry, Samuel on November 27, 1823
#X003782 shears with curved edges New York, NY

Northrup, M.W. & Dillon, R.R. on December 4, 1823
#X003783 fulling cloth Newton, Sussex County, NJ

Cox, Frederick on December 4, 1823
#X003784 breaking and dressing flax and hemp Somerville, Somerset County, NJ

Osborn, John on December 6, 1823
#X003785 straw cutting machine Blandford, Hampden County, MA

McConaughey, William on December 8, 1823
#X003786 harrow teeth New Garden, Chester County, PA

Rotch, Benjamin on December 10, 1823
#X003787 fids for the masts of ships Bristol, Great Britain

Conant, John on December 13, 1823
#X003788 cooking stove Brandon, Rutland County, VT

Gibson, Thomas on December 13, 1823
#X003789 construction of hydrants Philadelphia, PA

Norton, John L. on December 16, 1823
#X003790 steam rice mills Charleston, SC

Dickinson, Eli on December 17, 1823
#X003791 cocks for drawing liquids Amherst, MA

Ewing, James on December 19, 1823
#X003792 hydrants Philadelphia, PA

Schuyler P.J. and Hitchcock, E. & Hitchcock, D. on December 20, 1823
#X003793 iron water wheel Still Water, Saratoga County, NY

Goodwin, Nathaniel on December 24, 1823
#X003794 rectangular protractor Hartford, CT

Betts, H. and McLean, J.A. on December 24, 1823
#X003795 steam generator Norwalk, CT

Andrews, Manassah on December 29, 1823
#X003796 machine for making shingles Livermore, Oxford County, ME

Eddy, Isaac on December 31, 1823
#X003797 machine for pulverizing drugs Boston, MA

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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