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1829 U.S. Patents

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Burney, John on January 2, 1829
#X005323 mode of preparing white lead without grinding New Haven Township, Huron County, OH

Campbell, George on January 7,1829
#X005324 tables used for drying cut tobacco Schenectady, NY

Mosher, Reuben on January 8, 1829
#X005325 washing machine called the complete washer Galway, Saratoga County, NY

Wood, James S. on January 9, 1829
#X005326 machine for thrashing grain Botetourt County, VA

Lemont, Levi Peterson on January 9, 1829
#X005327 machine called the Variator, for taking the dimensions or admeasurement of persons for cutting coats, etc. Bath, ME

Lambert, Samuel on January 9, 1829
#X005328 mode of forming and shaping combs Hanover County, VA

Teissier, Jean A. on January 13, 1829
#X005329 manufacture of salt Boston, MA

Gordon, John on January 13, 1829
#X005330 machine for cutting bogs, and ditching in bog meadows, called the Prairie Bogging and Ditching Plough Copake, NY

Houghton, John on January 13, 1829
#X005331 mode of supplying water to water wheels Green County, GA

Debit, William on January 13, 1829
#X005332 machine for cleaning rags, consisting of certain additions to and alterations of the common screen or duster used in paper mills East Hartford, CT

Bakewell, Thomas and Bakewell, John P. on January 14, 1829
#X005333 press, formed by a new and powerful combination of cranks or wheels and levers Pittsburg, PA

Demarest, David D. on January 14, 1829
#X005334 mill or machine for grinding apples New Milford, NY

Larcom, Amos on January 16, 1829
#X005335 washing machine Watervleit, NY

Harris, Nathaniel on January 21, 1829
#X005336 wheel for spinning wool and cotton by hand Fairfield County, OH

McNeel, Jonathan on January 21, 1829
#X005337 mode of hanging forge hammers, called the clam boit Coleman Township, PA

Baker, Thomas on January 21, 1829
#X005338 machine for grinding Indian corn into meal, and may be applied to the grinding of other grain Statesburg, SC

Osborn, John W. on January 21, 1829
#X005339 improvement on Levi Jacob's superior durable strap, for razors, surgical instruments, etc. Terre Haute, IN

Follet, Francis on January 21, 1829
#X005340 machine for pulling or husking cotton seed, and separating the hull from the kernel Petersburg, VA

Rodgers, John on January 21, 1829
#X005341 compound lever press Maury County, TN

Casey, James R. on January 21, 1829
#X005342 apparatus to be used in the cure of crooked or inflected spine, in the human body, called the Dormant Balance (patented on June 23, 1828 & reissued) New York, NY

Atwater, James on January 21, 1829
#X005343 making or manufacturing blanks for checks, drafts, or bills of exchange, or other like instruments New Haven, CT

Thorp, John on January 23, 1829
#X005344 called a cap spinner, being an improvement on the ring groove spinner Providence, RI

Perry, Luke N. on January 23, 1829
#X005345 mode of straightening and soldering drums or cylinders for cotton and woollen factories, called the Drum Bench Worcester, MA

Cushwa, Benjamin on January 24, 1829
#X005346 churn, called the forcing valve-piston churn Clear Spring, MD

Lennox Matthew and Croft, William & Pitner, Henry on January 26, 1829
#X005347 machine for planting corn Steubenville, OH

Wade, Elias on January 26, 1829
#X005348 machine for cutting and chopping meat for sausages Elizabethtown, NJ

Beckwith, Silas and Beckwith, Silas, Jr. & Beckwith, Eleazer on January 27, 1829
#X005349 machine for the manufacture of shoe pegs Westmoreland, NY

Perkins, Calvin on January 27, 1829
#X005350 manufacture of forks, with four or more tines, commonly called spring-tempered or patent forks, or pitchforks Waterbury, CT

Ely, John C. on January 28, 1829
#X005351 screw dock New York, NY

Ely, Elisha Mills on January 28, 1829
#X005352 machine for cutting wafers, leather for gloves, etc. Paris, France

Sterling, Woolsey G. on January 28, 1829
#X005353 machine for breaking sugar Bridgeport, CT

Bennett, Samuel D. on January 30, 1829
#X005354 for propelling, steering in canal and other boats, and preventing the rolling of the waters, and the washing away of the banks of canals, etc. Butternutts, NY

Badger, Leonidas V. on January 30, 1829
#X005355 making cooking furnaces and ovens, called the improved portable furnace and oven Dover, NH

Taber, William B. on January 30, 1829
#X005356 mode of spinning yarn from sheep's wool, called the "Canton woollen bobbin and flier" Canton, MA

Howe, John T. on January 31, 1829
#X005357 composition of matter to be used as a flexible elastic water proof and air proof cement, paint, or varnish New York, NY

Emmons, Uri on January 31, 1829
#X005358 mode of making or manufacturing cider, being a combination of machinery called the portable horse power cider mill and presses New, York, NY

Kemp, Benjamin M. on January 31, 1829
#X005359 mills for grinding grain, plaster, and shelling corn Fort Plain, NY

Goodrich, Charles B. on February 4, 1829
#X005360 machine for shaving and dressing the inside of staves for casks Rutland, MA

Goodrich, Charles B. on February 3, 1829
#X005361 machine for shaving or dressing the outside of staves for casks, called the revolving stave dresser for dressing the outside of staves Rutland, MA

Ridgway, Benjamin S. on February 6, 1829
#X005362 improvement in the impelling power for mills and machinery Charleston, SC

Pardee, Peter on February 6, 1829
#X005363 improvement in agriculture Trenton, NY

Cooper, John W. on February 7, 1829
#X005364 mode of making white paper from rags, of cotton, linen, or silk…of extracting all kinds of mineral colors…rendering them white and completely bleached, and of bleaching and whitening straw and corn husks, so that white paper can be made therefrom... Washington Township, Franklin County, PA

Taylor, Caleb on February 7, 1829
#X005365 machine for planing, matching, and grooving boards Angola, NY

Longanecker, Jac. and Myers, Charles on February 7, 1829
#X005366 groove plane Lancaster County, PA

Fitch, Edward G. on February 7, 1829
#X005367 machine called the double axle tree safety carriage Blakely, AL

Williamson, Peregrine on February 16, 1829
#X005368 making or manufacturing of the premium rail way cooking stove Philadelphia, PA

Manning, Joseph B. on February 16, 1829
#X005369 art of alphabetical writing, called lektography Gloucester, MA

Sanford, James on February 16, 1829
#X005370 method of fabricating tow lines for canal boats by substituting... lines made from the raw hides of bullocks or other animals Weston, CT

Wooster, David on February 16, 1829
#X005371 manufacturing brooms or brushes China, NY

Goulding, John on February 16, 1829
#X005372 mode of manufacturing wool or other fibrous material Dedham, MA

Goulding, John on February 16, 1829
#X005373 mode of manufacturing wool or other fibrous material Dedham, MA

Evans, Thomas on February 16, 1829
#X005374 machine called jacks, or jack screws for stowing goods in ship's holds New York, NY

Drury, Elijah on February 16, 1829
#X005375 improvement called the swing staging Washington, MA

Frary, Justus on February 17, 1829
#X005376 fanning mill Southampton, MA

Wilcox, Philip on February 18, 1829
#X005377 machine or apparatus for all sorts of culinary baking, denominated Philip Wilcox's economical baker Springfield, MA

Howe, Tyler on February 19, 1829
#X005378 circular revolving saw Spencer, MA

Hunt, Walter on February 19, 1829
#X005379 machine for sharpening carving knives and other edge tools that require a rough edge, denominated the compound guard and knife sharpener New York, NY

Cumings, Thayer on February 19, 1829
#X005380 machine for pressing and raising weights Mayville, NY

Cook, Samuel on March 3, 1829
#X005381 machine for grinding paints, called the trumpet mouth paint mill Mendon, MA

Jennings, Isaiah on March 3, 1829
#X005382 lamp and ingredients for burning therein New York, NY

Jennings, Tyre on March 3, 1829
#X005383 Machine for packing cotton bales, tobacco hogsheads, etc. Statesbury, SC

Strong, Charles A. on March 3, 1829
#X005384 manufacture of nail hammers, and others, with claw and pene South Glastonbury, CT

Robinson, Willard on March 3, 1829
#X005385 mode of grinding steel dies, used in the manufacture of steel buttons Attleborough, MA

Wood, James on March 3, 1829
#X005386 mode of making brick, tile, and other clay ware Rockland County, NY

Cushman, Alfred on March 3, 1829
#X005387 machine for grinding sand and clay together Sumner, ME

Scott, Thomas on March 3, 1829
#X005388 machine for raising the bodies of wagons and other carriages from their wheels, and lowering them down to their places again London, PA

Pettinos, Peter on March 3, 1829
#X005389 called the cromamometro Philadelphia, PA

January, John on March 3, 1829
#X005390 machine for straight and spiral reeding or fluting Greenville, KY

Reed, Daniel on March 3, 1829
#X005391 machine or press for cider and other purposes Easton, MA

Johnston, Leonard B. on March 3, 1829
#X005392 constructing a tan yard, and in tanning leather Tompkinsville, KY

Williams, Benajah on March 3, 1829
#X005393 construction of canal boats Mendon, NY

Harrington, William on March 3, 1829
#X005394 making woollen carpet or carpeting Harrison, NY

Heilbroun, Adolph on March 16, 1829
#X005395 machinery to be used in navigation New York, NY

Gardiner, John on March 16, 1829
#X005396 roller or wheel roads, and carriages for the same Washington, DC

Lovatt, John on March 17, 1829
#X005397 apparatus and setting up of distilleries, and all kinds of boilers where anthracite common stone coal and other fuel is used Philadelphia, PA

Doty, Zuri S. on March 17, 1829
#X005398 churn Groton, NY

Woodside, James D. on March 17, 1829
#X005399 machine for ascertaining the rate of a ship or vessel's motion through the water, and also the velocity of the tides Washington, DC

Smith, Samuel on March 17, 1829
#X005400 mode of raising water from wells, springs, or cisterns Mendon, NY

Jennings, Isaiah on March 17, 1829
#X005401 machine for sharpening and improving knives, scythes, and other edged tools, denominated the carving knife renovator and instantaneous knife sharpener New York, NY

Crane, Aaron D. on March 18, 1829
#X005402 constructing clocks Caldwell, NJ

Bassett, David on March 18, 1829
#X005403 manufacture of screw augers Derby, CT

Knight, Isaac on March 18, 1829
#X005404 rail way carriages Baltimore, MD

Wyeth, Nathaniel J. on March 18, 1829
#X005405 manner of cutting ice, together with the machinery or apparatus therefore Cambridge. MA

Hess, John J. on March 19, 1829
#X005406 cooking stoves, called the economical cook Philadelphia, PA

Levally, William on March 20, 1829
#X005407 common loom, by the addition of certain engines, and by the application of which he is enabled to weave figured cloth of every description Canterbury, CT

Throp, John on March 20, 1829
#X005408 manner of forming the spire or roll of yarn on a weaver's or shuttle bobbin Providence, RI

Norris, Moses R & Phillips, Lyman on March 21, 1829
#X005409 machine for napping cloth Covington, NY

Parker, John and Clover, Lewis P. on March 23, 1829
#X005410 ornamenting and constructing picture, looking glass, and other frames, called the "Jackson Ground" New York, NY

Blocksom, William & Fracker, John T. on March 23, 1829
#X005411 pan for boiling salt water and making salt Zanesville, OH

Sewell, Joshua and Sewell, Charles on March 25, 1829
#X005412 pattern for moulding and casting composition spikes, butt bolts and other hinges Bath, ME

Cole, William & Johnson, John on March 27, 1829
#X005413 machine or apparatus to prevent wind, water, dust, and snow from driving under outer and inner doors, into entry ways and rooms, called a water and snow fender for doors Randolph, MA

Leckie, Robert on March 31, 1829
#X005414 water proof cement or hydraulic lime Washington, DC

Pearson, Michael on April 1, 1829
#X005415 machine for steering ships and other vessels Newburyport, MA

Rider, Nathaniel on April 1, 1829
#X005416 machine for making pails, tube, buckets, and all kinds of copper work Sturbridge, MA

Rice, Levi on April 1, 1829
#X005417 improvement for cutting straw and thrashing wheat and other small grain Lockport, NY

Taylor, John on April 1, 1829
#X005418 washing machine Dunstable, NH

Draper, Ira on April 1, 1829
#X005419 rotary temples Saugus, MA

Bartholomew, Truman on April 3, 1829
#X005420 locks for securing doors, and for other similar purposes New York, NY

Read, Almon H. on April 3, 1829
#X005421 art of building chimneys, and altering those already build, in such a manner as to prevent or cure their smoking Montrose, Susquehanna County, PA

Carrington, James on April 3, 1829
#X005422 manufacture of coffee mills Wallingford, CT

Philips, David on April 3, 1829
#X005423 mill stone Jefferson County, MS

Tomlinson, Peter on April 3, 1829
#X005424 machine for sawing logs of wood into planks, boards, etc. Derby, CT

Rogers, Daniel on April 3, 1829
#X005425 marine rail way Mobile, AL

Holloway, Gooding on April 3, 1829
#X005426 razor straps Chester, OH

Burgin, George H. on April 3, 1829
#X005427 use of the salts or alkalies obtained from the spent ley of soap makers as a flux in the manufacture of glass Philadelphia, PA

Pierce, David on April 3, 1829
#X005428 machine for sawing down trees, sawing off logs and other objects, where the power of horses or other quadrupeds is the first mover, called the portable horse sawing machine Poughkeepsie, NY

Gilbert, Ephriam on April 3, 1829
#X005429 construction of gun locks Rochester, NY

Ravenel, John on April 3, 1829
#X005430 improvement on Roswell King's rice mill Charleston, SC

Thorp, John on April 3, 1829
#X005431 improvement in the can spinner, patented by him, by letters patent, bearing date the 25th of Nov. A.D. 1828 Providence, RI

Odiorne, Thomas on April 3, 1829
#X005432 improvement on a machine for which letters patent were issued to Jesse Reed, in the year 1807 and also, of said Odiorne's invention or application, or new method of feeding nail machines by machinery, where the plate is turned Malden, MA

Philips, David on April 3, 1829
#X005433 cotton gin Jefferson County, MS

Babcock, Samuel on April 3, 1829
#X005434 mode of making spectacles with spiral springs Middletown, CT

Jacks, William Sidney on April 3, 1829
#X005435 triangular bellows for blasting foundries, furnaces, forges, etc., or anything that requires a blast New York, NY

Sullivan, John L. on April 6, 1829
#X005436 rail road carriages Philadelphia, PA

Woodhull, Joseph on April 6, 1829
#X005437 machine called the double rack and twin wheels and quarter section wheels, as applied to steam engines, and other power machinery, where rotary motion is required from a reciprocating eccentric or irregular motion Rochester, NY

Chew, Henry B. & Freeman, E. V. on April 7, 1829
#X005438 composition to be used in the fusion, refining, or working of metals or ores Baltimore, MD

Brown, George on April 7, 1829
#X005439 saw mills Deerfield, NY

Colburn, Milton F. on April 7, 1829
#X005440 machine for propelling carriages, boats, mills, etc., by means of weights Baltimore, MD

Bryan, Elijah on April 8, 1829
#X005441 curved tube rotary steam engine, and in another case he calls it "the curved tube water wheel," and for a method of applying the former to carriage wheels New York, NY

Bowen, Ephriam on April 9, 1829
#X005442 machine or carriage for the removal of heavy buildings Ledyard, NY

Chew, Henry B. on April 9, 1829
#X005443 application of friction wheels to the axles of rail road carriages or wagons, the friction wheels being inside of the carriage wheels themselves Baltimore, MD

Alley, John, Sr. on April 9, 1829
#X005444 mode of making axles Pise, IN

Gay, Ira and Gay, A. on April 10, 1829
#X005445 machine called the mule, for spinning threads, or yarns, of cotton, wool, or other substances, which improvement they call "the improved self-operating mule" Dunstable, NH

Saxton, Joseph on April 11, 1829
#X005446 mode of making or manufacturing ever-pointed pencil cases. "Saxon's improvement on Mordant's patented ever-pointed pencil case and " which invention he has assigned to Philip Garrett and Thomas C. Garrett. Philadelphia, PA

Boynton, John on April 11, 1829
#X005447 mode of carding wool, by carding and sorting at the same time, by means of the double doffer applied to a single or double breaking wool carding machine South Coventry, CT

Post, J. W. and Post, C. on April 11, 1829
#X005448 iron mill Washington, DC

Teissier, Jean A. on April 11, 1829
#X005449 manufacture of salt, patented to him on the 18th of January, 1829 & which patent being hereby cancelled, on account of an incorrect specification and (this patent is dated 13th January) Boston, MA

Reynolds, Samuel G. on April 13, 1829
#X005450 machine for making wrought nails and rivets, of any size, and of any kind of metal required Bristol, RI

Davis, Luther on April 14, 1829
#X005451 manner of mortising and making tenons on the ends of the spokes of wheels, panel work, cabinet work, joiners', carpentry, coaches, wagons, gigs, and to all other purposes where a square or quadrangular mortice and tenon have heretofore been used Northhampton, MA

Bushnell, Nathaniel on April 14, 1829
#X005452 mode of making or manufacturing dressing combs, of wood Middletown, CT

Salisbury, Amos on April 15, 1829
#X005453 machine for cleaning and dressing hemp and flax Troy, NY

Lapham, Benjamin and Cady, Eleazer on April 15, 1829
#X005454 new and useful machine for the forming and constructing of hat bodies Canaan, NY

Rust, Samuel on April 17, 1829
#X005455 printing press, called the Washington Printing Press New York, NY

Wright, James on April 17, 1829
#X005456 rail roads, and cars to run thereon Columbia, PA

Salisbury, Amos & Langdon, John C. on April 18, 1829
#X005457 machine for breaking hemp and flax Troy, NY

Brewster, Gilbert on April 18, 1829
#X005458 called the eclipse speeder, for making cotton roping Poughkeepsie, NY

Howe, Thomas on April 18, 1829
#X005459 mode of measuring the foot and leg, and cutting leather for boots Worcester, MA

Atwood, Charles on April 18, 1829
#X005460 common wool carding machine, for making an endless or perpetual roll, at one operation, by machinery, called Atwood's circular and transverse doffer Middletown, CT

Sanderson, Isaac on April 18, 1829
#X005461 called the cylinder paper machine, for manufacturing paper Milton, MA

Pond, Alson on April 21, 1829
#X005462 mode of making or manufacturing seine twine, and other small cordage, by machinery, at one operation, called Pond's cotton twine machine Petersburg, VA

Boynton, Paul on April 21, 1829
#X005463 water wheels, for steam boats and mills Ogdensburg, NY

Watson, James Y. and Blossom, John & Burnett, Andrew on April 21, 1829
#X005464 machine for breaking hemp and flax Salem, NY

Bliss, Moses B. on April 21, 1829
#X005465 machine for making cider Pittston, ME

McClintic, John on April 21, 1829
#X005466 machine for cutting or slitting tenons and also for slitting small veneers Chambersburg, PA

Emmons, Uri on April 25, 1829
#X005467 mode of planing floor plank, and grooving and tongueing, and straightening the edges of same and planing boards, straightening and planing square timber, etc., by machinery, at one operation, called the cylindrical planing machine New York, NY

Hinds, Stephen on April 25, 1829
#X005468 machine for washing clothes Montrose, Susquehanna County, PA

Cohoon, Thomas on April 25, 1829
#X005469 hemp and flax machine Troy, NY

Tudor, Henry J. on April 29, 1829
#X005470 mode of making or manufacturing salt from sea water or salt springs Boston, MA

Nichols, John on April 29, 1829
#X005471 machine for sifting grain, flour, rice, flaxseed, and other seeds, and separating all sorts of materials which are capable of separation by sifting Boston, MA

Pierce, Caleb on April 29, 1829
#X005472 construction of hose, for applying and distributing to sails or sheets of cloth, for the protection of buildings from fire, called "the fire screen" Salem, MA

Averill, Henry on April 30, 1829
#X005473 machine for grinding grain, paints, etc. Richland, Oswego County, NY

Stone, Amasa on April 30, 1829
#X005474 power looms, and which can be applied to other looms Providence, RI

Johnson, Israel, Jr. on May 1, 1829
#X005475 being a machine called a "wheel and rest" Moriah, NY

Burnap, Caleb B. on May 1, 1829
#X005476 mode of cutting veneers by machinery Belfast, ME

Risley, Harlow on May 1, 1829
#X005477 manufacture of spades and shovels, with newly constructed handles for the same Glastonbury, CT

Morris, Anson on May 2, 1829
#X005478 machine for cutting cheese curd Sacketts Harbor, NY

McColler, David on May 2, 1829
#X005479 machine for grinding grain by wind power Hudson, OH

Fleming, Peter on May 4, 1829
#X005480 machine called the cylindrical rail way carriage Albany, NY

Fairchild, Reuben on May 4, 1829
#X005481 mode of making or manufacturing paper by machinery, by means of an additional machine called the agitator Trumbull, CT

Shankland, James W. on May 5, 1829
#X005482 machine for carding wool Summerfield, OH

Byington, Aaron on April 6, 1829
#X005483 application of felt for carpeting Herkimer, NY

Rogers, Henry on May 7,1829
#X005484 revolving four-barrelled gun, and improved percussion lock Middletown, OH

Shaw, Joshua on May 7,1829
#X005485 guns and fire arms & which improvement consists in a priming head and cap applied to guns and fire arms, for the purpose of priming, and giving them fire by the means or use of percussion, fulminating, or detonating powder… Philadelphia, PA

Johnson, Israel, Jr. on May 7,1829
#X005486 art of sawing boards, and other kinds of lumber, and in the construction of saw mills, crank wheels, and gearing Moriah, NY

Reed, Freedus on May 11, 1829
#X005487 washing and churning machine Pike Township, PA

Omitted on June 11, 1829
#X005488 see 5497½

Conn, Stephen T. on June 11, 1829
#X005489 construction of cotton ginning machinery, called Conn's improved cotton gin New York, NY

Catlin, John on June 11, 1829
#X005490 hydraulic steam engine Cincinnati, OH

Jennings, Isaiah on June 11, 1829
#X005491 construction of lamps, and the economy of light New York, NY

Knight, Isaac on June 11, 1829
#X005492 improvement on rail roads and rail road carriages Baltimore, MD

Jennings, Isaiah on June 11, 1829
#X005493 producing fire and light New York, NY

Davis, E. P. and Carey, W. on June 11, 1829
#X005494 mode of winnowing and thrashing grain Riga, NY

Harrington, William on June 11, 1829
#X005495 making woollen carpet or carpeting Harrison, NY

Jarves, Deming on June 13, 1829
#X005496 making glass knobs with the shank or screw of glass Boston, MA

Barnett, Allen & Barnett, J . (5497½) on June 11, 1829
#X005497 improvement in the cooking stove Louisville, KY

Boatwright, James on June 11, 1829
#X005497 plough Columbia, SC

Wright, James on June 11, 1829
#X005498 rail roads in the mode in which a railway carriage may be made to turn out and in on a railway Columbia, PA

Swift, Beriah on June 11, 1829
#X005499 rifle for sharpening scythes Washington, NY

Goulding, John on June 11, 1829
#X005500 manufacturing wool or other fibrous material, etc. Dedham, MA

Skinner, Elijah on June 11, 1829
#X005501 commode knob Sandwich, NH

Fuller, George on June 11, 1829
#X005502 threshing machine Gardiner, ME

Conant, Abel on June 11, 1829
#X005503 hollow auger Pepperville. MA

Clarke, Abel and Chase, Hiram on June 11, 1829
#X005504 machine for making hat bodies Falmouth, MA

Foss, Cotton on June 11, 1829
#X005505 churn Perry, OH

White, Josiah on June 11, 1829
#X005506 propelling or moving boats or wagons, called propellers Mauch Chunk, PA

Pride, Daniel on June 11, 1829
#X005507 cider press Potsdam, NY

Lee, David B. & Stewart, S on June 11, 1829
#X005508 rotatory steam engine Philadelphia, PA

Houghtaling, David, M. D. and Meneely, A. on June 11, 1829
#X005509 method of topical bloodletting, and drawing milk from the breasts of women, called Haemagatactiphorus Watervleit, NY

Copent, John P. on June 11, 1829
#X005510 right and left hand screw in bedsteads New York, NY

Wheeler, Ephriam on June 11, 1829
#X005511 machine called the complete washer Galway, Saratoga County, NY

Fanshaw, David & Hanks, H. on June 11, 1829
#X005512 use of flat boilers for generating steam New York, NY

Leonard, Nathan on June 11, 1829
#X005513 "new pegging machine with plates" for making boots and shoes Merrimack, NH

Hills, Stephen, 2nd on June 11, 1829
#X005514 machine for making ropes and cords of all sizes from raw materials, called "The Improved Rope Maker" Glastonbury, CT

Naylor, William on June 11, 1829
#X005515 stoves New York, NY

Medley, Reuben on June 11, 1829
#X005516 machine for breaking and cleaning hemp and flax Bloomfield, Nelson County, KY

Altenderfer, Philip and Altenderfer, Benjamin on June 11, 1829
#X005517 double plough Coots Town, PA

Massey, Thomas on June 11, 1829
#X005518 boxes for post coaches and other carriages, called the cylinder, conical, self wedging, or self fastening box for carriage wheels New London, CT

Minturn, Jacob on June 11, 1829
#X005519 cast iron plough Urbana, OH

Hunt, Walter on June 11, 1829
#X005520 self supplying twister New York, NY

Gardiner, John S. on June 11, 1829
#X005521 machine for shelling and cleaning Indian corn Canandaigua, NY

Howard, Benjamin on June 11, 1829
#X005522 water and paddle wheels Worcester, MA

Rhodes, John on June 11, 1829
#X005523 plough Urbana, OH

Browne, Alexander on June 11, 1829
#X005524 application of the scape heat from the furnace, and the discharged steam from the engine of the ordinary high pressure steam engine, to the manufacturing of coarse and fine salt from salt water Salina, NY

Miller, James on June 11, 1829
#X005525 rifles, muskets and fowling pieces, etc. in forming a magazine to contain a number of charges Brighton, NY

Atwater, James and Jocelyn, Nathaniel & Jocelyn, S. S. on June 11, 1829
#X005526 manufacturing of blanks for checks, or drafts, or bills of exchange, or post notes, or promissory notes, or other such like instruments Newhaven, CT

McPharin, A. H. on June 11, 1829
#X005527 bellows tubs Huntingdon, PA

Dow, Samuel on June 11, 1829
#X005528 machine for cleaning chimneys Elizabeth Borough, NJ

Rogers, Ebenezer and Pearson, Michael on June 11, 1829
#X005529 bedsteads Essex County, MA

Howe, Thomas on June 11, 1829
#X005530 machine for crimping boots Worcester, MA

Sanborn, Peter E. on June 11, 1829
#X005531 applying heat by means of iron castings, and grates for cooking, etc. Troy, NY

Brown, John on June 11, 1829
#X005532 manufacture of combs Providence, RI

Pike, Samuel on June 11, 1829
#X005533 manufacturing of raw or green hides into a hard and transparent material for making combs, snuff boxes, etc. Providence, RI

Reynolds, Sullivan on June 13, 1829
#X005534 making cast iron, wrought iron, or wood boxes and gudgeons for saw mills, horizontal or vertical wheels, cast iron, wrought iron or wood boxes for wagons, carts, or any description of wheel carriage, whether driven by water, steam, horse, or other power Guilford, NY

Clark, James A. on June 13, 1829
#X005535 apparatus for the purpose of preventing bed bugs from ascending the posts of bedsteads, denominated the Night Angels Georgetown, DC
Thorp, John on June 13, 1829
#X005536 improvement called Thorp's running cap spinner Providence, RI

Merrill, Frederick B. on June 13, 1829
#X005537 manufacture of chandeliers, lamos, etc.in imitation of glass, produced from the crystallization of salts Buffalo, NY

Horton, William B. on June 15, 1829
#X005538 fork for digging the soil of gardens and other soils, called by him a prong spade Middletown, CT

Van Hoesen, Levi (5538½) on June 19, 1829
#X005538 mode of making hat bodies by machinery Norwalk, CT

Cohoon, Thomas on June 18, 1829
#X005539 ascertaining the weights of goods, or other loading of boats or other water craft Troy, NY

Phillips, William C. on June 18, 1829
#X005540 notes in music Lunenburg C.H., VA

Van Hoesen, Levi on June 27, 1829
#X005541 making felt of wool without spinnig or weaving Norwalk, CT

Bromwell, Jacob on June 23, 1829
#X005542 canal passage boat Cincinnati, OH

Marshall, Samuel on June 23, 1829
#X005543 mode of cutting out boots and shoes Philadelphia, PA

Schermerhorn, C. on June 23, 1829
#X005544 cooking stove for burning Leihigh and other hard coals New York, NY

Murray, Abner on June 27, 1829
#X005545 machine for churning cream and milk Athens, NY

Raymond, Henry on June 27, 1829
#X005546 mode of making clothes by machinery New York, NY

Mustin, Ebenezer on June 27, 1829
#X005547 making and ornamenting of combs Philadelphia, PA

Omitted on June 27, 1829

Peck, Nehemiah;Taylor, D. (5548½) on June 27, 1829
#X005548 mode of manufacturing cloth without spinning or weaving, and without crossing the wool Fairfield County, CT

Pennell, William on June 29, 1829
#X005549 improvement called Pennell's power windlass Brunswick, ME

Wells, John J. on June 29, 1829
#X005550 improvement on his printing press, patented on the 8th day of February, 1819 Hartford, CT

Coffin, Francis & Beach, Charles C. K. on June 29, 1829
#X005551 steam boilers Boston, MA

Omitted on June 29, 1829
#X005552 see 5548½

Bartholomew, Trueman on June 30, 1829
#X005553 machine for securing window shutters New York, NY

Medley, Reuben on July 7, 1829
#X005554 machine for mortising, sawing, and boring Bloomfield, Nelson County, KY

White, George Busby on July 7, 1829
#X005555 mode of purifying water by means of a machine denominated the patent filterer New York, NY

Smith, D. S. C. H. on July 7, 1829
#X005556 mode of making and applying splints to fractured limbs Sutton, MA

Bronson, Zenos on July 7, 1829
#X005557 horizontal rack and pinion cotton press Jasper County, GA

Bronson, Zenos on July 7, 1829
#X005558 machinery for cleaning or hulling rice, coffee, clover seed, and other grains and berries Jasper County, GA

Freeborn, Gideon on July 7, 1829
#X005559 improvement in the hoe New York, NY

Francis, Manuel on July 7, 1829
#X005560 art of working pumps for ships Boston, MA

Barnum, Horace L. and Stevenson, M. on July 8, 1829
#X005561 machine for dressing hemp and flax Cambridge, NY

Lee, Richard on July 8, 1829
#X005562 machine for washing, cleaning, and separating gold dust, etc. Erwinsville, NC

Chubb, William on July 9, 1829
#X005563 mode of dressing hair, called the hatchelling machine, etc. New York, NY

Wileman, Russel on July 9, 1829
#X005564 improvement in pumps East Hartford, CT

Fowler, Charles on July 10, 1829
#X005565 method of heating rooms and houses by means of a furnace called the cylindrical air heater Hartford, CT

Boynton, John on July 10, 1829
#X005566 plough, which consists wholly of iron South Coventry, CT

Madison, Asa on July 10, 1829
#X005567 improvement in the current and tide wheel Detroit, MI
Bryan, Elijah on July 13, 1829
#X005568 making of a parallel moving perpendicular tooth extractor New York, NY

Pratt, Joel B. on July 14, 1829
#X005569 machine for washing and churning Milo, NY

Angel, Charles on July 15, 1829
#X005570 called Charles Angel's strap and punching machine Philadelphia, PA

Lounsbury, John D. & Arnold, John and McLean, John A. & Bishop, George G. on July 15, 1829
#X005571 machine for fulling and felting cloth Norwalk, CT

Arnold, John on July 15, 1829
#X005572 machine for forming the web for cloth, of wool, hair, or other suitable substance, without spinning or weaving Norwalk, CT

Bridgeman, George D. on July 16, 1829
#X005573 construction and application of wheels to carriages of pleasure, or of burden, or to machines for moving heavy burdens New Haven, CT

Mount, Joseph on July 16, 1829
#X005574 application of steam to produce a rotary motion Nashville, TN

Bennett, Ezekiel E. on July 17, 1829
#X005575 cooking stove Sandy Hill, NY

Reynolds, Schuyler on July 17, 1829
#X005576 spring seats for wagons Northumberland, NY

Jarves, Deming on July 20, 1829
#X005577 mode of affixing glass chimneys to various kinds of Argand lamps, to the cork tops used with glass lamps Boston, MA

Ruggles, Charles E. on July 20, 1829
#X005578 mode of refining all kinds of oil New York, NY

Goulding, John on July 21, 1829
#X005579 mode of manufacturing wool Dedham, MA

Darracott, George on July 21, 1829
#X005580 art of punching copper, or other metallic plates or sheets, for ship's use, called the Power Press Boston, MA

Burt, William A. on July 23, 1829
#X005581 machine for printing, styled by himself the Typographer Detroit, MI

Gould, Stephen I. on July 25, 1829
#X005582 machine for making wrought nails and screws Litchfield, CT

Brittingham, Asahel P. and Brittingham, E. on July 27, 1829
#X005583 compound for cleaning, biting, or sharpening damaged, worn out, or old files New York, NY

Emmons, Calvin on July 27, 1829
#X005584 threshing machine New York, NY

Mead, James & Kitchell, Milden on July 27, 1829
#X005585 mode of raising water for propelling machinery, and other purposes, by a combination of steam and atmospheric pressure, called the "Improved Atmospheric Steam Engine" Lebanon, OH

Jackson, William on July 27, 1829
#X005586 construction of the ever-pointed pencil, to wit: instead of the screw now in use Philadelphia, PA

Lazel, Almon E. and Bloodgood, Daniel on July 27, 1829
#X005587 machine for raising water Poughkeepsie, NY

White, Thomas on July 29, 1829
#X005588 composition for curing the tooth ache, preventing the teeth from decay, removing the tarter, and curing the rheumatic pains St. Clairsville, OH

Blakeslee, Merritt on July 29, 1829
#X005589 art or method of making or manufacturing the rims, or felloes, of all kinds of wheels, for wheel carriages, which are made of wood or timber of small size, by steaming and bending the same Canaan, CT

Salisbury, Amos & Langdon, John C. on July 29, 1829
#X005590 mode of breaking and dressing hemp and flax Troy, NY

Adams, Nathaniel on July 29, 1829
#X005591 mode of making roofs for buildings, etc. Marlborough, NY

Pennington, Samuel on July 30, 1829
#X005592 specific for the cure of the tooth ache Mount Pleasant, OH

Selden, Elias on July 30, 1829
#X005593 construction of dry docks Haddam, CT

Malcomb, D. on July 30, 1829
#X005594 mode for the drawing of lotteries Orleans, LA

Parkinson, William on July 31, 1829
#X005595 machinery for the manufacture of grain into flour and meal Wheeling, VA

Tibbitts, La Fayette on August 1, 1829
#X005596 preparation of hemp and flax for spinning and weaving New Glasgow, VA

Arnold, William E. on August 3, 1829
#X005597 machine for washing clothes Haddam, CT

Carter, Valentine on August 3, 1834
#X005598 improvement in the steam engine for avoiding the dead point of a crank Georgetown, DC
Harman, Enoch on August 5, 1829
#X005599 thrashing machine Upper Wakefield, PA

Henricks, George on August 5, 1829
#X005600 machine for ditching and excavating ground for canals, or other purposes Urbana, OH

Richards, Josiah on August 5, 1829
#X005601 called the double furnace cooking stove Claremont, NH

Roumage, J. L. F. on August 6, 1829
#X005602 machine for breaking flax, hemp and every kind of textile plants, unrotted or rotted New York, NY

Wilson, Jonathan. D. on August 6, 1829
#X005603 stiffening of hats New York, NY

Packard, Timothy and Strong, J.E. on August 7, 1829
#X005604 improvement in the use and application of steam Granville, NY

Torrey, Jesse, Jr. on August 8, 1829
#X005605 book binding Germantown, PA

Britt, Samuel A. on August 10, 1829
#X005606 shears of a cloth shearing machine Cazenovia, Madison County, NY

Powers, Jonathan on August 10, 1829
#X005607 gridiron Lansingburgh, NY

Hart, Amos on August 10, 1829
#X005608 art of preserving apples and other fruit, beets, sweet potatoes,and other roots Wharton Township, PA

Payne, Philenzo on August 10, 1829
#X005609 cotton press Claiborne County, MS

Allen, Zachariah on August 10, 1829
#X005610 machinery for raising the nap of woollen cloths Providence, RI

Bowman, James on August 12, 1829
#X005611 improvements called the manuring wagon Coosawatchies, SC

Allen, Warren on August 15, 1829
#X005612 construction of an American spinner New Haven, NY

Dunn, William J. on August 18, 1829
#X005613 improvements which he designates as "Dunn's Knife Sharpener" New York, NY

Abernathy, L. C. on August 18, 1829
#X005614 business of ferrying and draying Burlington, KY

Madison, Otis on August 18, 1829
#X005615 art of cutting garments, called a mathematical ruler, to be used in the art of cutting garments Troy, NY

Kilburn, Samuel on August 18, 1829
#X005616 mode of working or forging iron, by a machine called the portable trip hammer Sterling, MD

Atwater, James on August 18, 1829
#X005617 manufacturing blanks for checks, or drafts, or bills of exchange, or other such like instruments New Haven, CT

Hoffman, George on August 21, 1829
#X005618 wheat fan Fredericktown. MD

Wood, Reuben on August 25, 1829
#X005619 mode of manufacturing dye by steam Erin, NY

Davison, Oliver on August 25, 1829
#X005620 the "air furnace oven stove" Johnstown, NY

Stith, Obadiah on August 25, 1829
#X005621 machine for packing cotton Laurenceville, VA

McCune, Samuel on August 25, 1829
#X005622 machine for raising water by atmospheric pressure Wilmington, OH

Bakewell, Thomas W. on August 25, 1829
#X005623 canal boats Cincinnati, OH

Wickarsham, Job & Crozer, Thomas on August 29, 1829
#X005624 grist mill East Fairfield, CT

Barker, John and Kinsley, L. on August 29, 1829
#X005625 machine for manufacturing felt for cloth, padding, carpets Green County, NY

Booth, Jonas, Sr. & Booth, James and Booth, Thomas & Booth, Jeremiah, Booth, Jonas, Jr. on September 1, 1829
#X005626 construction and operation of the printing-press, called Booth's Improved Double Printing-press New York, NY

Richards, George on September 9, 1829
#X005627 construction of a furnace cooking-stove, called the Alterable Cooking and Franklin Stove Providence, RI

Woodson, John on September 10, 1829
#X005628 brick-press Rockbridge County, VA

Rundle, Thomas on September 10, 1829
#X005629 construction and erection of vaults and privies Boston, MA

Tilden, Richard S. on September 10, 1829
#X005630 covering houses with tin-plate, sheet-iron, or zinc Lynchburg, VA

Lester, Ebenezer A. on September 10, 1829
#X005631 art of manufacturing sugar from cane juice Boston, MA

Cherry, Enos D. on September 10, 1829
#X005632 machine for washing, and an improvement for heating water for same Auburn, NY

Wood, James S. on September 10, 1829
#X005633 art of threshing wheat, rye, oats, barley, and all kinds of small grain Pattensburg, VA

Folger, William H. on September 10, 1829
#X005634 maching for washing alluvial earth, clay, and soft ores, and separating and saving the gold from the same Charlotte, NC

Stocking, George A. on September 10, 1829
#X005635 washing machine Aurelius, NY

Wright, James on September 10, 1829
#X005636 railway carriage car, which he denominated the Self-adapting Railway Carriage or Car Columbia, PA

Jennings, Isaiah on September 10, 1829
#X005637 lamps and producing light New York, NY

Shelter, George on September 10, 1829
#X005638 auger, called the Serpentine Screw Auger York, PA

Emmons, Uri on September 10, 1829
#X005639 called the Improved Circular Planing Engine New York, NY

Bomeisler, Louis on September 10, 1829
#X005640 art of constructing and building lime-kilns, for the purpose of burning lime Philadelphia, PA

Bomeisler, Louis on September 10, 1829
#X005641 manufacture of fine white writing paper, or composition of matter or material for making paper of straw Philadelphia, PA

Smith, Amos F. on September 10, 1829
#X005642 called an Improved Veneering Saw Salem, MA

Wallace, Joseph on September 11, 1829
#X005643 mode of communicating motion to mill and other works, by applying a water-wheel to the current of a river, and in the machinery to effect the same, called the Current Mill Hartford, KY

Olcott, Sands on September 11, 1829
#X005644 machinery of a locomotive carriage, in applying the principle of the ground chain or rope, and drum, to the use of inclined planes for roads and canals Harsimus, NJ

Brown, Thomas on September 11, 1829
#X005645 improvement in the plough New York, NY

Espy, J. P and Young, A. on September 11, 1829
#X005646 mannner of drawing water from forebays, and discharging it on water-wheels Philadelphia, PA

Neer, Charles on September 11, 1829
#X005647 cast-iron copings or finishings for chinmeys, fire-guards, ridges, etc. of buildings Waterford, Saratoga County, NY

Thomas, Hercules on September 11, 1829
#X005648 art of making iron hubs of carriage-wheels, called Thomas's Improved Carriage-wheel Hub Middleborough, MA

Horn, Henry on September 12, 1829
#X005649 fly-net for saddle, gig, or carriage horses Philadelphia, PA

White, Job & Quimby, Phineas on September 12, 1829
#X005650 machine for cutting panels for carriages and other work, and veneers round or off the circular surface of a log Belfast, ME

Hillias, John W. on September 16, 1829
#X005651 common water-pump Baltimore, MD

Lane, Zebina on September 21, 1829
#X005652 machine for dropping and planting all kinds of seeds, and preparing seeds for planting Harrisburg, NY

Robinson, William S. on September 22, 1829
#X005653 manufacture of harness trimmings and carriage ornaments Taunton, MA

Rynex, John and Haskins, John & Knower, Samuel on September 23, 1829
#X005654 manufacturing of boots and shoes, called the Manufacturing of Perpetual Polished Water-proof Boots and Shoes Boston, MA

Butler, Josiah on September 24, 1829
#X005655 machine used in binding wagon-tire, hoops, bands, etc. Cobleskill, NY

Faries, Samuel L. on October 10, 1829
#X005656 making guns, called the Eight-barrelled Percussion Gun Middletown, OH

Thomas, John on October 10, 1829
#X005657 bilgeways New York, NY

Prindle, Lewis B. and Curtis, David on October 10, 1829
#X005658 rubbing down and polishing combs Newtown, CT

McOmber, Richard on October 10, 1829
#X005659 sawing shingles, called McOmber's Shingle Mill Galway, Saratoga County, NY

Mosher, Pinkham on October 10, 1829
#X005660 washing of cloths and clothing, and scouring the same, called by him the Queen's Washer Ballston Spa, NY

Mitchell, Robert on October 10, 1829
#X005661 application of power to or on machinery, either by horse, water, or steam power Cynthiana, KY

Magrath, Patrick on October 10, 1829
#X005662 river dams for the easy passage up and down of fish and of vessels Philadelphia, PA

Sperry, Ely on October 10, 1829
#X005663 improvement in making combs New Haven, CT

Sillibridge, Gardner R. on October 10, 1829
#X005664 called Sillibridge's Composition Hinge Stock New York, NY

Gilliam, James on October 10, 1829
#X005665 called Gilliam's Cotton Cleaner Reedy Fork, SC

Turner, Elisha on October 10, 1829
#X005666 mode of raising vessels out of water, called the Screw Dock Rochester, NY

Russell, James on October 10, 1829
#X005667 bell-hanging New York, NY

Addison, George & Stephens, Samuel H. on October 10, 1829
#X005668 art and machinery for spining cotton, silk, flax, and other materials New York, NY

Phelps, Augustus on October 10, 1829
#X005669 making bit-stocks of composition Marlborough, CT

Barnes, Joel on October 10, 1829
#X005670 shingle engine Cornwall Bridge, CT

Young, Elam on October 10, 1829
#X005671 machine for supplying the boilers or generators of a steam-engine by means of a revolving valve Tate Township, OH

Gibbs, George B. on October 10, 1829
#X005672 washer and churn Le Raysville, PA

Halderman, Matthias on October 12, 1829
#X005673 tree of saddles, called the Patent Leather Tree Saddle Trapp. PA

Hatch, Ira on October 12, 1829
#X005674 common saw-setter, by the application of a gauge Westford, VT

Morris, Ephriam on October 13, 1829
#X005675 machine or inclined plane for raising or lowering boats from one level to another on canals Bloomfield Township, PA

Chapin, Levi on October 13, 1829
#X005676 hanging and straining saws Walpole, NH

Toupet, Charles on October 15, 1829
#X005677 process of cleaning feathers, called the feather cleaning machine New York, NY

Baldwin, Daniel on October 15, 1829
#X005678 improvement in scalding and napping hats Ithaca, NY

Morrison, Thomas and Morrison, Lansing on October 16, 1829
#X005679 mode of constructing a churn for the manufacturing of butter, called the box churn Groton, NY

Sizer, Jonathan, 2d. on October 16, 1829
#X005680 harpoon New London, CT

Hayward, Stephen on October 17, 1829
#X005681 improvement in tightening doors and windows Plainfield, MA

Patterson, James on October 19, 1829
#X005682 knob lock Pittsburgh, PA

Barrett, James C. on October 19, 1829
#X005683 churn Collins, NY

Parker, Zebulon & Parker, Austin on October 19, 1829
#X005684 application of hydraulic power Cohocton County, OH

Stone, William J. on October 20, 1829
#X005685 manner of inking types, stereotype plates, wood cuts, casts, or any object, from which an impression can be taken, which he denominates the gravitating inking roller apparatus Washington, DC

Ely, John C. on October 21, 1829
#X005686 floating saw mill New York, NY

Shively, Henry and McEwen, Robert S. & Lindsey, John on October 21, 1829
#X005687 washing machine Fredericksburg, OH

Reeder, Reuben and Ashley, Stephen D. on October 21, 1829
#X005688 improvement in agriculture, viz. a plough Madisonville, OH

Miller, Timothy on October 23, 1829
#X005689 improvement in the plough Pittsburg, PA

McOmber, Richard on October 27, 1829
#X005690 machine for pressing cheese, tobacco, flour, apples for cider, hay, paper, etc., called the double Leon spring power press Galway, Saratoga County, NY

Finlay, Hugh on October 27, 1829
#X005691 reduction of friction in rail road carriages Baltimore, MD

Gifford, Anthony on October 27, 1829
#X005692 perambulator West Point, MA

Hull, Amos G. on October 28, 1829
#X005693 construction of trusses for reducible hernia, for which three patents have been granted…. New York, NY

Vinton, Thomas on October 31, 1829
#X005694 cooking grate Philadelphia, PA

Burdick, Alden on October 31, 1829
#X005695 manufacturing of boots Carroll, NY

Reeder, Jesse on October 31, 1829
#X005696 improvement in the art of milling Lebanon, OH

Pell, John B. on October 31, 1829
#X005697 pumps New York, NY

Buchenberger, Anthony on November 3, 1829
#X005698 cradle, called the self moving cradle New York, NY

Ransom, Franklin on November 3, 1829
#X005699 manufacturing of chandeliers from the crystalization of salts Buffalo, NY

Ward, Richard on November 5, 1829
#X005700 winding up clocks, called Ward's self moving power Waterbury, CT

Saxton, Horace on November 6, 1829
#X005701 improvement in the churn Paris, NY

Battle, Mellen on November 6, 1829
#X005702 steam engine Albany, NY

Hall, Chauncey (5702½) on November 27, 1829
#X005702 making fence of wire or cords or twine, and in making seines or nets of wire Meriden, CT

Hurd, Joseph, Jr. on November 10, 1829
#X005703 construction of stoves for culinary purposes, by means whereof there is a great saving of fuel and labor, called an improved cooking stove Boston, MA

Hurd, Joseph, Jr. on November 10, 1829
#X005704 improvement in the construction of boilers Boston, MA

Hurd, Joseph, Jr. on November 10, 1829
#X005705 construction of fireplaces or furnaces, and in the application of heat by means thereof, for culinary and other purposes, called a furnace with reflectors Boston, MA

Hurd, Joseph, Jr. on November 10, 1829
#X005706 construction of ovens with reflectors Boston, MA

Orndorff, John on November 10, 1829
#X005707 machine for spinning wool Russelville, KY

Blydenburgh, Samuel on November 10, 1829
#X005708 throstle for spinning wool New York, NY

Wood, Simeon on November 10, 1829
#X005709 mode of making shingles by machinery at one operation, called the improved shingle machine Holden, MA

Oothoudt, John on November 10, 1829
#X005710 oval churn Lebanon, NY

Doolittle, Anthony on November 10, 1829
#X005711 art of distilling the meal of maize or Indian corn Ann Harbor, MI

Hubbard, Oliver on November 12, 1829
#X005712 mode of making or manufacturing stove funnel, tin ware, or copper ware Claremont, NH

Jones, Parke on November 12, 1829
#X005713 maching for riving, drawing, jointing, and squaring shingles James' City County, VA

Berry, Eleazer on November 12, 1829
#X005714 washing machine New York, NY

Folger, William H. on November 18, 1829
#X005715 mills for grinding, washing, and separating gold and silver from ores, earth, or in whatever state these metals may be found… Charlotte, NC

Wright, Charles D. on November 19, 1829
#X005716 improvement in the Eclipse machine for washing clothes East Haddem, CT

Tucker, J. & Judge, J. on November 19, 1829
#X005717 improvement in the faggoting and making of anchors Washington, DC

Hale, Nathan on November 20, 1829
#X005718 called an improved stereotype plate Boston, MA

Pope, Stephen on November 20, 1829
#X005719 manufacture of thoroughly carbonated steel from bars of good wrought iron New York, NY

Hines, J. and McCord, E. D on November 20, 1829
#X005720 improvement in the chain wheel Sandy Hill, NY

Smith, Benjamin M. on November 20, 1829
#X005721 new and useful mode of propelling boats in the water by the application of sculling wheels, or screw propelling wheels Rochester, NY

Davis, W. and Lord, R. W. on November 23, 1829
#X005722 improvement in the anthracite coal cooking stove New York, NY

Vankleek, Lawrence J. on November 23, 1829
#X005723 making or manufacturing mucilagenous durable compound as a substitute for oil in the making of paints Poughkeepsie, NY

Brainard, Roswell on November 23, 1829
#X005724 machine for washing clothes Haddam, CT

Hanna, John S. on November 23, 1829
#X005725 new and useful machine to be employed in the manufacture of brick Mercer, PA

Ruggles, Henry on November 24, 1829
#X005726 spinning or throwing silk, cotton, flax, wool, and other fibrous substances, being an improvement on the throstle frame in common use New York, NY

Stayton, Harvey on November 25, 1829
#X005727 new and useful machine for washing, scouring, and fulling cloth, and manufacturing the same, thrashing, working hat bodies, making matting or carpeting of wool, fur, or other substances Lockport, NY

Carter, Stanley on November 25, 1829
#X005728 improvement in guide and sign boards Ranyham, MA

Burwell, Lynus on November 25, 1829
#X005729 door-spring or machine or instrument attached to doors for the purpose of closing or shutting them Berlin, CT

Owen, Thomas G. on November 26, 1829
#X005730 thrashing machines Baltimore, MD

Omitted on November 27, 1829
#X005731 see 5702½

Coon, David on November 28, 1829
#X005732 pump buckets Mendon, NY

Perkins, Jacob on November 30, 1829
#X005733 paddle wheels London, England

Grover, Hosea H. on November 30, 1829
#X005734 use of means to churn or to perform the process of agitation Auburn, NY

Giraud, John James on December 1, 1829
#X005735 propelling vessels of every description by means of "inside lever propelling wheels," with the assistance (at pleasure) of wind and steam ship pipes Baltimore, MD

Mason, David H & Baldwin, Mathias W. on December 2, 1829
#X005736 improvement on the press known by the name of Bramah's hydrostatic press Philadelphia, PA

Prince, John on December 3, 1829
#X005737 mode of distributing ink and applying the same to the types in letter-press printing New York, NY

Akins, William H. on December 3, 1829
#X005738 art of bolting flour and meal Berkshire, NY

Cook, William on December 7, 1829
#X005739 distilling Southport, NY

Cook, William on December 7, 1829
#X005740 improvement in the churn, by lever power Southport, NY

Manck, Robert on December 7, 1829
#X005741 art of purifying and rectifying peach, apple, and cider brandy and whiskey by redistillation and filtration Gallipolis, OH

Eastman, Robert on December 7, 1829
#X005742 construction and mode of discharging firearms of various kinds Brunswick, ME

Cobb, Isaac on December 7, 1829
#X005743 cultivator Westminster, VT

Hurd, Merrit on December 7, 1829
#X005744 machine for shearing the nap from woollen cloth Augusta County, NY

Davis, Shadrack, Jr. on December 8, 1829
#X005745 machine for manufacturing wrought or drawn nails, etc. Dartmouth, MA

Johnson, Joel N. on December 8, 1829
#X005746 called the improved shingle cutter Fredonia, NY

Teel, Oliver on December 8, 1829
#X005747 machine for excavating earth under water, called Teal's invented metallic scraper Salina, NY

Bell, L & Bell, William H. on December 8, 1829
#X005748 machine for elevating heavy guns Fortress Monroe, VA

Bell, L & Bell, William H. on December 8, 1829
#X005749 percussion primers for canon Fortress Monroe, VA

Putnam, Elijah on December 9, 1829
#X005750 improvement in the common turners' lathe for the turning of wood and other substances Gardner, MA

Temple, Alexander on December 11, 1829
#X005751 improvement in the grist mill and horizontal spiral water wheel Brookfield, OH

Reckery, John J. on December 11, 1829
#X005752 improvement in carriages for rail roads and other purposes Baltimore, MD

Doolittle, Isaac on December 14, 1829
#X005753 art of charring wood for the manufacture of charcoal Bennington, VT

Barnes, William on December 14, 1829
#X005754 machinery for thrashing grain Brookhaven, NY

Follet, Francis on December 15, 1829
#X005755 improvement in the machine (originally invented by him) for hulling or husking cotton seed, and separating the hull from the kernel Petersburg, VA

Dennis, J. T. W. on December 16, 1829
#X005756 machine for washng and boiling all kinds of wearing apparel, bed clothes, or fabrics, viz: woollens, cotton, hemp, and linen of every kind Paintville, OH

Root, Orlando on December 19, 1829
#X005757 machinery for setting up hat bodies, called the hat body forming machine Montgomery County, NY

Thorp, John on December 22, 1829
#X005758 improvement in weaving narrow stuff, such as ribbons, webbings, tapes, ferrets, girthings, chaise lace, fringes, etc., without the use of shuttles Providence, RI

O'Brien, Samuel J. on December 22, 1829
#X005759 churn for the manufacture of butter from milk, which he denominates the labor-saving churn New York, NY

Wernwag, Lewis on December 22, 1829
#X005760 improvement in his patented bridges Jefferson County, VA

Western, Henry M. on December 23, 1829
#X005761 application of the power of the tide water, connected with the principles of buoyancy and gravity, for the purpose of applying power to machinery or any other required use, called "Western's tide power New York, NY

Chase, Mark L. on December 23, 1829
#X005762 improvement in the grist mill Frankfort, ME

Smith, Jabez on December 28, 1829
#X005763 machine for hulling or husking cotton seed, and separating the hull from the kernel Petersburg, VA

Mosher, Reuben & Mosher, Amos on December 28, 1829
#X005764 machine for paring apples Galway, Saratoga County, NY

Adams, Nathaniel & Noyes, Aaron on December 28, 1829
#X005765 mode of burning brick Cornwall, NY

Thompson, Josiah on December 30, 1829
#X005766 application of hot water or steam in the making of casks, barrels, hogsheads or kegs Philadelphia, PA

Wheeler, Joseph B. on December 30, 1829
#X005767 improvement in spinning and roping cotton and wool, called the golder spinner Galway, Saratoga County, NY

Haws, John on December 31, 1829
#X005768 improvement in the threshing machine Hudson, NY

Hosford, William, Jr. on December 31, 1829
#X005769 being a power machine Washington Township, OH

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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