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1830 U.S. Patents

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Cady, Eleazer on January 6, 1830
#X005770 weighing boats and cargoes, called the tonnage meter Canaan, NY

Pierpont, John on January 8, 1830
#X005771 doric fire place Boston, MA

Smith, Jesse C. on January 9, 1830
#X005772 grist mill Wheeling, VA

Arnold, William E. on January 11, 1830
#X005773 washing machine Haddam, CT

Borden, Thomas on January 13, 1830
#X005774 plough Newport, RI

Conklin, James H. on January 13, 1830
#X005775 cast iron plough share Peekskill, NY

Armstrong, Abel D. on January 15, 1830
#X005776 agricultural plough Springfield, OH

Cornell, Philip on January 15, 1830
#X005777 domestic knife sharpener Brutus, NY

Gorgas, Jacob on January 15, 1830
#X005778 machine for shelling clover seed Fredericksburg, PA

Perkins, Elisha on January 15, 1830
#X005779 blister plaister Baltimore, MD

Whistler, Samuel C. & Smith, James on January 15, 1830
#X005780 separating and grinding gold Rockingham County, VA

Coffield, William on January 18, 1830
#X005781 mode of catchnig ducks Norfolk, VA

Tiers, Cornelius & Myers, Joseph on January 18, 1830
#X005782 tiller wheel Philadelphia, PA

Watson, Alonson on January 18, 1830
#X005783 floating excavator Pendleton, NY

Flagg, David, Jr. on January 19, 1830
#X005784 sawing boards Gardiner, ME

Clark, James & Starks, Isaac on January 20, 1830
#X005785 thrashing machine Genoa, NY

Rogers, George A. on January 20, 1830
#X005786 locks Augusta, ME

Sherwood, William on January 20, 1830
#X005787 ingrain carpet loom Worcester, MA

Yale, Lynus on January 20, 1830
#X005788 hewing, drilling, and picking stone Salisbury, NY

Phillips, Benjamin on January 22, 1830
#X005789 cylinder for propelling vessels Philadelphia, PA

Atwood, Henry C. on January 23, 1830
#X005790 thrashing machine Woodbury, CT

Hunt, Seth on January 23, 1830
#X005791 purifying salt water Syracuse, NY

Hurd, Joseph, Jr. on January 23, 1830
#X005792 cloth drying machine, called the evaporating shaft Boston, MA

Beals, Asa on January 26, 1830
#X005793 locks for doors and trunks Exeter, NH

Cooper, Isaac on January 27, 1830
#X005794 boxes for hubs of wheels and ships' blocks Baltimore, MD

Sutto, Benjamin on January 27, 1830
#X005795 tread wheel propelling carriages on railway Romulus, NY

Stevens, A.H. on January 27, 1830
#X005796 forming hat bodies Richland, NY

Barber, John on January 28, 1830
#X005797 cradle churn Caroline, NY

Clarke, Chester on January 28, 1830
#X005798 thrashing and hulling clover seed Colebrookdale, PA

Leonard, John, Jr. & Brainard, Jared S. & Sizer, Amasa on January 28, 1830
#X005799 moulds for casting iron, brass, etc. Wallingford, CT
Dewey, Joel, Jr. on January 29, 1830
#X005800 thrashing machine Troy, NY

Ewing, John on January 29, 1830
#X005801 churn Worcester, MA

Hyde, Stephen on January 29, 1830
#X005802 oval axes Williamsburg, MA

Lemont, Archibald on January 29, 1830
#X005803 dies and taps Pittsburg, PA

Ravenel, John on January 29, 1830
#X005804 machine for cleaning rice Charleston, SC

Warren, Edmond on January 29, 1830
#X005805 thrashing machine New York, NY

Bull, Aaron on January 30, 1830
#X005806 tow lines for boats Carlisle, PA

Carpenter, Emanuel W. on January 30, 1830
#X005807 groove plane Lancaster, PA

Carpenter, John B. on January 30, 1830
#X005808 tackle windlass lever press Henderson, NY

Summey, Peter on January 30, 1830
#X005809 washing gold from gravel and sand Lincoln, NC

Hurd, Merritt on February 1, 1830
#X005810 bark mill Augusta, NY

Allen, Zachariah on February 2, 1830
#X005811 forming napp on woollen cloth Providence, RI

Morris, Benjamin on February 2, 1830
#X005812 lever press Binghampton, NY

Post, John W. & Post, Calvin on February 2, 1830
#X005813 drilling rocks Washington, DC

Smith, John A. on February 3, 1830
#X005814 pumps, package Windham, CT

Silliman, Samuel on February 3, 1830
#X005815 vibrating washing machine Saybrook, CT

Cross, Archibald & Brown, Ezra on February 4, 1830
#X005816 grinding flax seed, paint, etc. Cazenovia, NY

Patton, John M. on February 4, 1830
#X005817 steam navigation Milton, PA

Barney, Luther & Beach A. Abel on February 5, 1830
#X005818 double revolving churn Groton, NY

Barney, Luther & Beach A. Abel on February 5, 1830
#X005819 revolving steam washer Groton, NY

Reeves, Benjamin on February 6, 1830
#X005820 steam and other engines Philadelphia, PA

Wilson, Samuel on February 6, 1830
#X005821 shovel cutter plough Darlington, SC

Collier, William R. on February 9, 1830
#X005822 casting and setting types Boston, MA

Groff, Joseph on February 10, 1830
#X005823 improvement on Fuller's nap and card machine Rapho, PA

Moyer, Daniel on February 10, 1830
#X005824 improvement on Warren's thrashing machine Cootstown, PA

Scott, William K. on February 11, 1830
#X005825 flax and hemp machine Sandy Hill, NY

Howard, William H. on February 12, 1830
#X005826 vibrating cam loom Worcester, MA

Forker, Samuel on February 13, 1830
#X005827 percussion locks Meadville, PA

Greenwood, Cyrus on February 13, 1830
#X005828 spinning jenny for unfurling condensed woollen roping Winchester, NH

Blank, Ephraim F. & Blank, Thomas on February 16, 1830
#X005829 leather paper New York, NY

Fahrney, Samuel on February 16, 1830
#X005830 sausage stuffing machine Washington County, MD

Heintzelman, John J. on February 16, 1830
#X005831 spiral spring truss Philadelphia, PA

Lynch, John N. on February 16, 1830
#X005832 machine for cutting laths Dillsburg, PA

Stimpson, James on February 16, 1830
#X005833 propelling carriages on rail roads by horse power Baltimore, MD

Short, Lewell & Bradford, Noah on February 18, 1830
#X005834 submarine explorer Barnstable, MA

Dunbar, Amasa on February 19, 1830
#X005835 boot crimper Sharon, MA

Magaw, William on February 19, 1830
#X005836 making paper from straw, hay, etc. Meadville, PA

Phyfe, William F. on February 19, 1830
#X005837 window and bed curtains New York, NY

Rich, Martin on February 19, 1830
#X005838 iron dogs for saw mills Candor, NY

Jones, Samuel T. on February 22, 1830
#X005839 pendulous rail road cars Philadelphia, PA

Jones, Samuel T. on February 22, 1830
#X005840 railway car to run on roads and streets Philadelphia, PA

Syme, John M. on February 22, 1830
#X005841 mode of constructing dams Richmond, VA

Allen, Zachariah on February 23, 1830
#X005842 finishing woollen cloth Providence, RI

Allen, Zachariah on February 23, 1830
#X005843 finishing woollen cloth Providence, RI

Smith, William W. on February 23, 1830
#X005844 raising canal boats, ships, etc. Rochester, NY

Wilson, Increase on February 23, 1830
#X005845 grist mill New London, CT

Clegg, William on February 24, 1830
#X005846 spools or bobbins Norwich, CT

Eaton, Isaiah on February 24, 1830
#X005847 springs for doors Boston, MA

Coleman, William on February 25, 1830
#X005848 improvement on Haskins' grist mill Euclid, OH

Clowes, Charles L. on February 27, 1830
#X005849 washing machine Union, VA

Benedict, Philip on February 27, 1830
#X005850 stove for stone coal Lancaster, PA

Carver, James A. on February 27, 1830
#X005851 gravitation window blind fastener Taunton, MA

Read, John M. on February 27, 1830
#X005852 cradle or crib New York, NY

Robinson, Jacob on February 27, 1830
#X005853 sausage cutter Lancaster County, PA

Webb, Reynolds & Cox, Jonathan on February 27, 1830
#X005854 cheese press Madison, CT

White, Asa on February 27, 1830
#X005855 post office stamp Templeton, MA

Bogardus, James on March 2, 1830
#X005856 clocks New York, NY

Orrick, William P. on March 2, 1830
#X005857 rail road carriage Reading, PA

Toms, Daniel on March 2, 1830
#X005858 machine for sawing staves Auburn, NY

Finlay, John on March 4, 1830
#X005859 wheel iron for rail road carriages Baltimore, MD

Parmerlie, David on March 4, 1830
#X005860 grinding apples, corn, bark Reading, CT

Parker, Amos on March 5, 1830
#X005861 brick and mortar machine Sweden, ME

Long, S.H. on March 6, 1830
#X005862 wooden or frame bridges Baltimore, MD

Shively, Henry & McEwen, R.S. on March 6, 1830
#X005863 churn Fredericksburg, OH

Blake, Philos on March 8, 1830
#X005864 tooth brushes New Haven, CT

Giraud, John J. on March 8, 1830
#X005865 boilers, steam stoves, chimneys, etc. Baltimore, MD

Atwood, Charles on March 10, 1830
#X005866 making woollen slubbing, called Atwood's twisting slubber Middletown, CT

Hovey, William on March 10, 1830
#X005867 plane irons Boston, MA

Long, George W. on March 10, 1830
#X005868 frame bridges Fort Jackson, LA

Oothondt, John on March 10, 1830
#X005869 oval churn Lebanon, NY

Porter, Aaron on March 10, 1830
#X005870 grist mill New London, IN

Walker, Robert on March 10, 1830
#X005871 shovel cutter plough Washingtonville, PA

Beard, Ebenezer on March 12, 1830
#X005872 slide for a bee hive Charlestown, MA

Blake, Lemuel on March 12, 1830
#X005873 making and using types Boston, MA

Carlock, William on March 12, 1830
#X005874 machine for washing and cleaning hats Baltimore, MD

Hampton, Jesse on March 12, 1830
#X005875 preserving meats and fruits Lexington, KY

Halladay, J. & Eldridge, T. & Gibbs, C. & Smith, J.D. on March 4, 1830
#X005876 flax machine Hartford, NY

Miller, Rudolph on March 15, 1830
#X005877 thrashing machine Marietta, PA

Wheeler, John R. on March 15, 1830
#X005878 water wheel Pittsford, NY

Bladen, Thomas on March 16, 1830
#X005879 machine for cutting crackers and biscuit Philadelphia, PA

Spear, Phineas on March 19, 1830
#X005880 quadrant and sextant Portland, ME

Sowle, George & Brewer, Peter on March 22, 1830
#X005881 churn Blenheim, NY

Stearnes, Abner, Jr. on March 22, 1830
#X005882 machine for heading and dressing staves Scaghticoke, NY

Brewster, Jonah on March 23, 1830
#X005883 boot crimper Worthington, MA

Ingersoll, Thomas on March 23, 1830
#X005884 thrashing machine Murray, NY

Corwithe, William on March 23, 1830
#X005885 thrashing machine New York, NY

Sears, David on March 24, 1830
#X005886 fanning mill Franklin, NY

Carleton, Ebenezer & Whiting, Solomon, Jr. on March 25, 1830
#X005887 sawing clap boards, tipping, etc. Bath, NH

Butler, Lester & Hinckley, Isaac on March 26, 1830
#X005888 tire bending Cobleskill, NY

Fairman, Simon on March 27, 1830
#X005889 land and steam carriage Nassau, NY

Irwin, John on March 28, 1830
#X005890 spindle still and can roping machine Coventry, RI

Marsh, Seymour on March 29, 1830
#X005891 truss Canajoharie, NY

White, John on March 29, 1830
#X005892 generating steam Logan County, KY

Williams, Samuel W. on March 29, 1830
#X005893 manufacturing salt Elizabethtown, NJ

Southworth, William W. (assignee, Charles Daniels) on March 30, 1830
#X005894 cutting screws and gimlets Saybrook, CT

Tam, Lemuel C. on March 30, 1830
#X005895 harrow teeth fluke Milton, DE

Danforth, Charles on April 1, 1830
#X005896 throstle for spinning Patterson, NJ

King, Sumner on April 1, 1830
#X005897 manufacturing horse shoes Sullivan, NY

Ross, William on April 1, 1830
#X005898 thrashing machine Pennfield, NY

Scott, Thomas M. on April 1, 1830
#X005899 manufacturing dipped candles Falls Township, Bucks County, PA

Steele, Austin on April 1, 1830
#X005900 making woollen roping or slubbing Waterbury, CT

Beach, Timothy on April 2, 1830
#X005901 propelling boats Wilmington, OH

Carsley, Seth, 2nd on April 2, 1830
#X005902 shoemakers' lasts Harrison, ME

Otis, Ephraim R. on April 2, 1830
#X005903 self-operating temples River Head, CT

Rodgers, Andrew on April 6, 1830
#X005904 chain paddle wheel Middletown, PA

Crary, Nathan & Crary, Edmund P. on April 6, 1830
#X005905 pill boxes Albany County, NY

Bacon, William on April 7, 1830
#X005906 carpet and rug loom Philadelphia, PA

Andrews, Anson on April 10, 1830
#X005907 iron dogs for saw mills Spencer, NY

Kennedy, Samuel on April 10, 1830
#X005908 machine for cutting mouldings New York, NY

Waring, Isaac F. on April 10, 1830
#X005909 art of churning Columbia Township, OH

Whitney, Richard on April 10, 1830
#X005910 wedge screws Baltimore, MD

Cooper, James on April 12, 1830
#X005911 thrashing machine Augusta County, VA

Cooper, James on April 12, 1830
#X005912 propelling machinery by animal power Augusta County, VA

Harris, E.B. & Arnold, Andrew R. on April 13, 1830
#X005913 revolving burr temples Woodstock, CT

Pierce, Joshua & Whitley, Joseph & Whitley, Aaron S. on April 13, 1830
#X005914 iron dogs for saw mills Candor, NY

Rich, Martin on April 13, 1830
#X005915 iron dogs for saw mills Candor, NY

Skinner, Elijah on April 13, 1830
#X005916 saving locks for locking drawers Sandwich, NH

Henderson, John W. & Cayford, John E. on April 14, 1830
#X005917 re-acting water wheel Milbourne, NE

Armistead, Thomas B. on April 15, 1830
#X005918 aqueduct pipes Bloomfield, NY

Fyler, Barton N. on April 15, 1830
#X005919 grinding grain, hulling cotton seed, rubbing down whet stones, etc. Bradford, VT

Clarke, Richard P. on April 16, 1830
#X005920 Columbian washer Broadalbin, NY

Archbald, William A. on April 19, 1830
#X005921 manufacturing sugar from cane juice New York, NY

Archbald, William A. on April 19, 1830
#X005922 manufacturing raw and brown sugar from the juice of the cane New York, NY

Archbald, William A. on April 19, 1830
#X005923 manufacturing raw and brown sugar from the juice of the cane or manufacturing syrup in wooden vessels New York, NY

Boynton, Paul on April 20, 1830
#X005924 water wheel Ogdensburgh, NY

Curtiss, Asahel on April 20, 1830
#X005925 machine for manufacturing butter Paris, NY

Sherwood, William on April 20, 1830
#X005926 taking figures of ingrain carpeting Somersworth, NH

Foster, Jesse & Stondenburgh, James on April 20, 1830
#X005927 manufacturing woollen garments without spinning or weaving Green County, NY

Shreve, Henry M. on April 21, 1830
#X005928 steam boilers Louisville, KY

Gardner, Phineas on April 22, 1830
#X005929 cottin gin saw Woodville, MA

Thurber, Hezekiah on April 22, 1830
#X005930 washing machine Painted Post, NY

Eells, Samuel, 2nd on April 23, 1830
#X005931 water proof boots and shoes Middletown, CT

Overall, Israel on April 23, 1830
#X005932 boring rocks Liberty, TN

Prince, John on April 23, 1830
#X005933 self-moving ink distributor New York, NY

Blake, Elihu on April 24, 1830
#X005934 apparatus for drawing milk from breats of women New York, NY

Fisher, Charles F. on April 24, 1830
#X005935 distilling York, PA

Morehouse, Stephen P. on April 26, 1830
#X005936 lamp for burning lard Ludlowville, NY

Hinkley, Benjamin on April 27, 1830
#X005937 glueing veneer on columns Fayette, ME

Newbury, Joel on April 27, 1830
#X005938 concealed percussion locks Poughkeepsie, NY

Bristol, Abner on April 28, 1830
#X005939 labor saving churn Hillsdale, NY

Fairfield, Josiah on April 28, 1830
#X005940 shingle and scale board machine Vassalboro, ME

Henning, George on April 28, 1830
#X005941 sizing and napping hats Ithaca, NY

L'Hommedieu, Ezra on April 28, 1830
#X005942 machine for shaping hammers, spikes, gimlets, etc. Saybrook, CT

Cooper, Peter on April 29, 1830
#X005943 manufacturing glue New York, NY

Foster, Abner on April 29, 1830
#X005944 mortising machine Phillipstown, MA

Dagg, John L. (assignee, John O. Hara) on May 4, 1830
#X005945 calendars Philadelphia, PA

Jones, Samuel on May 4, 1830
#X005946 lock wagon Bridgeport, PA

Brundred, Benjamin on May 7,1830
#X005947 throstle and spindle frame Oldham, NJ

Clark, Josiah R. on May 7,1830
#X005948 carpet loom South Coventry, CT

Ingersoll, Erastus on May 7,1830
#X005949 mowing machine Farmington, MI

Lindsey, Noah on May 7,1830
#X005950 thrashing machine Catskill, NY

Moore, John on May 7,1830
#X005951 cooking stove Ackworth, NH

Norton, John L. on May 7,1830
#X005952 rice and barley machine Charlestown, SC

Punchard, Thomas H. on April 8, 1830
#X005953 crimping boot fronts Boston, MA

Sheffield, Thomas on April 8, 1830
#X005954 raising vessels by means of sliding ways Green County, NY

Goodrich, Charles B. on May 10, 1830
#X005955 machine for dressing staves Rutland, MA

Cross, Asahel on May 12, 1830
#X005956 portable cooking furnace Cazenovia, NY

Allen, Samuel S. on May 13, 1830
#X005957 thrashing machine (patent of Nov. 1st, 1828 cancelled) Springport, NY

Gregory, AL
onson P. on May 13, 1830
#X005958 scalding and napping hats Ithaca, NY

Hearsey, Joseph on May 13, 1830
#X005959 manufacturing nails, Reed's machine Wareham, MA

Douglass, James & Johnson, Walter on May 14, 1830
#X005960 thrashing machine Attica, NY

Jennings, Joseph on May 14, 1830
#X005961 cooking apparatus New York, NY

Sanderson, Isaac on May 15, 1830
#X005962 pasteboard paper for bandboxes Milton, MA

Batby, Antoine on May 16, 1830
#X005963 pumps New York, NY

Lane, Samuel on May 17, 1830
#X005964 endless chain railway Hallowell, ME

Sackmeister, Charles P. on May 17, 1830
#X005965 piano forte New York, NY

Woolley, William on May 17, 1830
#X005966 secret bedstead New York, NY

Fisher, Samuel & Speery, David on May 19, 1830
#X005967 thrashing machine Amsterdam, VA

Barkley, William on May 20, 1830
#X005968 distilling by steam Lebanon, KY

Brown, John on May 20, 1830
#X005969 spinning machine called the universal spinner Providence, RI

Butts, Jehiel on May 20, 1830
#X005970 machine for thrashing rice Georgetown, SC

Goodrich, Charles B. on May 20, 1830
#X005971 machine for jointing staves Rutland, MA

Hyde, Douglas on May 20, 1830
#X005972 fountain pen Reading, PA

Jennings, Isaiah on May 20, 1830
#X005973 lamp for burning tallow and other fatty substances New York, NY

McCormick, Robert on May 20, 1830
#X005974 (see X patent number 6145½)

Metee, Martin on May 20, 1830
#X005975 pumps Baltimore, MD

Poiteaux, Michael B. on May 20, 1830
#X005976 machinery for mills Richmond, VA

Phillips, Palmer on May 20, 1830
#X005977 manufacturing tubs Busti, NY

Pond, Alonson (assignee, Petersburg Manufacturing Co.) on May 20, 1830
#X005978 twine, seine, and small cordage Petersburg, VA

Rice, John, Jr. on May 20, 1830
#X005979 flax and hemp machine Troy, NY

Seabury, Charles S. on May 20, 1830
#X005980 piano forte New York, NY

Varle, Charles on May 20, 1830
#X005981 self instructor Baltimore, MD

Gates, James M. on May 21, 1830
#X005982 washing machine Norwich, CT

Howell, Francis B. on May 21, 1830
#X005983 paper cutting machine Lockport, OH

Kirkpatrick, Andrew on May 21, 1830
#X005984 washing machine Urbanna, OH

Pawling, Charles on May 21, 1830
#X005985 plough Gregg Township, Union County, PA

Church, James, Jr. on May 22, 1830
#X005986 spinning machine called the long band Hartford, CT

Copley, Josiah on May 22, 1830
#X005987 spiral propeller for boats Warrior Marsh, PA

Haggerty, William & Lawrence, Charles & Fraser, Thomas on May 22, 1830
#X005988 portable cooking furnace New York, NY

Kingsbury, Rhodes on May 22, 1830
#X005989 screw cog for shives of ship blocks Bath, ME

Ronaldson, James & Neill, John N. on May 22, 1830
#X005990 foundation of marine railway Philadelphia, PA

Sumter, Thomas W.A. on May 22, 1830
#X005991 washing gold and separating alluvial Poplar Grove, NC

Williams, Thomas R. on May 22, 1830
#X005992 felt for bottoms of vessels and other purposes Newport, RI

Aiken, Herrick on May 24, 1830
#X005993 cloth or hair brushes Dracut, MA

Aiken, Herrick on May 24, 1830
#X005994 saw-set Dracut, MA

Babcock, Alpheus on May 24, 1830
#X005995 cross stringing piano forte Philadelphia, PA

Sands, Ephraim on May 24, 1830
#X005996 machine for thrashing rice Cincinnati, OH

Bogardus, James on May 25, 1830
#X005997 machine in form of flying traveller spinning cotton, flax, silk New York, NY

Lewis, Ichabod on May 25, 1830
#X005998 manufacturing chairs machine, called the mechanics' assistant Irville, OH

Nisbet, Samuel on May 25, 1830
#X005999 plough Toboyne Township, Perry County, PA

Hinds, Stephen on May 27, 1830
#X006000 susquehannah washing machine Montrose, PA

Overman, Benjamin on May 27, 1830
#X006001 sawing, mortising, tenoning, boring and grooving machine Greensboro, NC

Evans, Thomas (assignee, Thomas Ballard) on May 28, 1830
#X006002 lifting ships out of water New York, NY

Brewster, Iram on May 28, 1830
#X006003 churn Blenheim, NY

Jarves, Deming on May 28, 1830
#X006004 moulds for glassmakers Boston, MA

Roberts, Asher W. on May 28, 1830
#X006005 furnace for tailors Hartford, CT

Smith, Isaac W. on May 28, 1830
#X006006 chemical catholicon Lockport, NY

Peterson, Lewis & Peterson, Peter on May 29, 1830
#X006007 cooking stove Pittsburgh, PA

Quinby, Aaron Balderston on October 1, 1830
#X006008 (see 6157½)

Walker, Enoch on May 29, 1830
#X006009 washing machine Woodbourne, PA

Potts, Charles on May 31, 1830
#X006010 steam engines Philadelphia, PA

Pritchard, E.B. on May 31, 1830
#X006011 applying water to flutter wheels Scriven County, GA

Brest, Jonathan & Gilmore, Elisha on June 1, 1830
#X006012 manufacturing nails, Reed's horse-head machine Roxbury, MA

Snyder, John on June 1, 1830
#X006013 boring and withdrawing augers Tuscarora, NY

Shaw, Moses on June 3, 1830
#X006014 blasting rocks New York, NY

Stimpson, James on June 3, 1830
#X006015 propelling carriages on rail roads by timber Baltimore, MD

Baker, Elisha on June 4, 1830
#X006016 revolving cotton whipper Warwick, RI

Flagg, David, Jr. on June 4, 1830
#X006017 thrashing machine Gardiner, ME

Bisbee, Ziba on June 5, 1830
#X006018 machine for splitting staves, hoops, etc. Bridgewater, MA

Mobley, Eli on June 5, 1830
#X006019 saw mill Fredericktown, MD

Yeckley, John A. on June 7, 1830
#X006020 axletrees for wagons Perry, NY

Ewbank, Thomas on June 8, 1830
#X006021 preventing explosion of steam boilers by detector New York, NY

Sanford, Nathaniel C. & Parmelee, Erastus P. on June 8, 1830
#X006022 iron teeth rake Meriden, CT

Wood, George on June 9, 1830
#X006023 projectile lever power Vernon, IN

Yuger, Jacob on June 9, 1830
#X006024 plough Harrisburgh, PA

Hamilton, James on June 10, 1830
#X006025 wood saws New York, NY

Savage, Anthony on June 10, 1830
#X006026 stove for anthracite coal Pottsville, PA

Willard, Julius on June 10, 1830
#X006027 brick press bridle Baltimore, MD

Loughead, Joseph and Chapman, J.B. on June 11, 1830
#X006028 explosion guard for steamboats Philadelphia, PA

Williams, Henry B. on June 11, 1830
#X006029 gasometer Baltimore, MD

Klauberg, Daniel on June 12, 1830
#X006030 spring scale New York, NY

Peters, John on June 12, 1830
#X006031 thrashing machine Harrisburgh, PA

Arnold, Robert C. on June 15, 1830
#X006032 washing machine New Haven, CT

Smith, Moses on June 15, 1830
#X006033 marine and surveying compass needle New York, NY

Pool, John on June 16, 1830
#X006034 geometrical protractor and tablet Easton, MA

Arnold, Gilbert on June 17, 1830
#X006035 cleaning and dressing grain Angelica, NY

Horton, Ebenezer on June 17, 1830
#X006036 improvement on Slaters' washing machine Avon, NY

Ott, George on June 18, 1830
#X006037 soda water apparatus Norfolk, VA

Eslin, John on June 19, 1830
#X006038 furnace for burning stone coal or charcoal Philadelphia, PA

Newton, Phineas on June 19, 1830
#X006039 crosscut saws and sawmill, gumming the teeth Sidney, NY

Kenton, Levi on June 21, 1830
#X006040 silvering and gilding leather Philadelphia, PA

Lester, Ebenezer on June 21, 1830
#X006041 fire place Killingworth, CT

Miller, Ezra L. on June 21, 1830
#X006042 vertical boilers Charlestown, SC

Adams, Nathaniel on June 22, 1830
#X006043 brick machine Cornwall, NY

Bettis, Andrew & Gibbs, Eli M. on June 22, 1830
#X006044 stove for cooking Norwich, NY

Hurd, Thomas and Fox, Jesse on June 23, 1830
#X006045 raising nap on woollen cloth by thrashing Lowell, MA

Gambell, Squire on June 24, 1830
#X006046 thrashing machine Onondaga, NY

Mason, Samuel P. on June 24, 1830
#X006047 speeder for spinning cotton roping Leesville, CT

Gilpin, Thomas on June 25, 1830
#X006048 finishing paper machine Philadelphia, PA

Hughes, Joseph Y. on June 25, 1830
#X006049 rail road carriages Pottsville, PA

Stocking, David on June 25, 1830
#X006050 washing machine Scott, NY

Kingsbury, Hezekiah on June 26, 1830
#X006051 churning and washing machine Hebron, CT

Beach, Isaac on June 28, 1830
#X006052 self loading car Dryden, NY

Slover, Asher & Sperry, William on June 29, 1830
#X006053 thrashing machine New York, NY

Stratton, James on June 29, 1830
#X006054 securing baggage on post coaches Greenfield, MA

Pearce, John on June 30, 1830
#X006055 spinning machine, called farmers' handy maid Yorkshire, NY

VanDuzer, William on June 30, 1830
#X006056 (see patent 1958X issued on June 30, 1813)

Pettis, Phineas (assignee, Jesse Neal) on July 2, 1830
#X006057 grain scouring Middlebury, OH

Hammond, James and McClelland, John on July 3, 1830
#X006058 cassinet loom Williamsport, PA

Ball, Daniel on July 7, 1830
#X006059 flax and hemp machine Sandy Hill, NY

Fairlamb, Jonas P. on July 7, 1830
#X006060 revolving planes for crossing railways New Castle, DE

Goulding, Jonathan on July 7, 1830
#X006061 making and using loom Dedham, MA

Phelps, William on July 7, 1830
#X006062 horizontal spring catch for window blinds Salem, MA

Pollack, John on July 7, 1830
#X006063 self adjusting rail road street car Hopewell, PA

Thompson, Jonathan on July 7, 1830
#X006064 flouring mill Ashtabula, OH

Arnold, James H. & Bonsall, J. on July 8, 1830
#X006065 thrashing machine Morristown, OH

Langford, Charles on July 8, 1830
#X006066 grist mill Claridon, OH

Toms, Daniel on July 8, 1830
#X006067 machine for sawing, jointing, and smoothing staves Auburn, NY

Belt, William H. and Andrews, Tim P. on July 9, 1830
#X006068 stone breaking and thrashing machine Fortress Monroe, VA and Washington, DC

Pendergast, John G. on July 9, 1830
#X006069 preparing oil and spirits of turpentine for paint Palmyra, NY

Shopherd, Nathan on July 9, 1830
#X006070 improvement on Judkins' ointment Belmont County, OH

Flagg, David, Jr. on July 10, 1830
#X006071 thrashing machine New York, NY

Honeywell, Enoch on July 10, 1830
#X006072 water elevator Broad Albin, NY

Smith, Abel and Olney, James on July 10, 1830
#X006073 machine for dressing flax and hemp Westmoreland, NY

Willard, Julius on July 10, 1830
#X006074 manufacturing shot Baltimore, MD

Laporte, Peter on July 12, 1830
#X006075 manufacturing cloth of flax and wire Augusta County, VA

Smith, Avery on July 12, 1830
#X006076 bedstead for the sick Milo, NY

Bowen, Ethan on July 13, 1830
#X006077 spinning machine called the double spinner Providence, RI

Dunscomb, Edward on July 13, 1830
#X006078 rail roads New York, NY

Stowitts, John on July 13, 1830
#X006079 thrashing machine Gorham, NY

Foote, Aaron H. on July 14, 1830
#X006080 cross-cut circular saws New London, NY

Granger, Moses on July 14, 1830
#X006081 churn Syracuse, NY

Stroop, Jacob on July 17, 1830
#X006082 stamp for malleable metal Landisburg, PA

Stondinger, George on July 17, 1830
#X006083 steel rolling-mill for carriage springs Newark, NJ

Zoll, Bernard & Doyle, James on July 19, 1830
#X006084 manufacturing soap by steam Baltimore, MD

Lupton, Amos and Janney, Jacob & Lupton, John on July 28, 1830
#X006085 thrashing machine Frederick County, VA

Wooster, Lewis and Holmes, John B. on August 3, 1830
#X006086 manufacturing paper from wood Meadville, PA

Daskam, Nathaniel & Wood, David G. on August 5, 1830
#X006087 crackers, ship bread, etc. Geneva, NY

Lothian, George B. on August 11, 1830
#X006088 cutting and casting music types New York, NY

Thomas, Elihu H. and Woodcock, Nathan on August 11, 1830
#X006089 pulp dresser Brattlesborough, VT

Seybert, Henry & Vanuxem, Lardner on August 16, 1830
#X006090 decomposed acids, margaric, stearic, and oleic by caustic lime Philadelphia, PA

Dexter, Samuel F. and Graves, Samuel on August 24, 1830
#X006091 manufacturing rope, cordage, and twine Auburn, NY

Morrison, William & Tomb, George on August 25, 1830
#X006092 floating excavator Jersey Shore, PA

Clark, Joseph and Henderson, Henry on September 13, 1830
#X006093 machine for cuttting crackers, biscuits, pilot bread, etc. Baltimore, MD

Atwood, Anson on October 1, 1830
#X006094 fulling mill and power loom Salem, NY

Averill, Henry on October 1, 1830
#X006095 water wheel for propelling canal boats Richland, NY

Bakewell, John P. on October 1, 1830
#X006096 glass wheels for clocks Pittsburg, PA

Baker, Job on October 1, 1830
#X006097 spring wire lock New Bedford, MA

Baldwin, David on October 1, 1830
#X006098 friction rollers Queensbury, NY

Beach, Joseph on October 1, 1830
#X006099 rice machine for hulling and working a trip hammer Middletown, CT

Bell, William H. on October 1, 1830
#X006100 percussion locks and vent for cannon Norfolk, VA

Benham, John M. on October 1, 1830
#X006101 agueducts formed of water-proof lime for conveying water or gas (re-issued) Bridgewater, NY

Bladen, Thomas on October 1, 1830
#X006102 machine for cutting crackers and biscuit Philadelphia, PA

Brazier, Amable J. on October 1, 1830
#X006103 saccharifying rice and maize Philadelphia, PA

Brazier, Amable J. on October 1, 1830
#X006104 saccharifying rye and other grain, potatoes, etc. Philadelphia, PA

Brown, MA
thew D. on October 1, 1830
#X006105 ferry boats Buffalo, VA

Brown, Edward on October 1, 1830
#X006106 reflector for lamps Dover, NH

Cannon, Morris on October 1, 1830
#X006107 ague and fever specific New Orleans, LA

Case, Jeremiah on October 1, 1830
#X006108 smut machine Sodus, NY

Caustin, R.L. on October 1, 1830
#X006109 thrashing machine Ledyard, NY

Child, Ezra on October 1, 1830
#X006110 rotary steam engine Philadelphia, PA

Clark, William on October 1, 1830
#X006111 spinning machine Pultney, NY

Cobbs, John P. on October 1, 1830
#X006112 hill side plough Nelson County, VA

Coffan, William, Jr. on October 1, 1830
#X006113 cylinder window flattening glass Hammonton, NJ

Cornell, Philip on October 1, 1830
#X006114 churning machine Brutus, NY

Crane, Jonathan on October 1, 1830
#X006115 circular car Schenectady, NY

Cunningham, Thomas on October 1, 1830
#X006116 floating graving dock [to clean the underwater parts of ships] Pittsburg, PA

Davis, Samuel on October 1, 1830
#X006117 extracting cream from milk from New York, NY

Dennison, Lester E. on October 1, 1830
#X006118 pressing machine Saybrook, CT

Dewey, Ebenezer on October 1, 1830
#X006119 floating wheel churn Butternuts, NY

Dickerman, Sereno & Parsons, Samuel M. on October 1, 1830
#X006120 churn Meriden, CT

Dickinson, David on October 1, 1830
#X006121 scouring clothes Chatham, CT

Durfee, Samuel on October 1, 1830
#X006122 door fender Providence, RI

Dyer, Joseph C. on October 1, 1830
#X006123 twisting improvement on Danforth's speeder Manchester, England

Elgar, John on October 1, 1830
#X006124 rail road cars Baltimore, MD

Ennis, Joshua on October 1, 1830
#X006125 chimneys top ventiduct Brooklyn, NY

Gould, Abijah on October 1, 1830
#X006126 clocks Henrietta, NY

Gould, Marcus T.C. on October 1, 1830
#X006127 self supplying fountain pen Philadelphia, PA

Grater, George W. on October 1, 1830
#X006128 lever and pulley power applied to a standing press Boston, MA

Grut, Benjamin on October 1, 1830
#X006129 making hats of paper waterproof New York, NY

Hale, Ebenezer R. on July 14, 1830
#X006130 rotary pumps Hyde Park, NY

Harris, Charles on October 1, 1830
#X006131 washing wool on sheep Snowhill, OH

Hawley, William C. on October 1, 1830
#X006132 fan mill Brookfield, CT

Hayden, Festus on October 1, 1830
#X006133 American wire-eyed buttons Waterbury, CT

Hotchkiss, John G. on October 1, 1830
#X006134 propelling rotary engine Cincinnati, OH

Johnson, James on October 1, 1830
#X006135 water wheel Fairbanks Township, Sullivan County, IN

Jordan, Henry on October 1, 1830
#X006136 digging and procuring gold Lexington, KY

Kennedy, John on October 1, 1830
#X006137 manufacturing soap by steam Baltimore, MD

King, Roswell on October 1, 1830
#X006138 separating gold by a vibrating circular cylindrical trough McIntosh, GA

King, Roswell on October 1, 1830
#X006139 vertical cylindrical gold washer McIntosh, GA

Lamson, Daniel on October 1, 1830
#X006140 distilling whiskey from corn Perrysburgh, NY

Lewis, Thomas C. on October 1, 1830
#X006141 manufacturing malleable iron from pig metal Pittsburg, PA

L'Hommedieu, Ezra on October 1, 1830
#X006142 single twist augers Saybrook, CT

Markland, William on October 1, 1830
#X006143 pepper and ink tops New York, NY

McCord, Enoch D. on October 1, 1830
#X006144 stock and hand vice Sandy Hill, NY

McCormick, Robert on October 1, 1830
#X006145 flax and hemp machine Rockbridge County, VA

McCormick, Robert (6145½) on October 1, 1830
#X006145 hydraulics machinery Rockbridge County, VA

Mitchell, Adam on October 1, 1830
#X006146 bow share plough Washington County, TN

Mudge, Elisha on October 1, 1830
#X006147 mortising and tenoning machine Genesee County, NY

Newton, Joseph on October 1, 1830
#X006148 saw mill machinery Sweden, NY

Nichols, Ethan H. and Fairbanks, Thadeus on October 1, 1830
#X006149 flax and hemp dresser St. Johnsbury, VT

Ottinger, William on October 1, 1830
#X006150 thrashing machine Whitemarsh, PA

Parmelee, Lenmon on October 1, 1830
#X006151 raising water Poughkeepsie, NY

Peltier, Felix on October 1, 1830
#X006152 propelling vessels New York, NY

Phyfe, William F. on October 1, 1830
#X006153 hair matresses New York, NY

Pitts, James & Houghton, Cyrus and Rice, Joseph, Jr. on October 1, 1830
#X006154 machine for making combs, called a grinding comb stock Lancaster, MA

Post, John W. on October 1, 1830
#X006155 drilling and blasting rocks Washington, DC

Powell, Thomas on October 1, 1830
#X006156 rotary steam engine Baltimore, MD

Preston, Titus on October 1, 1830
#X006157 straw cutter Wallingford, CT
Quimby, Aaron Balderston(6157½) on October 1, 1830
#X006157 preventing explosion of steamboat boilers Hagerstown, MD

Rice, Thomas on October 1, 1830
#X006158 cotton seine twine Petersburg, VA

Sands, Marcellus on October 1, 1830
#X006159 mortising and boring machine Franklin, NY

Sawyer, Augustus on October 1, 1830
#X006160 machinery for mills, thrashing machines, etc. Hopewell, NY

Senueff, Jacob on October 1, 1830
#X006161 weaver's reeds Philadelphia, PA

Simmons, James S. on October 1, 1830
#X006162 cylindrical grate cotton whipper Scituate, RI

Slater, Samuel on October 1, 1830
#X006163 thrashing and winnowing machine Philadelphia, PA

Skinner, Elijah on October 1, 1830
#X006164 baking iron Sandwich, NH

Somerby, Theopholis on October 1, 1830
#X006165 hydraulics Nantucket, MA

Sperry, William on October 1, 1830
#X006166 thrashing machine New York, NY

Sutton, William on October 1, 1830
#X006167 Geneva double dasher churn Geneva, NY

Talcott, Jared G. on October 1, 1830
#X006168 brick press Glastenbury, CT

Tenny, Daniel on October 1, 1830
#X006169 hat body machinery, called the sagging apron Plattsburg, NY

Thompson, Jesse on October 1, 1830
#X006170 upright piano forte New York, NY

Thompson, Robert on October 1, 1830
#X006171 ornamenting columns, chairs, ivory, etc. Washington, OH

Tuck, Dorris G. on October 1, 1830
#X006172 drying and curing tobacco Halifax County, VA

Warner, Uriel G. on October 1, 1830
#X006173 carding machine Ripley, OH

Urffer, Michael on October 1, 1830
#X006174 cleaning grain Upper Milford, PA

William, Deninson on October 1, 1830
#X006175 gentlemen's dress stock, hinge, and plain Albany, NY

Willson, Clark on October 1, 1830
#X006176 water wheel Swanzey, NH

Wood, William J. on October 1, 1830
#X006177 thrashing machine Batavia, NY

Adams, Isaac on October 4, 1830
#X006178 printing press power Boston, MA

Culver, Benjamin on October 6, 1830
#X006179 vibrating machine for separating flour Glastenbury, CT

Ives, Joseph & Walters, James on October 6, 1830
#X006180 springs of carriages and attaching carriage bodies to them Brooklyn, NY

Prim, William on October 6, 1830
#X006181 saw and grist mill Lebanon, PA

Miller, Samuel K. on October 7, 1830
#X006182 bands for hubs of wheels Elizabethtown, NJ

Thomas, William on October 7, 1830
#X006183 machine for dressing staves Pomfret, NY

Couillard, Samuel, Jr. on October 9, 1830
#X006184 wiping and polishing the exterior surface of punched, etched, or engraved plates Boston, MA

Heston, William on October 11, 1830
#X006185 locomotive carriages Philadelphia, PA

Bancroft, David on October 12, 1830
#X006186 elevating bedstead for the sick Grafton, VT

Smith, Franklin G. on October 12, 1830
#X006187 steam navigation machinery Lynchburg, VA

Norton, Myron on October 13, 1830
#X006188 cheese pressing machine Goshen, CT

Barnes, John on October 14, 1830
#X006189 washing machine, called the revolving steam washer Kingston, PA

Freeman, John on October 14, 1830
#X006190 washing machine for cleaning cloths and clothes Senate, NY

King, Phineas L. and Blasdell, Enoch on October 14, 1830
#X006191 carding machine, called the fancy card Sparta, IN and Lawrenceburg Township, Dearborn County, IN

Colby, AL
van on October 15, 1830
#X006192 machine for sawing felloes Sharon, VT

Whiting, Ebenezer on October 15, 1830
#X006193 saw-set applicable to saws of all descriptions Berkshire, NY

Branard, William H. and Bulkley, Chauncey B. on October 16, 1830
#X006194 washing machine Chatham, CT

Griswold, Ephraim on October 16, 1830
#X006195 grist mill Truxton, NY

Jennings, Isaiah on October 16, 1830
#X006196 application of light to lamps, with or without wicks New York, NY

Krauss, Andrew & Krauss, Joel on October 16, 1830
#X006197 plaster, lime, etc. Upper Milford, PA

Jarves, DE
ming on October 19, 1830
#X006198 manufacturing glass knobs Boston, MA

Barnitz, Charles A. on October 20, 1830
#X006199 manufacturing oil, from the sunflower Spring Garden, PA

Beecher, Benjamin D. on October 20, 1830
#X006200 thrashing grain, shelling corn, and cutting straw, etc. Woodbury, CT

Gammond, Edmund on October 20, 1830
#X006201 cutting and manufacturing brads from iron plates Gorham, NY

Hanson, David D. on October 20, 1830
#X006202 machine for sawing felloes Ware, NH

Averill, Henry on October 21, 1830
#X006203 water wheel for propelling grist mills Richland, NY

Wing, Calvin on October 21, 1830
#X006204 carding wool and other fibrous material Gardiner, ME

Morris, William and Spinks, Jabez on October 22, 1830
#X006205 boring earth for water Kenhawa, VA

Wing, Calvin on October 22, 1830
#X006206 water wheel and in casting the same Gardiner, ME

Wing, Calvin on October 22, 1830
#X006207 re-acting water wheel Gardiner, ME

Fairlamb, Samuel on October 25, 1830
#X006208 inking forms of types or letters New York, NY

Lowe, Jonathan on October 25, 1830
#X006209 bedstead, called the metamorphosic alleviator Vienna, NY

Atwood, Charles on November 1, 1830
#X006210 roll preserver or mode of taking the wool from the doffers of the breakers Middletown, CT

Atwood, Charles on November 1, 1830
#X006211 winding conical spools for slubbing from the card Middletown, CT

Disbrow, Levi on November 1, 1830
#X006212 boring earth for water New York, NY

DeRivafinoli, Vincent & Harsleben, Charles and Davis, William on November 1, 1830
#X006213 machine for washing gold ores and alluvial soils London, England

Folton, Samson on November 1, 1830
#X006214 plough Huntington, PA

Laning, Samuel on November 1, 1830
#X006215 machine for gathering apples Camden, NJ

Salisbury, Amos on November 1, 1830
#X006216 preserving rope and cordage Troy, NY

Sharman, Hazard on November 1, 1830
#X006217 lever press Scriba, NY

Smith, Andrew P. on November 1, 1830
#X006218 machine for cutting tenons on spokes of wheels Cornwall, CT

Thurston, Edward on November 1, 1830
#X006219 thrashing grain, shelling corn New York, NY

Turner, Samuel & Barnes, Norris on November 27, 1830
#X006220 thrashing machine Aurelius, NY

Vassar, Charles on November 1, 1830
#X006221 machine for moulding and drying brick Poughkeepsie, NY

Lewis, H.L.B. on November 2, 1830
#X006222 propelling canal boats by a lock paddle wheel Buffalo, NY

Bloomer, Thomas on November 3, 1830
#X006223 sawing and planing machine New York, NY

Jones, Daniel on November 3, 1830
#X006224 separating gold from earths Granville, NC

Meigs, Phineas and Arnold, M.C. on November 3, 1830
#X006225 planting and digging pototoes, ploughing corn, etc. Madison, CT

Terry, Silas B. on November 3, 1830
#X006226 combined spiral springs applied to clocks Plymouth, CT

Carson, James on November 4, 1830
#X006227 cotton press Raleigh, NC

Williams, Thomas on November 4, 1830
#X006228 scraping flesh and hair from hides in the process of tanning Rochester, NY

Wood, Richard on November 4, 1830
#X006229 inking apparatus of Neal's printing press New York, NY

Annesley, William on November 6, 1830
#X006230 mode of uniting timber for domes, bridges, etc. Albany, NY

Annesley, William on November 6, 1830
#X006231 building vessels Albany, NY

Darrah, James & Kinsey, Jacob on November 6, 1830
#X006232 thrashing and hulling clover seed Ruscombmanor, PA

Lowell, Gideon on November 6, 1830
#X006233 washing machine Nunda, NY

Briant, Germain on November 11, 1830
#X006234 tobacco stemming Richmond, VA

Browne, William on November 11, 1830
#X006235 tanning leather New York, NY

Cooley, Lenmon on November 11, 1830
#X006236 thrashing machine and hulling clover seed Philadelphia, PA

Cooper, James on November 11, 1830
#X006237 machine for cutting crackers, biscuits, etc. Philadelphia, PA

Davis, Robert on November 11, 1830
#X006238 apparatus for holding tow lines Philadelphia, PA

Giraud, John J. on November 11, 1830
#X006239 fire engine Baltimore, MD

Rice, Charles on November 11, 1830
#X006240 cider mill Barre, MA

Rhodes, Elias on November 11, 1830
#X006241 lathe Kingsbury, NY

Rundle, Thomas on November 11, 1830
#X006242 cloth mangle machine Boston, MA

Standish, John on November 11, 1830
#X006243 improvement in the weaving loom Providence, RI

Standish, John on November 11, 1830
#X006244 temples of the common power loom Providence, RI

Thorp, John on November 11, 1830
#X006245 spinning cotton yarns Providence, RI

Ware, Peter N. on November 11, 1830
#X006246 mode of covering roofs on houses Albemarle, VA

Williamson, Peregrine on November 11, 1830
#X006247 secret bedstead Baltimore, MD

Wilson, Samuel on November 11, 1830
#X006248 straw cutter Darlington, SC

Clime, Samuel on November 12, 1830
#X006249 combined plough New Britain, PA

Scott, John on November 12, 1830
#X006250 fire-proof chests Philadelphia, PA

Liebenau, Henry on November 17, 1830
#X006251 casting monuments, memento plates, mantel pieces New York, NY

Williams, John S. on November 17, 1830
#X006252 mode of supplying water for boilers for steam engines Maysville, KY

Holmes, Elisha H. on November 11, 1830
#X006253 mud machine for beds of streams, rivers, and harbors Norwich, CT

Littleboy, Maulby J. on November 19, 1830
#X006254 manufacturing combs from horn and tortoise shell Philadelphia, PA

Disbrow, Levi on November 22, 1830
#X006255 kitchen grate New York, NY

Tenny, Amos T. on November 23, 1830
#X006256 washing machine for cloths and scouring yarn New Woodstock, NY

Custer, Jacob D. on November 24, 1830
#X006257 clocks Norristown, PA

Manning, William on November 24, 1830
#X006258 machine for hulling clover seed, rice, barley, etc. Westfield Township, Tioga County, PA

Smith, Alonzo L. on November 24, 1830
#X006259 thrashing machine Brutus, NY

Dewey, Joel, Jr. on November 25, 1830
#X006260 flax and hemp machine Troy, NY

Cole, James on November 26, 1830
#X006261 instrument for cutting channels for seams in boot and shoes Bloomfield, NY

McGann, John on November 26, 1830
#X006262 glass bottles, decanters of all kinds, and other pressed hollow glassware with the necks smaller than the cavity or inside diameter of the vessel Kensington, PA

Barron, James on November 27, 1830
#X006263 fan for bed chambers, dining rooms, halls, etc. moved by mechanism Norfolk, VA

Bruce, George on November 27, 1830
#X006264 music types by combining printers' types New York, NY

Flagg, David, Jr. on November 29, 1830
#X006265 rotary rice thrasher New York, NY

Tompkins, Caleb on November 30, 1830
#X006266 rotary steam engines and boiler Montgomery, AL

Ambler, John, Jr. and Ambler, Daniel C. on December 6, 1830
#X006267 pressure or weighted grist mill New Berlin, NY

Burrall, Thomas D. on December 6, 1830
#X006268 thrashing and winnowing wheat and small grain Geneva, NY

Thompson, Charles on December 6, 1830
#X006269 machine for making window sashes Poughkeepsie, NY

Foote, Alvan on December 7, 1830
#X006270 washing machine Granville, OH

Blake, Judson & Cushing, Daniel on December 14, 1830
#X006271 key for bedsteads Providence, RI

Burness, Caleb B. on December 14, 1830
#X006272 machine for sawing veneers New York, NY

Coffey, Reuben on December 14, 1830
#X006273 planting corn and peas Burke County, NC

Fessenden, Thomas G. on December 14, 1830
#X006274 portable steam and hot water stove Charlestown, MA

Gallaher, Thomas on December 14, 1830
#X006275 distilling Liverpool, PA

Gardner, Morris J. on December 14, 1830
#X006276 turning lathe Yorkborough, PA

Gentry, Joseph C. on December 14, 1830
#X006277 portable power machine for conveying animal to machinery Philadelphia, PA

Jessup, George on December 14, 1830
#X006278 improvement on Ballon's thrashing machine Troy, NY

Knight, James on December 14, 1830
#X006279 truss Baltimore, MD

Little, Archibald on December 14, 1830
#X006280 making spoons Bridgeton, NJ

Manly, Gervase B. on December 14, 1830
#X006281 manufacturing wrought nails Canton, MA

Newsom, Thomas G. and Schule, James C. on December 14, 1830
#X006282 propelling machinery by animal power Nashville, TN

Palmer, Gideon on December 14, 1830
#X006283 oil, tobacco, and cotton press Montville, CT

Palmer, Gideon on December 14, 1830
#X006284 extracting oil from cotton seed Montville, CT

Pennock, Moses on December 14, 1830
#X006285 manufacturing boots and shoes Marlborough, PA

Shugert, John on December 14, 1830
#X006286 paper cutting machine Quincy, PA

Stem, David on December 14, 1830
#X006287 sawing timber Vanderburg County, IN

Stowell, Abel on December 14, 1830
#X006288 baking or cooking Medford, MA

Tiffany, Nathaniel C. & Robison, Ebenezer on December 14, 1830
#X006289 churn Caroline, NY

Tomlinson, William A. on December 14, 1830
#X006290 mode of making and curing salted beef New York, NY

Bacon, Allyn on December 17, 1830
#X006291 suspender springs and cords Philadelphia, PA

Douglass, John C. on December 17, 1830
#X006292 steam engine boilers New York, NY

Grover, Hosea H. on December 17, 1830
#X006293 compound lever and self weighing scale Springwater, NY

Hoyt, William on December 17, 1830
#X006294 corn shelling machine Vernon, IN

Bushnell, Samuel, 2nd on December 20, 1830
#X006295 churn Saybrook, CT

Bushnell, Samuel, 2nd on December 20, 1830
#X006296 washing machine Saybrook, CT

Flagg, David, Jr. on December 20, 1830
#X006297 revolving grates for grating apples and other vegetables New York, NY

Hull, Amos G. on December 20, 1830
#X006298 truss (reissued) New York, NY

Lester, Ebenezer on December 20, 1830
#X006299 washing machine Killingworth, CT

Twitchell, Gershom on December 20, 1830
#X006300 elastic truss Leominster, MA

Bechwith, Zedediah on December 21, 1830
#X006301 boring timber Saratoga, NY

Carleton, Michael on December 23, 1830
#X006302 percussion locks Haverhill, NH

Eastman, Joel and Abbot, Charles on December 23, 1830
#X006303 machine for cutting screws and turning steel, iron, etc. Bath, NH

Eastman, Joel & Rix, Guy C. on December 23, 1830
#X006304 wheels for carriages Bath, NH

Johnson, Henry on December 23, 1830
#X006305 gumming the teeth from crosscut and sawmill saws Sidney Plains, NY

Sanno, Frederick D. on December 24, 1830
#X006306 separating gold from earths Philadelphia, PA

Butcher, Robert on December 27, 1830
#X006307 making spoons from tin plate, pewter in sheets, sheet silver, etc. Philadelphia, PA

Humphrey, Rufus on December 27, 1830
#X006308 thrashing machine Victor, NY

Mallory, Ogden on December 28, 1830
#X006309 steam engine and feeder for boiler Oswego, NY

Pratt, Julius on December 28, 1830
#X006310 method of making ivory, bone, and wood combs Meriden, CT

Mason, Samuel P. on December 29, 1830
#X006311 speeder for spinning cotton roping Leesville, CT

Porter, John C. on December 29, 1830
#X006312 brick, moulding and tempering clay Powhatan County, VA

Jewett, John on December 30, 1830
#X006313 passing cloth and stretching cloth over a revolving cylinder with teasles Dudley, MA

Phelps, Barssell on December 31, 1830
#X006314 propelling speeder in spinning wool Andover, MA

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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