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1833 U.S. Patents

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Hathaway, Alfred on December 31, 1832
#X007359 ruling paper Troy, MA

Cornell, Philip on January 5, 1833
#X007360 sawing or rounding staves Weedsport, NY

Gandois, Andrew & Swales, John on January 5, 1833
#X007361 roofing buildings with tin Petersburg, VA

Lamson, Silas on January 5, 1833
#X007362 pad, brace, or stiffener for harness Sterling, MA

Newell, Peter on January 5, 1833
#X007363 temple for weaving Waterford, NY

Strong, Charles H. and Sterry, Edward A. on January 5, 1833
#X007364 hoes Norwich, CT

VanGorder, Isaac on May 7,1833
#X007365 wheels for carriages Warren, OH

Lewis, Hazard on May 7,1833
#X007366 reaction water wheel Binghampton, NY

Atwater, James on January 9, 1833
#X007367 fire grate New Haven, CT

Welsh, Daniel on January 10, 1833
#X007368 grinding tools, hammers, sod irons, etc. Canaan, NH

West, David on January 11, 1833
#X007369 chlorine cosmetic Hudson, NY

Wilber, Eaton on January 11, 1833
#X007370 washing machine Sullivan, NY

Gay, Ira on January 14, 1833
#X007371 balance platform Dunstable, NH

Long, S. H. on January 17, 1833
#X007372 locomotive and other engines for rail-roads Philadelphia, PA

Long, S. H. (7372½) on January 17, 1833
#X007372 steam engine valve Philadelphia, PA

Bradshaw, John A. on January 18, 1833
#X007373 spinning cotton, yarn, and thread Foxborough, MA

Washburn, Carver on January 18, 1833
#X007374 cast iron hubs Bridgewater, MA

Fairlamb, Jonas P. on January 19, 1833
#X007375 rail-road cars Philadelphia, PA

Young, E. A. H. on January 19, 1833
#X007376 valve screw poppet or throstle New Castle, DE

Alsop, Charles R. on January 21, 1833
#X007377 rotary steam engine Middletown, CT

Alsop, Charles R. on January 21, 1833
#X007378 elevating and projecting water and other liquids Middletown, CT

Duplantier, Guy on January 21, 1833
#X007379 manufacturing sugar East Baton Rouge, LA

Smith, Uriel on January 21, 1833
#X007380 sugar caking Sandisfield, MA

Benham, Eliakim on January 22, 1833
#X007381 napping cloth Roxbury, MA

Omitted on January 22, 1833

Dibble, Orange H. on January 22, 1833
#X007383 machine for cutting laths Evans, NY

Coats, Alanson on January 23, 1833
#X007384 tread-wheel for applying horse power Truxton, NY

Cole, William on January 23, 1833
#X007385 felt washer Lee, MA

McCarty, Thomas on January 23, 1833
#X007386 double cooking stove and fire-place Elmira, NY

Brewster, Frederick on January 24, 1833
#X007387 polyshare Burlington, VT

Dunley, James on January 24, 1833
#X007388 double stove for heating apartments Richmond, VA

Truman, Joseph & Cook, James on January 24, 1833
#X007389 generating steam Bridgeport, PA

Budington, Theodore on January 25, 1833
#X007390 cooking stove Bridgeport, CT

Keith, Edwin on January 25, 1833
#X007391 opening and shutting window blinds Bridgewater, MA

Payne, Philenzo and Rundell, Joshua on January 25, 1833
#X007392 cotton press Claiborne County, MS

Watrous, Silas on January 26, 1833
#X007393 grinding white lead and Paris white Groton, CT

Bachman, Heinrich & Ehrenfried, Joseph on January 26, 1833
#X007394 bathing apparatus Lancaster, PA

Baldwin, Ethan on January 28, 1833
#X007395 applying steam Washington, DC

Barr, Thomas C. on January 28, 1833
#X007396 currying knife Clark County, KY

Carson, Adam on January 29, 1833
#X007397 separating gold and grinding flint rock Kingston, TN

DeWitt, Simeon on January 30, 1833
#X007398 distilling apparatus Albany, NY

Newton, Daniel on January 31, 1833
#X007399 clap board machine Dalton, NH

Whipple, Milton D. on January 31, 1833
#X007400 forming the eyes of axes Douglas, MA

Doolittle, Isaac on February 1, 1833
#X007401 American or domestic calendar mangle Bennington, VT

Hoar, Samuel L. on February 1, 1833
#X007402 machine for cutting sausage Salisbury, PA

Vail, Henry on February 1, 1833
#X007403 fence posts Cortland, NY

Whitley, Thomas W. on February 1, 1833
#X007404 measuring and transferring liquids Paterson, NJ

Ambler, John, Jr. on February 2, 1833
#X007405 reaction water wheel Waterford, NY

Ambler, John, Jr. on February 2, 1833
#X007406 reaction water wheel (patented Feb. 2, 1833, reissued) Waterford, NY

Hopkins, Henry on February 22, 1833
#X007407 mule head Providence, RI

McMillen, Abner on February 4, 1833
#X007408 softening, fleshing, and working dry and slaughtered hides Bedford, NH

Bain, David on February 5, 1833
#X007409 curing smoky chimneys Baltimore, MD

Hathaway, David on February 5, 1833
#X007410 mortising and boring stiles for doors Troy, NY

Kearney, William and McArdle, John on February 5, 1833
#X007411 floating water tank Brooklyn, NY

Krieg, Frederick on February 6, 1833
#X007412 pumps Baltimore, MD

Riley, James on February 6, 1833
#X007413 suction hose Boston, MA

Bearce, John on February 7, 1833
#X007414 framing, kneeing off and securing decks of ships, called a lock dove-tail key purchase Bristol, ME

Cressman, Henry on February 7, 1833
#X007415 shifting cooking stove Philadelphia, PA

Rich, MA
rtin on February 8, 1833
#X007416 dogs for saw mills Ithaca, NY

Russell, William M. on February 8, 1833
#X007417 grate and fire-place for anthracite coal Boston, MA

Johnson, Alexander on February 9, 1833
#X007418 carriage axletree Newark, NJ

Rust, Stephen on February 9, 1833
#X007419 washboard Manlius, NY

Godden, Thomas on February 11, 1833
#X007420 flyer spindle and bobbin Saddle River Township, Bergen County, NJ

Scholfield, Nathan on February 11, 1833
#X007421 pendulum regulator for water wheels, steam engine Montville, CT

Avery, Frederick on February 12, 1833
#X007422 forge backs Hamilton, NY

Preslow, James on February 12, 1833
#X007423 stones for mills Auburn, NY

Aylsworth, Benjamin on February 13, 1833
#X007424 softening, breaking, and stoning hides in lime Masonville, NY

Morison, Benjamin on February 13, 1833
#X007425 balance platform Milton, PA

Taylor, RI
chard M. on February 14, 1833
#X007426 hanging and securing rudders New York, NY

Hale, Enoch on February 15, 1833
#X007427 stereotype block Boston, MA

Manners, Robert C. on February 15, 1833
#X007428 lithography applied to reprinted books Boston, MA

Wilson, James on February 16, 1833
#X007429 flyers for flax spinning machines Monroe County, KY

Gotta, Leopold on February 18, 1833
#X007430 cooking stove for wood or coal Huntingdon, PA

Douglas, John C. on February 19, 1833
#X007431 evaporating vessels to carry caloric from No.1 to any number upwards, purifying sugar, extracting acids therefrom Cincinnati, OH

Maag, John B. on February 19, 1833
#X007432 balance platform New York, NY

Cook, Harriet on February 20, 1833
#X007433 balloon or hat case for ladies calash Onondaga, NY

Pendleton, William F. on February 20, 1833
#X007434 bridle check and brace King and Queen County, VA

Ruggles, Nathaniel on February 20, 1833
#X007435 attaching soles to boots or shoes with gum elastic Bridgeport, CT

Clarke, Francis G. on February 21, 1833
#X007436 improvement on Spear's quadrant Portland, ME

McDuffee, James on February 21, 1833
#X007437 hanging and using stones Bradford, VT

Hemenway, Nathan on February 22, 1833
#X007438 composition for drying paint West Springfield, MA

Hinkle, John L. on February 23, 1833
#X007439 steam generator and refiner Hanover, PA

Graham, Asa on February 26, 1833
#X007440 forge backs (patented Dec. 15, 1832, reissued) Hamilton, NY

Kirk, Isaac D. on February 26, 1833
#X007441 sawing, moulding, and polishing marble and other stone Philadelphia, PA

Newton, Sereno on February 26, 1833
#X007442 double press Napier printing New York, NY

Newton, Sereno on February 26, 1833
#X007443 double press cylinder register New York, NY

Wood, James on February 26, 1833
#X007444 inclined water wheel LaGrange, TN

Rogers, John F. on February 27, 1833
#X007445 forcing and suction pump Waterford, NY

Boynton, Nathaniel on February 27, 1833
#X007446 machine for breaking clay Danville, VT

Mitchell, William B. on February 27, 1833
#X007447 chair rail edge Philadelphia, PA

Allen, Timothy on February 28, 1833
#X007448 manufacturing coopers' rivets Plymouth, MA

Burr, Samuel J. on February 28, 1833
#X007449 building dams Chambersburg, PA

Barton, Wrestcum P. on February 28, 1833
#X007450 threshing machine Batavia, NY

Fisher, Charles F. on February 28, 1833
#X007451 edging, tin plate sheet iron, sheathing copper York, PA

Gollogher, Thomas on February 28, 1833
#X007452 clover seed machine for hulling Fairfield County, OH

Gordon, Henry on February 28, 1833
#X007453 saw mill Liberty Township, PA

Reilly, James on February 28, 1833
#X007454 machine for shaving leather Waynesborough, PA

Omitted on February 28, 1833

Lapham, Benjamin on March 1, 1833
#X007456 process of converting lard or tallow into separate substances Lexington, KY

West, Stacy on March 1, 1833
#X007457 thrashing machine and clover seed machine Harford County, MD

Roberts, Richard on March 2, 1833
#X007458 manufacturing bricks Berlin Township, OH

Thacker, Barnabas on March 2, 1833
#X007459 ship's thimbles Yarmouth, MA

Mix, Thomas on March 5, 1833
#X007460 moulds for casting metal spoons Cheshire, CT

Wood, William, Jr. on March 5, 1833
#X007461 flexible splints for fractured limbs Smithfield, OH

Berry, Willis on March 6, 1833
#X007462 softening hides New Sharon, ME

Davis, Gideon on March 6, 1833
#X007463 plough (patented Oct. 1, 1825, reissued) Georgetown, DC

Furbish, Webber on March 6, 1833
#X007464 churn Hallowell, ME

Dorman, Francis A. on March 7, 1833
#X007465 canal boats propelled by steam Norfolk, VA

Duty, Andrew W. on March 7, 1833
#X007466 striking bricks Sangerfield, NY

Hinds, William on March 7, 1833
#X007467 punching and bending tires and hoops Springfield, NY

Stuart, Robert L. & Stuart, Alexander on March 7, 1833
#X007468 confectionary, applying syrup by steam New York, NY

Bidwell, Henry L. on March 8, 1833
#X007469 cooking stove or digestive furnace Berlin, CT

Deming, Solomon on March 8, 1833
#X007470 horizontal wind wheel Brunswick, OH

Mettee, Martin on March 8, 1833
#X007471 pump Baltimore, MD

Preston, Samuel on March 8, 1833
#X007472 pegged boots or shoes Danvers, MA

Fales, J. and Brown, Thomas D. on March 9, 1833
#X007473 safety chain for hauling down ships Bedford, MA

Leland, John on March 9, 1833
#X007474 broad power loom Milbury, MA

Luckey, James on March 9, 1833
#X007475 machine for cutting straw, hay, etc. New York, NY

Brooks, Oliver H. on March 11, 1833
#X007476 washing machine and churn East Bethel, VT

Boynton, John on March 11, 1833
#X007477 carding wool South Coventry, CT

Eastman, Robert on March 11, 1833
#X007478 reaction water wheel Concord, NH

Pott, Abraham & Pomeroy, B. F. on March 11, 1833
#X007479 rotary steam engine Pottsville, PA

Gans, Jacob on March 12, 1833
#X007480 clover seed machine for hulling Fayette County, PA

Moses, Horatio on March 12, 1833
#X007481 cans for manufacturing cotton, flax, etc. Paterson, NJ

Walker, Richard on March 12, 1833
#X007482 water wheel and applying water thereto Milton, NH

Couch, Ira and Frary, James A. on March 13, 1833
#X007483 suspension barrel lamp Meriden, CT

Page, George on March 13, 1833
#X007484 mortising in wood Keene, NH

Brackett, Reuben on March 14, 1833
#X007485 cement for the edges of cloth Boston, MA

Loomis, Theodorus on March 14, 1833
#X007486 reaction water wheel Athens, PA

Merriam, William on March 14, 1833
#X007487 stocks, frames of hair New Haven County, CT

Furbish, Webber on March 15, 1833
#X007488 corn breaking machine Hallowell, ME

Cooper, Edward on March 16, 1833
#X007489 contracting wrought iron bands Richmond, VA

Heintzlemen, John J. on March 16, 1833
#X007490 artificial metallic nipple shield Philadelphia, PA

Rittenhouse, Robert on March 19, 1833
#X007491 clover seed and corn shelling machine Amwell Township, Washington County, PA

Rittenhouse, Robert on March 19, 1833
#X007492 rolling metallic plates with projections thereon Amwell Township, Washington County, PA

Wagner, Joseph on March 19, 1833
#X007493 machine for cutting sausage Brunswick Township, Schuylkill County, PA

Wingate, Francis on March 19, 1833
#X007494 covering hay and grain Hallowell, ME

Patton, AL
exander on March 21, 1833
#X007495 cutting the flutes and threads of screws and nuts Columbus, OH

Whittemore, William & Whittemore, William, Jr. on March 21, 1833
#X007496 separating cotton seed by a roller gin West Cambridge, MA

Anderson, Thomas K. on March 22, 1833
#X007497 cooking or boiling apparatus Boston, MA

Potter, George W. on March 23, 1833
#X007498 manufacturing leaden pipes Otsego, NY

Speihlman, Henry and Miller, Daniel on March 25, 1833
#X007499 plough Lancaster, PA

Tichanor, John on March 25, 1833
#X007500 window sash, blinds, and pannel work machine Ithaca, NY

Couillard, Samuel, Jr. on March 30, 1833
#X007501 clearing wool of burs Boston, MA

Sawyer, Samuel on March 30, 1833
#X007502 guiding endless belts, bands, or aprons Boston, MA

Sawyer, Samuel on March 30, 1833
#X007503 ginning and cleaning cotton Boston, MA

Sawyer, Samuel on March 30, 1833
#X007504 ginning and cleaning cotton by a combination of rolls Boston, MA

Sawyer, Samuel on March 30, 1833
#X007505 rolls combining with a connecting belt, whereby fleece or skin wool may be strained over a surface that burs, etc. may be knocked off Boston, MA

Breed, Samuel D. on April 4, 1833
#X007506 attaching soles to boots or shoes by means of caoutchouc Philadelphia, PA

Trumbull, Earl on April 4, 1833
#X007507 paddle gate Little Falls, NY

Wright, John & Polley, David on April 4, 1833
#X007508 copper still New York, NY

Barron, James on April 5, 1833
#X007509 constructing vessels Philadelphia, PA

Donnel, Samuel E. on April 5, 1833
#X007510 corn shelling machine Greensborough County, NC

Peachey, Henry on April 5, 1833
#X007511 construction and action of the mould board plough Washington, DC

Buskark, John V. on April 6, 1833
#X007512 cutting, punching, and slitting iron Norwalk, OH

Delano, Daniel S. on April 6, 1833
#X007513 currying and tempering knife Cornwall, CT

Reed, Ezra on April 6, 1833
#X007514 canal boats Pottstown, PA

Bayha, Louis and Rapp, Frederick on April 8, 1833
#X007515 machine for cutting sausages Wheeling, VA

Grosh, Peter L. & Grosh, George on April 8, 1833
#X007516 applying wind to musical instruments by means of bellows Lancaster, PA

McCarty, Thomas on April 8, 1833
#X007517 self-setting saw mill Elmira, NY

Emery, Simon on April 9, 1833
#X007518 perpetual still Philadelphia, PA

Huse, Samuel on April 9, 1833
#X007519 mode of working the levers on fire engines Newburyport, MA

Wheeler, John R. on April 9, 1833
#X007520 thrashing machine Brighton, NY

Branch, Hardin on April 12, 1833
#X007521 generating steam for cooking New York, NY

Bush, Timothy, Jr. on April 12, 1833
#X007522 forge backs Springport, NY

Bush, Timothy, Jr. on April 12, 1833
#X007523 forge backs Springport, NY

Elgar, John on April 12, 1833
#X007524 revolving platform for rail-roads Philadelphia, PA

Gayler, Charles J. on April 12, 1833
#X007525 fire proof iron chest New York, NY

Goucher, Francis on April 12, 1833
#X007526 pulp washing machine Chester County, PA

Hayden, Noah G. on April 12, 1833
#X007527 flax and hemp breaking and thrashing machine Harrodsburgh, KY

Ives, Joseph on April 12, 1833
#X007528 striking part of clocks Hartford County, CT

Ives, Joseph on April 12, 1833
#X007529 pinions and rolling wheels for clocks Hartford County, CT

Morgan, Charles on April 12, 1833
#X007530 preserving timber Point Coupee, LA

Ross, John on April 12, 1833
#X007531 corn sheller Boundbrook, NJ

Savage, Israel S. on April 12, 1833
#X007532 reaction water wheel Waterville, ME

Thorne, Thomas on April 12, 1833
#X007533 churn Clinton, NY

Wallace, M. T. on April 12, 1833
#X007534 boilers for generating steam New York, NY

Wiswell, Daniel H. on April 12, 1833
#X007535 spokes for wheels Petersham, MA

Brown, Stephen H and Whitman, H. & Brown, Edmund on April 16, 1833
#X007536 manufacturing boots or shoes from skins with the hair on Norfolk, CT

Dingley, Amasa and Savage, Israel S. on April 16, 1833
#X007537 tide current water wheel Waterville, ME

Hulme, David on April 16, 1833
#X007538 water wheels for steam boats Bergen County, NJ

Mendenhall, James on April 16, 1833
#X007539 measuring for garments West Chester, PA

Parmelee, Daniel & Shoemaker, J.C. on April 16, 1833
#X007540 grinding grain Kingston, PA

Paullin, Parvin on April 17, 1833
#X007541 cast iron hubs Dantown, OH

Powers, Thomas H. on April 17, 1833
#X007542 lime kiln Sodus, NY

Trask, John and Seabury, AL
iman & Young, William on April 17, 1833
#X007543 bark mill Sangerfield, NY

Moon, John W. on April 18, 1833
#X007544 tan vats Roxbury, MA

Carlisle, Josiah C. on April 19, 1833
#X007545 oven Chesterville, ME

Talbot, Sylvester W. on April 19, 1833
#X007546 nursing cap Dedham, MA

Bacon, C. W. M. on April 20, 1833
#X007547 measuring for garments New York, NY

Codman, Thomas P. on April 20, 1833
#X007548 propelling machinery by combining air, animal, and water power Boston, MA

Hunt, Walter on April 22, 1833
#X007549 castor globe New York, NY

Stephenson, John on April 22, 1833
#X007550 passenger rail-road cars New York, NY

Francis, Joseph on April 23, 1833
#X007551 portable screw boats New York, NY

Ebert, Jacob and Dulty, George on April 24, 1833
#X007552 soda fountain Wheeling, VA

Smith, Larkin on April 25, 1833
#X007553 washing machine Guilford County, NC

Blydenburgh, Samuel and Beebe, William on April 26, 1833
#X007554 clocks New York, NY

Heath, Richard on April 26, 1833
#X007555 mowing machine West Newbury, MA

Strong, Theodore F. & Moody, Marcus T. on April 26, 1833
#X007556 hulling, cleaning, and polishing rice, barley, etc. Northampton, MA

Dewey, Holdridge on April 27, 1833
#X007557 thrashing machine, hanging the beaters Norwich, CT

Spring, Thomas on April 27, 1833
#X007558 machine for cutting bogs and bushes Granby, CT

Blake, William on April 29, 1833
#X007559 double foundry press Boston, MA

Hamilton, James on April 29, 1833
#X007560 sawing and boring felloes for wheels New York, NY

Loomis, William on April 29, 1833
#X007561 propelling machinery by helping power Ashford, NY

Zollickoffer, William on April 30, 1833
#X007562 apparatus to prevent wheels falling when the axletree breaks or linch-pin is disengaged Middleburg, MD

Buell, Henry on May 3, 1833
#X007563 propelling mills by concentric machinery Randolph, TN

Glover, Ralph on May 3, 1833
#X007564 truss New York, NY

Kendall, George M. on May 3, 1833
#X007565 machine for cutting crackers Catskill, NY

Wilson, James G. on May 3, 1833
#X007566 measuring and cutting garments New York, NY

Benjamin, Augustus R. and Bushnell, Philo on May 4, 1833
#X007567 machine for shaving shingles Hunter, NY

Disbrow, Levi on April 6, 1833
#X007568 combined furnace and steam boiler New York, NY

Disbrow, Levi on April 6, 1833
#X007569 combined furnace New York, NY

Long, Stephen H. on April 6, 1833
#X007570 boilers for generating steam and wheels for locomotive engines Philadelphia, PA

Braley, Andrew M. & Dryer, John L. on May 7,1833
#X007571 water wheel Montgomery County, IN

Fowler, DeGrasse on April 8, 1833
#X007572 dead-eyed and wood buttons North Branford, CT

Branch, Hardin on April 9, 1833
#X007573 flying beater thrashing machine New York, NY

Houck, Jacob on April 9, 1833
#X007574 panacea Baltimore, MD

Daubreville, J. C. L. on May 13, 1833
#X007575 perplexing, unpickable lock Ramapo, NY

Dinsmore, James on May 14, 1833
#X007576 fire alarm Milburn, ME

Gardner, Smith on May 14, 1833
#X007577 horse power gearing Auburn, NY

Fairlamb, Samuel on May 15, 1833
#X007578 standing press New York, NY

Dunkin, James B. on May 15, 1833
#X007579 washing machine Union, VA

Emmons, Lucius H. and Upham, George on May 16, 1833
#X007580 propelling machinery by balance lever Massillon, OH

Steece, John on May 16, 1833
#X007581 blowing blast furnace Lawrence County, OH

Holton, Horace on May 16, 1833
#X007582 collars for horses Rochester, NY

Danforth, George on May 17, 1833
#X007583 friction rolling Centreville, IL

Warren, Edmund on May 17, 1833
#X007584 thrashing machine New York, NY

Olds, Luther on May 18, 1833
#X007585 grist mill Otsego, NY

Clute, Peter J. on May 20, 1833
#X007586 generating steam for forging malleable iron Schenectady, NY

Cook, Calvin W. on May 30, 1833
#X007587 cloth, woollen, and cotton dressing Lowell, MA

Espy, James P. on May 22, 1833
#X007588 paddle-wheels of steam and horse boats Philadelphia, PA

Parshall, John & Gilbert, David on May 22, 1833
#X007589 enema syringes Gettysburg, PA

Seger, James S. on May 22, 1833
#X007590 clocks New York, NY

Williams, Daniel on May 22, 1833
#X007591 measuring garments, or the art of tailoring New York, NY

Beale, Robert and Bucklin, Moses (7592½) on May 23, 1833
#X007592 slitting timber Washington, DC and Grafton County, NH

Ingalls, Joseph on May 23, 1833
#X007592 sheet iron fire-place Sandbornton, NH

Rowland, Nathan on May 24, 1833
#X007593 vibrating steam engine Philadelphia, PA

Holt, Zebadiah on May 27, 1833
#X007594 compound slide and groove borer Chelmsford, MA

Curtis, Charles on May 28, 1833
#X007595 safety steam boiler New York, NY

Curtis, Charles on May 28, 1833
#X007596 horizontal steam engine New York, NY

Skinner, Elijah & Webster, John on May 28, 1833
#X007597 composition paint stone Sandwich, NH

Armstrong, Joseph B. on May 29, 1833
#X007598 heating liquids by steam Wilkes County, GA

Johnson, Lancelot on May 29, 1833
#X007599 cotton seed hulling Madison, GA

Mansfield, Levi on May 29, 1833
#X007600 fire-place New Harford, NY

Butler, William and Rice, Edward B. on May 31, 1833
#X007601 casting boxes Worcester, MA

Griffen, Gilbert on May 31, 1833
#X007602 propelling horse power Greece, NY

Chapman, Moses W. on June 1, 1833
#X007603 grinding grain Girard, PA

Hinkle, Charles on June 1, 1833
#X007604 pressing and finishing bricks Allentown, PA

Kugler, Benjamin on June 3, 1833
#X007605 planing machine Philadelphia, PA

Keller, Charles M. on June 3, 1833
#X007606 portable horse power Washington, DC

Hawley, Hezekiah on June 4, 1833
#X007607 flax and hemp dressing machine Louisville, KY

Anderson, Henry P & Sawyer, Josiah on June 18, 1833
#X007608 manufacturing butt hinges Waterford, NY

Allen, Samuel S. on June 29, 1833
#X007609 horse power Saratoga Springs, NY

Anderson, Thomas A. on June 29, 1833
#X007610 mowing machine,or machine for cutting and swarthing, or cutting and not swarthing, as they stand in the field, hemp, flax, rye, oats, etc. McMinn County, TN

Baldwin, Matthias W. on June 29, 1833
#X007611 wheels for locomotive engines and cars Philadelphia, PA

Baldwin, Matthias W. (7611½) on June 29, 1833
#X007611 car wheel Philadelphia, PA

Barlow, Robert on June 29, 1833
#X007612 machine for cutting bungs Philadelphia, PA

Bartlette, Elizabeth on June 29, 1833
#X007613 balsam lavender New York, NY

Becker, Henry on June 29, 1833
#X007614 distillery Warwick Township, PA

Bishop, Joseph S. on June 29, 1833
#X007615 machine for cutting leather Wayne, ME

Bonnycastle, Charles on June 29, 1833
#X007616 covering roofs with sheet iron, tin, etc. Charlottesville, VA

Borden, Joseph L. on June 29, 1833
#X007617 making splits for baskets Shrewsbury, NJ

Breed, Samuel D. on June 29, 1833
#X007618 manufacturing hose from cloth and gum elastic Philadelphia, PA

Brooks, Adam on June 29, 1833
#X007619 machine for spinning silk Scituate, MA

Colburn, David G. on June 29, 1833
#X007620 manufacturing guns Canton Canal, NY

Canfield, Augustus on June 29, 1833
#X007621 constructing bridges Patterson, NJ

Donald, William B. on June 29, 1833
#X007622 hill side, hinged wing plough Fairfield, VA

Eichelberger, Frederick on June 29, 1833
#X007623 reducing friction in mill gudgeons Creagerstown, MD

Emmitt, Pitner on June 29, 1833
#X007624 tenons and shoulders cut on spokes of wheels Hopewell, PA

Espy, James P. on June 29, 1833
#X007625 chimney cap for increasing draught in furnaces Philadelphia, PA

Goodman, John and McDonald, William S. on June 29, 1833
#X007626 cotton planter Wilson County, TN

Hanson, David D. on June 29, 1833
#X007627 grooving machine Ware, NH

Hartman, John on June 29, 1833
#X007628 making roads Scottsville, VA

Harvey, Thomas W. on June 29, 1833
#X007629 heading screws and rivets Jamestown, NY

Hawley, Hezekiah on June 29, 1833
#X007630 flax and hemp cleaning, softening, separating, and shortening the staples or fibres Louisville, KY

Hinman, David on June 29, 1833
#X007631 forging axes Canton, CT

Hitchcock, Levi on June 29, 1833
#X007632 circular saw Springfield, MA

Newton, Samuel on June 29, 1833
#X007633 sawing round bodies for coopers' ware Hamilton County, OH

Norton, Stephen on June 29, 1833
#X007634 thrashing machine New Lebanon, NY

Nott, Eliphalet on June 29, 1833
#X007635 anthracite coal stove, closing the ash-pit and illuminating front Schenectady, NY

Nott, Eliphalet on June 29, 1833
#X007636 anthracite coal stove, constructing sashes for mica Schenectady, NY

Nott, Eliphalet on June 29, 1833
#X007637 anthracite coal stove, vertical grate combining the sash therewith for mica, and inlet for fuel Schenectady, NY

Nott, Eliphalet on June 29, 1833
#X007638 anthracite coal stove, lining between which and in front plate, the flue for the ascent of air and descent of ashes Schenectady, NY

Nott, Eliphalet on June 29, 1833
#X007639 anthracite coal stove, preventing the escape of heat from the top of an ignited pile of fuel Schenectady, NY

Nott, Eliphalet on June 29, 1833
#X007640 anthracite coal stove, construction of tops by a combination of sections cast separately Schenectady, NY

Nott, Eliphalet on June 29, 1833
#X007641 anthracite coal stove, combination and confinement in place of the damper and handle Schenectady, NY

Nott, Eliphalet on June 29, 1833
#X007642 anthracite coal stove, construction and adjustment of brick forming the flue for confining combustion to the base of fuel Schenectady, NY

Nott, Eliphalet on June 29, 1833
#X007643 anthracite coal stove, MA
terial and construction of pipes Schenectady, NY

Nott, Eliphalet on June 29, 1833
#X007644 anthracite coal stove, IN
creasing the evolution of heat Schenectady, NY

Nott, Eliphalet on June 29, 1833
#X007645 anthracite coal stove, treatment of metallic bodies Schenectady, NY

Paine, Charles F. on June 29, 1833
#X007646 raising and lowering water wheel current Winslow, ME

Parsons, James, Jr. on June 29, 1833
#X007647 thrashing machine and hulling clover seed Rush, PA

Rice, Levi on June 29, 1833
#X007648 furrowing, dropping, covering potatoes Robbinston, ME

Rogers, Henry on June 29, 1833
#X007649 gas resulting from the ignition of explosive compounds applied to machinery New York, NY

Shaw, Erastus on June 29, 1833
#X007650 forging axes Canton, CT

Southworth, Ezra on June 29, 1833
#X007651 inkstands Saybrook, CT

Staples, Nelson C. on June 29, 1833
#X007652 elevator bucket Lynchburg, VA

Steel, Hezekiah on June 29, 1833
#X007653 fire proof roofs with soap clay covering Hudson, NY

Swaim, James on June 29, 1833
#X007654 astronomical machine Philadelphia, PA

Webster, Daniel A. on June 29, 1833
#X007655 thrashing machine New York, NY

Williams, John S. on June 29, 1833
#X007656 making roads Hamilton County, OH

Spafford, Horace Gates (administratrix, Elizabeth C. Spafford) on July 2, 1833
#X007657 furnace and condensed air applied to machinery Lansingburgh, NY

Buffington, Joseph on July 5, 1833
#X007658 machine for cutting flesh, fruit, etc. Chester, PA

Bunker, Gorsham on July 5, 1833
#X007659 impeding carriages when descending hills Truxton, NY

Conner, Henry L. on July 5, 1833
#X007660 pressing cotton and other fibrous material Natchez, MS

Delano, Calvin on July 5, 1833
#X007661 hill side, reversing plough Livermore, ME

Hull, Amos G. on July 5, 1833
#X007662 truss to be used in varicocele New York, NY

Olds, Luther on July 9, 1833
#X007663 axes, hoes, scythes, pitchforks, etc. Onconta, NY

Parke, John and Peck, William S. on July 10, 1833
#X007664 manufacturing cotton wadding Westmoreland, NY

Drummond, John on July 22, 1833
#X007665 making cordage Brooklyn, NY

Fissore, Louis on July 22, 1833
#X007666 piano forte Baltimore, MD

Goodrich, Gideon on July 22, 1833
#X007667 feet straightening reel Portland Harbor, NY

Harrington, Daniel on July 22, 1833
#X007668 galvanic fluid applied to curing certain diseases Philadelphia, PA

Hanks, Julius on July 22, 1833
#X007669 compass and magnetic needle Troy, NY

Lynch, James on July 22, 1833
#X007670 improvement on the Jackson cotton gin Tuscaloosa, AL

Pratt, Philo B. on July 22, 1833
#X007671 machinery for working churns Kent, CT

Penny, Edward & Crosby, Isaac N. on July 22, 1833
#X007672 revolving or concentric steam engine Rochester, NY

Reed, Jesse on July 22, 1833
#X007673 plug and tunnel geared machine Marshfield, MA

Rogers, Charles on July 22, 1833
#X007674 safety harness Baltimore, MD

Sherfy, John on July 22, 1833
#X007675 elastic spiral springs applied to traces, swingletrees, etc. Uniontown, MD

Symington, Thomas on July 22, 1833
#X007676 boats and arks Baltimore, MD

Trajetta, Philip on July 22, 1833
#X007677 plettro lira Philadelphia, PA

White, Lemuel B. on July 22, 1833
#X007678 stomach and breast pump and cupping instrument New York, NY

Whitehead, Jesse on July 22, 1833
#X007679 picker and lap machine for manufacturing cotton Godwinville, NJ

Young, Edward A. G. on July 22, 1833
#X007680 chimney cap for preventing the emission of sparks New Castle, DE

Donnell, Lewis on July 23, 1833
#X007681 plough Jefferson Township, OH

Hinkley, Benjamin on July 23, 1833
#X007682 thrashing machine Fayette, ME

Hinkley, Benjamin on July 23, 1833
#X007683 washing machine Fayette, ME

Brigham, Jonas C. on July 25, 1833
#X007684 portable sarsaparilla mead Methuen, MA

Turner, Stukley on July 25, 1833
#X007685 glazing wadding cotton Cranston, RI

Gerhard, Solomon and Vanneman, Joseph on July 26, 1833
#X007686 manufacturing boots and shoes Camden, NJ

Zellnor, Arnold on July 26, 1833
#X007687 breaking and cleaning flax and hemp Pulaski, TN

Bates, Elisha on July 27, 1833
#X007688 steam power Mount Pleasant, OH

Adams, David on July 27, 1833
#X007689 carding wool, cotton, etc. Richmond, VA

Newton, Thomas W & Laning, Joseph H. on July 30, 1833
#X007690 hydrants Philadelphia, PA

Whitmarsh, Aseph on July 30, 1833
#X007691 mortising door stiles East Bridgewater, MA

Addle, Cornelius on July 31, 1833
#X007692 tooth key Winthrop, ME

Ellicott, Samuel and Ellicott, Nathaniel H. & Ellicott, William on July 31, 1833
#X007693 rubbing machine for wheat, etc. Ellicott's Mills, MD

Ripka, Joseph on July 31, 1833
#X007694 cap used as a substitute for flyers in Danforth's frame Manayunk, PA

Brown, Elisha on August 1, 1833
#X007695 facilitating protractor Seneca County, OH

Clark, Ammi (7696½) on August 4, 1833
#X007696 coffee mill Berlin, CT

Hale, Elisha on August 3, 1833
#X007696 rotary pump Hyde Park, NY

Barnum, Dimon B. on August 5, 1833
#X007697 crimping boots New Fairfield, CT

Beard, George, Jr. on August 5, 1833
#X007698 marking off and cutting out garments West Whiteland Township, Chester County, PA

Wilson, George W. on August 7, 1833
#X007699 washing machine Dunstable, NH

Carpenter, Michael on August 8, 1833
#X007700 corn shelling machine Lancaster, PA

Greene, Benjamin R. on August 8, 1833
#X007701 straw cutter Warwick, RI

Gedney, Thomas R. on August 9, 1833
#X007702 raising vessels Washington, DC

Hazard, Joseph P. on August 9, 1833
#X007703 manufacturing axes Washington County, RI

Adams, Henry on August 10, 1833
#X007704 traps for animals Erie County, PA

Allen, John, Jr.. and Geoghegan, Charles on August 10, 1833
#X007705 manufacturing tobacco (patented Apr. 3, 1827, reissued) Richmond, VA

Howland, James P. & Griswold, Alfred on August 10, 1833
#X007706 paper for walls Muncy, PA

Mirick, Jacob B. on August 10, 1833
#X007707 dressing stones and cooling flour Manlius, NY

Hinds, William on August 12, 1833
#X007708 saw, sett Otsego, NY

Hunn, Anthony, Sr. on August 12, 1833
#X007709 cholera medicine Lancaster, KY

Manners, Robert C. on August 13, 1833
#X007710 guide posts Boston, MA

Woolley, Williams on August 13, 1833
#X007711 window frieze New York, NY

Omitted on August 13, 1833
#X007712 see 7696½

Gerrard, John J. on August 14, 1833
#X007713 purifying cotton seed oil New York, NY

Page, George on August 14, 1833
#X007714 cutting and clearing chisel Keene, NH

Westerman Joseph and Westerman, James on August 14, 1833
#X007715 combing and hackling flax and hemp, silk tow, wool, etc. New York, NY

Hatch, Ira on August 15, 1833
#X007716 shoe knife Essex, VT

Fauntleroy, Robert H. on August 17, 1833
#X007717 gun lock Posey County, IN

Davis, Joshua on August 19, 1833
#X007718 straw cutter Marysville, VA

Dexter, Samuel F. on August 19, 1833
#X007719 wire fences Auburn, NY

McLane, Charles on August 19, 1833
#X007720 worm specific Morgantown, VA

Booth, Samuel on August 20, 1833
#X007721 water cistern Syracuse, NY

Bachmann, Heinrich on August 21, 1833
#X007722 safety lock Lancaster, PA

Riley, Edward C. on August 22, 1833
#X007723 keys for musical instruments New York, NY

Schnebly, William & Schnebly, Thomas on August 22, 1833
#X007724 mowing machine Hagerstown, MD

Atwater, James on August 23, 1833
#X007725 anthracite coal combination stove New Haven, CT

Atwater, James on August 23, 1833
#X007726 improvement applicable to stove, grate, or furnace New Haven, CT

Taylor, Charles B. on August 23, 1833
#X007727 plough Bainbridge, OH

Smith, Bushrod on August 24, 1833
#X007728 elastic seat saddle Romney, VA

Kelly, Elisha on August 26, 1833
#X007729 plough Bainbridge, OH

McGregor, James, Jr. on August 28, 1833
#X007730 planing, jointing, tonguing, grooving, etc. Wilton, NY

Jamieson, Horace G. on August 29, 1833
#X007731 truss Baltimore, MD

King, Sumner on August 29, 1833
#X007732 saw for sawing staves Chittenango, NY

Knowles, Hazard on August 29, 1833
#X007733 carriages to overcome obstructions in the road Colchester, CT

Parmelee, Luman on August 29, 1833
#X007734 cotton speeder Poughkeepsie, NY

Kirk, Josiah W. and Kirk, Eli on August 30, 1833
#X007735 heating air for warming houses, called a fuel saving house heater and cooking-stove Philadelphia, PA

Rollins, C. T. K. on August 30, 1833
#X007736 temple ewell Lowell, MA

Andrews, David C. on September 6, 1833
#X007737 setting springs Westmoreland, NY

Davis, Ari on September 6, 1833
#X007738 dovetailing boards Lancaster, MA

Kerr, James on September 6, 1833
#X007739 hoisting water by wind pump Maury County, TN

Kyes, Orin on September 6, 1833
#X007740 dressing deer skins Norwich, CT

Pomeroy, Elisha M. on September 6, 1833
#X007741 razor strap Wallingford, CT

Robbins, Hildreth on September 6, 1833
#X007742 clover seed machine Wilton, ME

Stipe, Lewis on September 6, 1833
#X007743 striker for smith work Stokes County, NC

Stroub, Jacob on September 6, 1833
#X007744 grist and coffee mill Charleston, SC

Woodruff, Ava on September 6, 1833
#X007745 pegging boots and shoes Westford, MA

Fyler, Orsamus R. on September 6, 1833
#X007746 escapement clocks Bradford, VT

Howlet, Jonathan on September 7, 1833
#X007747 straw cutter Greensborough, NC

Fisk, Jeremiah on September 9, 1833
#X007748 thrashing machine Weld, ME

Williamson, Peregrine on September 9, 1833
#X007749 screw auger New York, NY

Wells, Nathan on September 11, 1833
#X007750 fanning mill Milford, PA

Lewis, Isaac on September 12, 1833
#X007751 straw cutter Knoxville, TN

Deakyne, John on September 13, 1833
#X007752 fan wheat Petersburg, VA

Harvey, Thomas W. on September 13, 1833
#X007753 grooved and flanched nails and spikes Jamestown, NY

Lester, Ebenezer A. on September 13, 1833
#X007754 reaction water wheel Boston, MA

Betts, Henry on September 14, 1833
#X007755 printing paper on both sides Norwalk, CT

Field, William on September 14, 1833
#X007756 swedge spring hammer North Providence, RI

McGuier, Ezekiel W. & Dewey, Joel, Jr. on September 14, 1833
#X007757 water wheel Waterford, NY

Kyle, James on September 16, 1833
#X007758 door lock (patent of May 18, 1832, reissued) Ramapo, NY

Kyle, James on September 16, 1833
#X007759 door lock (improvement on patent of May 18, 1832) Ramapo, NY

Leonard, William B. on September 16, 1833
#X007760 carding, cotton, engine Fishkill, NY

Leonard, William B. on September 16, 1833
#X007761 cotton, rail way, drawing head for Fishkill, NY

Michener, Joseph on September 16, 1833
#X007762 saw mill, carriages propelling Chester Township, OH

Read, Lemuel and Willoughby, AL
fred on September 16, 1833
#X007763 dressing staves Rochester, NY

Rolph, Edward on September 16, 1833
#X007764 cutting nails, horseshoes, etc. from bars of iron North Providence, RI

Stouvenel, Joseph & Martin, Francis A. on September 16, 1833
#X007765 glass blowing machine Philadelphia, PA

Bogardus, James on September 17, 1833
#X007766 metallic slides and cases for ever pointed pencils New York, NY

Curtis, Philo C. and Yale, Linus on September 17, 1833
#X007767 horse power Otsego, NY

Hart, James and Holladay, Walter on September 17, 1833
#X007768 cylinder and concave thrashing machine Spottsylvania County, VA

Martin, Israel on September 17, 1833
#X007769 mattress or seaman's bed Boston, MA

Yale, Linus & Curtis, Philo C. on September 17, 1833
#X007770 thrashing machine Utica, NY

Clark, Joseph and Henderson, Henry on September 18, 1833
#X007771 cutting crackers, biscuits, etc. (patented Sept. 13, 1830, reissued) Philadelphia, PA

Evans, George (Sarah Evans, executrix and John McFadden, executor) on September 18, 1833
#X007772 plough Pittsburg, PA

McCurdy, James on September 18, 1833
#X007773 propelling steam boats, etc., MA
chinery in lieu of wheels Norwich, CT

Swett, Samuel, Jr. on September 18, 1833
#X007774 washing machine Readfield, ME

Vaughan, Gideon, Jr. on September 18, 1833
#X007775 Bedstead Philadelphia, PA

Kingsbury, Lewis on September 19, 1833
#X007776 cooking stove Livonia, NY

Kidder, Levi on September 20, 1833
#X007777 machine for sweeping streets New York, NY

May, Henry K. on September 23, 1833
#X007778 building walls in deep water Boston, MA

Hall, Samuel on November 19, 1833
#X007779 steam engines, lubricating the pistons, piston rods, valves, cocks, etc. Basford, England

Abbot, John on November 19, 1833
#X007780 water power applied directly to a lever beam or vibrating circles Reading, MA

Abbot, Theodore T. on November 19, 1833
#X007781 glass knobs Canton, MA

Adams, Benjamin Frank on November 19, 1833
#X007782 apparatus for steering vessels Boston, MA

Ainsworth, Calvin on November 19, 1833
#X007783 preparing milk for butter and cheese Littleton, NH

Barrett, William on November 19, 1833
#X007784 furnace for burning anthracite coal, for heating and evaporating liquids Malden, MA

Bellinger, Edmund C. on November 19, 1833
#X007785 agricultural steam apparatus Barnwell, SC

Blake, Edmund on November 19, 1833
#X007786 sizing paper Alstead, NH

Boyd, James on November 19, 1833
#X007787 folio extension knapsack Boston, MA

Brumley, Joseph on November 19, 1833
#X007788 bathing apparatus New York, NY

Bush, John on November 19, 1833
#X007789 machine for making shingles Tippacanoe County, IN

Cantelo, William J. & Kerrison, Robert M. on November 19, 1833
#X007790 belvidere shirt collars Philadelphia, PA

Cochran, John W. on November 19, 1833
#X007791 friction furnace for generating heat without the consumption of fuel Lowell, MA

Converse, Edward M. on November 19, 1833
#X007792 tin plate ware (wiring machine) Southington, CT

Dennis, Joseph and Richardson, Israel J. on November 19, 1833
#X007793 mortising machine Palmyra, NY

Dewey, Bohan on November 19, 1833
#X007794 washing and fulling machine Milton Township, OH

Dickenson, Samuel N. on November 19, 1833
#X007795 facilitating printing Boston, MA

Doolittle, Silvester on November 19, 1833
#X007796 boats for canals and rivers Utica, NY

Driscoll, Joshua G. on November 19, 1833
#X007797 moulding crackers Auburn, NY

Dwyer, Joseph on November 19, 1833
#X007798 distilling apparatus Nashville, TN

Easby, William on November 19, 1833
#X007799 coffer dams Washington, DC

Eddy, John L. on November 19, 1833
#X007800 spinning cotton and building cops on a bare spindle Killingly, CT

Elgar, John on November 19, 1833
#X007801 wheels for rail-road carriages Philadelphia, PA

Elliott, Frederick on November 19, 1833
#X007802 corn sheller Greensborough, NC

Estabrook, Warren on November 19, 1833
#X007803 churn Salem, OH

Forward, William W. on November 19, 1833
#X007804 sawing felloes for wheels Abington, MD

Glendenning, Andrew on November 19, 1833
#X007805 universal band washing machine Frankfort, IN

Hamilton, William A. on November 19, 1833
#X007806 fodder machine for cutting hay, straw, potatoes, etc. Albany, NY

Harper, George on November 19, 1833
#X007807 hoes Montgomery County, PA

Hewitt, Thomas on November 19, 1833
#X007808 blood, purifying, and preparing for clarifying sugar Philadelphia, PA

Hunt, Richard on November 19, 1833
#X007809 siding laths for shingles, staves, etc.. Carroll, NY

Johnson, Elisha on November 19, 1833
#X007810 constructing rail-roads Rochester, NY

Martin, James (assignee, Ashton Johnson) on November 19, 1833
#X007811 machine for cutting spun tobacco Petersburg, VA

Martin, James (assignee, Ashton Johnson) on November 19, 1833
#X007812 machine for spinning tobacco Petersburg, VA

Johnson, Richard on November 19, 1833
#X007813 cooking apparatus and house warmer Baltimore, MD

Kendall, Reuben on November 19, 1833
#X007814 grist mill Wilkes County, GA

Kirk, Nathan on November 19, 1833
#X007815 saw mill Clinton County, IN

Lapham, Benjamin on November 19, 1833
#X007816 forcing pump Waterford, NY

Lewis, Benjamin J. on November 19, 1833
#X007817 marking off and cutting off garments Mount Vernon, OH

Mackie, John F. on November 19, 1833
#X007818 manufacturing axes New York, NY

McCormick, Cyrus H. on November 19, 1833
#X007819 self-sharpening, horizontal plough Rockbridge County, VA

Mead, William on November 19, 1833
#X007820 raising water for turning mills Pittsburg, PA

Mellish, Henry on November 19, 1833
#X007821 mortising machine Walpole, NH

Mellish, Henry on November 19, 1833
#X007822 tenoning machine Walpole, NH

Miller, Thomas on November 19, 1833
#X007823 destroying bed bugs by steam Newburgh, NY

Miner, Amos on November 19, 1833
#X007824 manufacturing window sashes Elbridge, NY

Mitchell, William on November 19, 1833
#X007825 straw cutter Abbeville, SC

Morey, Samuel on November 19, 1833
#X007826 decomposing and recomposing water in combustion with spirits of turpentine Boston, MA

Morris, John on November 19, 1833
#X007827 truss Derby, CT

Moseley, Lucilius H. on November 19, 1833
#X007828 roving or roping cotton Lisbon, CT

Parr, William & Fowler, James F. on November 19, 1833
#X007829 door lock New York, NY

Porter, David on November 19, 1833
#X007830 thrashing machine Boonville, NY

Prince, John on November 19, 1833
#X007831 ink distributor (patented Apr. 23, 1830, reissued) Philadelphia, PA

Prince, John on November 19, 1833
#X007832 applying ink to types Philadelphia, PA

Rappelyea, John B and Barnes, Joel on November 19, 1833
#X007833 manufacturing tobacco Covington, CT

Reed, Jesse & Reed, Josiah on November 19, 1833
#X007834 cast iron pump Plymouth County, MA

Robinson, Edward on November 19, 1833
#X007835 portable water closets New York, NY

Russell, Amos and Davis, Noah on November 19, 1833
#X007836 fodder machine for cutting hay, straw, potatoes, etc. Syracuse, NY

Shaw, John on November 19, 1833
#X007837 straw cutter Philadelphia, PA

Shumway, Horace J. on November 19, 1833
#X007838 cistern water, vaults, salt vats, reservoirs, etc. Van Buren, NY

Shugert, John on November 19, 1833
#X007839 grooving and planing bit Lawrenceville, PA

Smith, Jeremiah & Brown, John on November 19, 1833
#X007840 propelling canal boats New York, NY

Sprague, L and Lund, T., Jr. & Noyes, M. and Ayres, J. on November 19, 1833
#X007841 mortising and tenoning machine Dunstable, NH

Steel, Hezekiah on November 19, 1833
#X007842 anthracite coal cooking stove Hudson, NY

Truman, Joseph M. & Truman, George on November 19, 1833
#X007843 gas lamp, called oil or spirit Penn Township, PA

Turner, William A. on November 19, 1833
#X007844 odometer, indicating distances travelled in carriages Plymouth County, NC

Weaver, Daniel on November 19, 1833
#X007845 double spring truss Baltimore, MD

Wilder, Enos on November 19, 1833
#X007846 straps for pantaloons Boston, MA

Winans, Ross on November 19, 1833
#X007847 wheels for cars and locomotive engines Baltimore, MD

Wise, John J. on November 19, 1833
#X007848 piano-forte tuning Baltimore, MD

Wiswell, Daniel H. on November 19, 1833
#X007849 dressing spokes for wheels, called the yoke cutter New York, NY

Wright, Harvey on November 19, 1833
#X007850 portable razor case Bristol, CT

Young, Hugh on November 19, 1833
#X007851 mixing acids for dying woollens Rochester, NY

Fairman, Charles G. on December 16, 1833
#X007852 elevating brick, stone, and mortar Lewiston, NY

Adams, Nathaniel on December 16, 1833
#X007853 machine for tempering and preparing clay Cornwall, NY

Aiken, Herrick on December 16, 1833
#X007854 awl sockets and other tools Dracut, MA

Bradley, George on December 16, 1833
#X007855 forming and laying ropes Fishkill, NY

Carter, Thomas on December 16, 1833
#X007856 improvement to be attached to the common gopher plough Saurin, SC

Cleveland, Charles on December 16, 1833
#X007857 self-supplying pen Middlebury, VA

Farrel, Philip on December 16, 1833
#X007858 composition for and mode of making candles New York, NY

Glenn, John and Herd, John on December 16, 1833
#X007859 currying knife Urbana, OH

Gold, J. Swift on December 16, 1833
#X007860 union oven Norwich, CT

Jones, William on December 16, 1833
#X007861 manufacturing iron in two processes, called puddling and heating Haversham, NY

Keck, Leonard on December 16, 1833
#X007862 clover seed machine Tyrone Township, PA

Luckey, James on December 16, 1833
#X007863 improvement on cutting straw, hay, etc. (patented Mar. 9, 1833) New York, NY

Mott, RI
chard D. on December 16, 1833
#X007864 medicated shampoo bath Boston, MA

Potter, Welcome A. on December 16, 1833
#X007865 revolving spinner, spinning cotton Cranston, RI

Reichard, John on December 16, 1833
#X007866 seeding cultivator Guilford Township, PA

Richards, Joseph on December 16, 1833
#X007867 spectacles New York, NY

Richards, George H. on December 16, 1833
#X007868 tanning hides and skins New York, NY

Secor, James on December 16, 1833
#X007869 straw cutter Bristol, PA

Stroop, Jacob on December 16, 1833
#X007870 hydrants Pittsburg, PA

Town, Elisha on December 16, 1833
#X007871 cooking stove Montpelier, VT

VanGorder, Isaac on December 16, 1833
#X007872 water wheel Warren, OH

Walker, John W. on December 16, 1833
#X007873 hulling and polishing rice Madison, GA

Webster, Daniel A. on December 16, 1833
#X007874 thrashing machine, spring beater, and breaking hemp New York, NY

Geissenhainer, F. W. on December 19, 1833
#X007875 iron and steel manufacturing by applying anthracite coal New York, NY

Hastings, Peter on December 19, 1833
#X007876 improvement on Barnard's plough Dagsborough, DE

Jennings, Isaiah on December 19, 1833
#X007877 generating steam Philadelphia, PA

Mixon, Noel on December 20, 1833
#X007878 cotton seed and rice machine Madison, GA

Sharp, Joseph P. on December 20, 1833
#X007879 plough Geneseo, NY

Norcross, Adna L. on December 21, 1833
#X007880 grist mill Hallowell, ME

McChesney, James on December 21, 1833
#X007881 truss New York, NY

Anderson, Timothy P. on December 31, 1833
#X007882 economy of water power by means of a graduated spout Hardwick MA

Beecher, Benjamin D. on December 23, 1833
#X007883 horse power Cheshire, CT

Parkhurst, Stephen R. on December 23, 1833
#X007884 dressing woollen cloth Mendon, MA

Atwood, William & Hamblet, Daniel on December 24, 1833
#X007885 ridge plough Cornish, NH

Austin, Charles B. on December 24, 1833
#X007886 sawing marble, stone, or wood Kensington, PA

Babcock, Harvey W. on December 24, 1833
#X007887 tanning, removing the refuse bark from the letches Cooperstown, NY

Hale, John and Hale, Luke on December 24, 1833
#X007888 horse power Hollis, NH

Herr, Elias on December 24, 1833
#X007889 still Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, PA

Kuhn, William & Hassinger, George and Stiles, William on December 24, 1833
#X007890 clover seed machine Union County, PA

Landes, Christian on December 24, 1833
#X007891 clover seed machine Mount Sidney, VA

Furbish, Webber on December 26, 1833
#X007892 corn breaking machine (patented Mar. 15, 1833, reissued) Hallowell, ME

Olney, James N. on December 26, 1833
#X007893 anthracite coal burners Providence, RI

Rickey, Thomas on December 26, 1833
#X007894 scrubbing machine Greenfield, OH

Scott, Enoch on December 26, 1833
#X007895 cutting and punching metal screw heads and rivets Monroe County, NY

Taylor, Anthony on December 26, 1833
#X007896 cast iron plough Green Township, OH

Fuller, Seth on December 26, 1833
#X007897 mode of hanging bells Boston, MA

Beckwith, Jedediah on December 27, 1833
#X007898 metallic pump Saratoga, NY

Gregg, Ebenezer on December 27, 1833
#X007899 cutting, shaving, and jointing staves Derry, NH

Jordon, Joshua on December 27, 1833
#X007900 sugar damper furnace Boston, MA

Ripley, Ezra on December 27, 1833
#X007901 wash stand Schenectady, NY

Clark, Samuel on December 28, 1833
#X007902 thrashing machine New York, NY

Elliott, William H. on December 28, 1833
#X007903 cotton spooling, roving Leicester, MA

Lockwood, John on December 28, 1833
#X007904 applying steam to machinery Sodus, NY

Peachy, Thomas G. on December 28, 1833
#X007905 tanning hides and skins Williamsburg, VA

Pratt, Cyprian S. on December 28, 1833
#X007906 paring and quartering apples Paris, ME

Rider, Elisha on December 28, 1833
#X007907 clover seed machine Lovingston, VA

Sullivan, John L. on December 28, 1833
#X007908 water works with boring for water called the City Supply Pump New York, NY

Moore, James C. on December 30, 1833
#X007909 draughting instruments Belmont County, OH

Mott, Jordan L. on December 30, 1833
#X007910 double cooking stove and fire-place New York, NY

Porter, George on December 30, 1833
#X007911 bedstead fastenings Cincinnati, OH

Purcell, Thomas & McFarlin, A. B. on December 30, 1833
#X007912 cement water Williamsport, PA

Rundlet, Thomas on December 30, 1833
#X007913 extract of hemlock for tanning Bedford, NH

Sherman, Thomas H. on December 30, 1833
#X007914 mortar for making bricks water-proof and fire-proof Scriba, NY

Long, Stephen H. (7915½) on December 31, 1833
#X007915 steam valve of locomotive and other engines and forcing pumps and wheels for locomotive engines Philadelphia, PA

Tibbitts, George, Jr. on December 30, 1833
#X007915 water cistern Jamesville, NY

Babcock, Alpheus on December 31, 1833
#X007916 construction and action of piano forte Philadelphia, PA

Bangs, Rufus W & Walbridge, Stebbins D. on December 31, 1833
#X007917 rolling iron and steel Bennington, VT

Blakely, Zarah on December 31, 1833
#X007918 water wheel Wilkesville, OH

Brewster, Iram on December 31, 1833
#X007919 churn Blenheim, NY

Cayford, John E. on December 31, 1833
#X007920 fire place or stove Milburn, ME

Chaffee, Edmund M. on December 31, 1833
#X007921 India rubber mail and travellers' bags Boston, MA

Clark, Uriah L. on December 31, 1833
#X007922 churn Manor Township, PA

Correll, Israel on December 31, 1833
#X007923 clover seed machine New Philadelphia, OH

Eaton, Isaac on December 31, 1833
#X007924 bedsteads Mount Gilead, VA

Fraser, Elias on December 31, 1833
#X007925 grubbing machine for working on roads Hector, NY

Frink, Andrew M. on December 31, 1833
#X007926 ceiling of ships New London, CT

Granger, Moses on December 31, 1833
#X007927 making hoops Utica, NY

Hussey, Obed on December 31, 1833
#X007928 reaping and cutting grain of all kinds Cincinnati, OH

King, Charles M. on December 31, 1833
#X007929 steps for coaches Newark, NJ

Omitted on December 31, 1833
#X007930 see 7915½

Look, Abel on December 31, 1833
#X007931 cars and rail-road wheels for curved roads Waterford, NY

Mathes, Allen H. on December 31, 1833
#X007932 suction pump Madisonville, TN

Pierson, Wyllis (executors, James Mead and Aaron W. Pierson) on December 31, 1833
#X007933 machine for cutting laths Lebanon, OH

Miller, William R. on December 31, 1833
#X007934 conveying warm air to fire Hinsdale, NY

Morison, Benjamin on December 31, 1833
#X007935 balance platform (reissued) Milton, PA

Ransom, Amos on December 31, 1833
#X007936 roasting coffee Hartford, CT

Rider, Nathaniel on December 31, 1833
#X007937 cotton spool bobbin Millbury, MA

Stancliffe, Benjamin on December 31, 1833
#X007938 friction rollers for machinery Philadelphia, PA

Shaw, William on December 31, 1833
#X007939 anthracite coal cooking stove Albany, NY

Shaw, Joseph P. and Briggs, John C. on December 31, 1833
#X007940 machine for splitting leather Boston, MA

Sweet, Samuel A. on December 31, 1833
#X007941 pulp sifter Tyringham, MA

VanLoan, William W. on December 31, 1833
#X007942 steam boilers, and supplying with water and ascertaining the height therein New York, NY

Tilford, John M. on December 31, 1833
#X007943 straw cutter Rutherford County, NC

Tyrrill, Asahel on December 31, 1833
#X007944 cheese press Fowler, OH

Blake, Philos & Blake, Eli W. and Blake, John A. (7945½) on December 31, 1833
#X007945 latch and bolt escutcheon lock New Haven, CT

Treadwell, Humphrey on December 31, 1833
#X007945 table butt hinge Hyde Park, NY

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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