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1834 U.S. Patents

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Chaffee, Edwin M. on January 9, 1834
#X007946 India rubber hose Roxbury, MA

Davis, Nathan T. (7946½) on January 9, 1834
#X007946 wheel, weather cock Wilmington, VT

Hess, John J. on January 9, 1834
#X007947 sieve or riddle for separating ashes from cinders Philadelphia, PA

Nott, Eliphalet on January 9, 1834
#X007948 cooking stove and preventing the waste of heat Schenectady, NY

Stem, Samuel & Wierman, Daniel on January 9, 1834
#X007949 handling hides in the vats Mechanicstown, MD

Smith, Bartholomew on January 9, 1834
#X007950 smut machine grindstone, a substitute for other materials used as scourers or rubbers Bethlehem, NY

White, Israel on January 9, 1834
#X007951 plough plane Philadelphia, PA

Briggs, Thomas on January 10, 1834
#X007952 grinding corn in the ear, and other grain East Bloomfield, NY

Lang, James on January 10, 1834
#X007953 superior vice Harrison County, PA

Young, William J. on January 11, 1834
#X007954 surveying compass (patented Jan. 17, 1832) Philadelphia, PA

Ellis, Orin on January 16, 1834
#X007955 mortising window sash Orange, MA

Henshaw, Foster on January 16, 1834
#X007956 composition for preserving shingles Brookfield, MA

Lang, James on January 16, 1834
#X007957 drawing, hackling, and spinning hemp into rope Greenock, Scotland

Matthews, James W. and Kahle, Matthew S. on January 17, 1834
#X007958 clover and rice hulling machine Lexington, VA

Mason, Samuel P. on January 17, 1834
#X007959 spinning cotton and silk Killingly, CT

Miller, William & Rogers, Ezra on January 17, 1834
#X007960 washing machine Connersville, IN

Beers, John D. on January 18, 1834
#X007961 tonguing, grooving, and planing boards Philadelphia, PA

Chappell, James H. on January 18, 1834
#X007962 draughting and cutting garments Chilicothe, OH

Bonnycastle, Charles on January 21, 1834
#X007963 constructing and applying locomotive engines to boats, barges, etc. on canals Charlottesville, VA

Norwood, William and Burns, John & Rowe, Jabez and Haskett, Josiah on January 21, 1834
#X007964 isinglass, or ichthyocolla Gloucester, MA

Price, John, Jr. & Smith, Jesse J. on January 21, 1834
#X007965 improvement on D. Tom's sawing staves Cayuga County, NY

Brown, Elisha on January 23, 1834
#X007966 wagon or any other wheeled vehicle Stockbridge, MA

Cook, Calvin W. on January 23, 1834
#X007967 dressing cloth, part wool and part cotton (patented May 20, 1833, reissued) Lowell, MA

Currier, Joseph on January 23, 1834
#X007968 hanging bells Boston, MA

Fahrney, Jacob on January 23, 1834
#X007969 cutting sausage meat Quincy, PA

Hotchkiss, Asahel A.. and Garnsey, Ebenezer on January 23, 1834
#X007970 harness hooks and bits Sharon, CT

Lafetra, Tylee W. on January 23, 1834
#X007971 power lever New York, NY

Lee, David B. on January 23, 1834
#X007972 valves for steam boilers Philadelphia, PA

Middlekauff, Daniel S. on January 23, 1834
#X007973 cutting sausage meat Hagerstown, MD

Morehouse, Moses on January 23, 1834
#X007974 grinding apples and shelling corn Butler County, OH

Parce, Ephraim on January 23, 1834
#X007975 manufacturing potash and leaching ashes (patented July 20, 1831, reissued) Pitcher, NY

Pike, Richard on January 23, 1834
#X007976 cooling and coloring hats Wilton, CT

Russell, Walter on January 23, 1834
#X007977 tanning or manufacturing leather Ashburnham, MA

Simonds, Abel on January 23, 1834
#X007978 manufacturing scythes Fitchburg, MA

Treadwell, John G. on January 23, 1834
#X007979 cooking stove Albany, NY

Burt, John, Jr. on January 24, 1834
#X007980 water tables for doors Tiverton, RI

Farnam, Dudley L. on January 24, 1834
#X007981 pumps Philadelphia, PA

Harrington, Daniel on January 27, 1834
#X007982 galvanic fluid applied to cure diseases Philadelphia, PA

Ingham, Joseph on January 29, 1834
#X007983 window sash Wyalusing, PA

Bushnell, Elisha on January 30, 1834
#X007984 water wheel Sodus, NY

Horn, Elias on January 30, 1834
#X007985 hulling clover seed Rochester County, VA

Many, William V. on January 30, 1834
#X007986 rolls, eccentric, application of plain or fluted to common, plain, grooved, or fluted plating Albany, NY

Thompson, Charles on January 30, 1834
#X007987 mortising wood (patents of Dec.6, 1830 and Dec. 6, 1832, cancelled) Poughkeepsie, NY

Thompson, Charles on January 30, 1834
#X007988 planing mouldings and smooth planing (patents of Dec. 6, 1830 and Dec. 6, 1832, cancelled) Poughkeepsie, NY

Thompson, Charles on January 30, 1834
#X007989 sawing tenons (patents of Dec. 6, 1830 and Dec. 6, 1832, cancelled) Poughkeepsie, NY

Weitzell, Jacob on January 30, 1834
#X007990 still Lancaster, PA

Harrison, Isaac on January 31, 1834
#X007991 water wheel, collective power Middletown, VA

Pilling, James on February 3, 1834
#X007992 water wheel, horizontal curb, cast iron Waterford, NY

Smith, Theodore on February 3, 1834
#X007993 thrashing machine Enfield, NY

Snyder, Jonas on February 3, 1834
#X007994 building bridges Union County, PA

Treadwell, Daniel on February 3, 1834
#X007995 roving machine, belted, of hemp, flax, etc. Boston, MA

Morrill, Samuel on February 4, 1834
#X007996 bee hive Dixfield, ME

Treadwell, Daniel on February 5, 1834
#X007997 rope making, called an iron tail Boston, MA

Woodyear, Charles on February 5, 1834
#X007998 faucet or molasses gate Philadelphia, PA

Burr, George on February 6, 1834
#X007999 tanning or manufacturing leather Watertown, NY

Clarke, Uriah L. on February 6, 1834
#X008000 washing machine Manor Township, PA

Colquhoun, James on February 6, 1834
#X008001 furnaces, evaporating, general process of accelerating the preparation of common salt by artificial heat Charleston, VA

Glass, Valentine on February 6, 1834
#X008002 cutting sausage meat Funkstown, MD

Riley, James on February 6, 1834
#X008003 pipes for fire engines Boston, MA

Reynolds, George on February 7, 1834
#X008004 machine for dressing feathers East Hartford, CT

Bakewell, Thomas & Bakewell, John P. on February 8, 1834
#X008005 glass blowing machine Pittsburg, PA

Hunt, Walter on February 8, 1834
#X008006 globe or radiator stove New York, NY

Benedict, Nathaniel, Jr. and Benedict, Abel & Hotchkiss, Asahel A. on February 10, 1834
#X008007 cast iron sleigh runners Sharon, CT

Brees, Lot, Brees, Ezra on February 10, 1834
#X008008 sleigh shoes, cast iron double grooved, and mitre locks Luzerne County, PA

Howells, Henry C. on February 10, 1834
#X008009 locks and bolts Putnam, OH

Hagenmacker, John H. on February 11, 1834
#X008010 new American silver Philadelphia, PA

Harrison, RI
chard on February 11, 1834
#X008011 spring riding saddles New York, NY

Hoxie, Christopher on February 11, 1834
#X008012 naval architecture New York, NY

Morrison, Stephen R. on February 11, 1834
#X008013 propelling saw mills Kinzua, PA

Thorn, Isaac, Jr. on February 11, 1834
#X008014 heating water for scalding hogs and washing clothes Bordentown, NJ

Warner, Thomas E. on February 11, 1834
#X008015 tin churn Harford County, MD

Webb, John G. on February 11, 1834
#X008016 worm for stills Waterford, NY

Weed, William K. on February 11, 1834
#X008017 thrashing machine New York, NY

Cavarly, L. D. on February 12, 1834
#X008018 hulling cotton and other seed Waterford, CT

Ingham, Joseph and Davis, Julius on February 12, 1834
#X008019 application of steam to machinery, endless screw Fabius, NY

Morgridge, William on February 12, 1834
#X008020 thrashing machine and cleaning clover seed Chesterville, ME

Shepard, William on February 12, 1834
#X008021 water wheel Gibson Township, VA

Neall, Daniel on February 13, 1834
#X008022 printing press (patented Nov. 15, 1825, reissued) Philadelphia, PA

Williams, John P. on February 13, 1834
#X008023 thrashing machine Eldridge, VA

Axtell, Jehiel F. on February 18, 1834
#X008024 thrashing machine Geneva, NY

Cramton, Jesse on February 18, 1834
#X008025 press New York, NY

Ritter, Carl G. on February 18, 1834
#X008026 tallow or stahrein composition Cincinnati, OH

Sellers, James on February 18, 1834
#X008027 covering window and other frames with wove wire Philadelphia, PA

Stephens, Robert C. on February 18, 1834
#X008028 stones facing to admit air to cool the flour Hackettstown, NJ

Ames, John on February 28, 1834
#X008029 cutting and trimming paper in the ream Springfield, MA

Ames, John on February 28, 1834
#X008030 cutting and trimming paper in the ream Springfield, MA

Barber, Jesse on February 28, 1834
#X008031 spindle and bush for a grist mill Phelps, NY

Daniels, George on February 28, 1834
#X008032 constructing caissons for founding piers of bridges, or for laying pipes under water Philadelphia, PA

Eddy, George W. on February 28, 1834
#X008033 building boats, called safety hulls Waterford, NY

Gilbert, David H. on February 28, 1834
#X008034 construction of and driving a water wheel Dorchester, MA

Hensen, John on February 28, 1834
#X008035 fire-proof and water-tight roofs Lexington, VA

Truman, Joseph on February 28, 1834
#X008036 making paper Bridgeport, PA

Meily, Emanuel, Jr. & Mellinger, John and Mellinger, Samuel on March 1, 1834
#X008037 weaving coverlids, carpets, diapers, etc. Lebanon, PA

Reid, Elijah H. on March 1, 1834
#X008038 vegetable dentifrice Clarksville, GA

Stickney, Benjamin F. on March 1, 1834
#X008039 agricultural pulverizer Vistula, MI Territory

Davis, Daniel & Holmes, James on March 3, 1834
#X008040 thrashing machine Fredericksburg, VA

Foster, Nathaniel and VanVleck, William on March 3, 1834
#X008041 cisterns, reservoirs, and walls for holding water Sullivan, NY

Schnebly, William & Schnebly, Thomas on March 3, 1834
#X008042 nails, spikes, tacks, RI
vets, horse-shoes, horse-shoe nails, screwbolts, etc. of wrought iron Hagerstown, MD

Bourne, Ezra on March 4, 1834
#X008043 coloring lamp oil New York, NY

Jarvis, Russell on March 5, 1834
#X008044 ventilating ships, prisons, hospitals, etc. by machinery Boston, MA

Slater, William on March 5, 1834
#X008045 wrought nails, brads, etc. Clarksville, OH

Fairbanks, Erastus and Fairbanks, Thaddeus on March 6, 1834
#X008046 weighing heavy bodies (patented June 13, 1831) St. Johnsbury, VT

Fairbanks, Erastus & Fairbanks, Thaddeus on March 6, 1834
#X008047 weighing heavy bodies (patented Feb. 21, 1832) St. Johnsbury, VT

Rich, Martin on March 6, 1834
#X008048 dogs, cast iron saw mill Ithaca, NY

Whittemore, William, Jr. on March 7, 1834
#X008049 cotton roller-gin West Cambridge, MA

Atkinson, William on March 7, 1834
#X008050 water proof boots, shoes, socks, etc. Tewkesbury, MA

Sanford, Nathaniel C. on March 7, 1834
#X008051 skates Meriden, CT

Burden, Henry on March 8, 1834
#X008052 constructing steamboats Troy, NY

Emmerson, John B. on March 8, 1834
#X008053 steam engine New York, NY

Loud, Edward on March 8, 1834
#X008054 fluting and counter fluting wash boards Winchendon, MA

Mitchell, Ormsby M. on March 8, 1834
#X008055 fire-places, chimneys, stoves for burning coal Cincinnati, OH

Payne, Elisha D. on March 8, 1834
#X008056 cooking stove New York, NY

Pope, John D. on March 8, 1834
#X008057 checks, preventing forgeries Baltimore, MD

Rockwell, Edward on March 8, 1834
#X008058 metallic rims for vault lights New York, NY

Drummond, John on March 10, 1834
#X008059 hoisting machine New York, NY

Fredley, Frederick on March 10, 1834
#X008060 reducing friction spindle Logan Township, PA

Hinkley, Benjamin on March 10, 1834
#X008061 grinding grain or cracking corn by hand or horse power New York, NY

Jenkins, Mark W. on March 10, 1834
#X008062 improvement on Dawe's mode of tanning Baltimore, MD

Knode, George on March 10, 1834
#X008063 cutting shingles from the stock Montgomery County, VA

Lawrence, William on March 10, 1834
#X008064 chandelier or hanging lamps (patented Mar. 23, 1831, reissued) Meriden, CT

Raub, Samuel, Jr. on March 10, 1834
#X008065 thrashing and cleaning clover seed Wilkesbarre, PA

Sykes, William and Conradt, George M. on March 7, 1834
#X008066 spinning wool, called the "vertical wool spinner" Fredericktown, MD

Pollock, Henry on March 11, 1834
#X008067 chimneys, curing smoky back and hearth Baltimore, MD

Bateman, Jonas on March 12, 1834
#X008068 cutting and trimming paper edges Harvard, MA

Beebe, Heny on March 12, 1834
#X008069 wheels for carriages Haverstraw, NY

Bishop, Joseph S. on March 12, 1834
#X008070 cutting straw, hay, etc. Wayne, ME

Crossman, William W. on March 12, 1834
#X008071 tea and coffee pots of Britannia and other ware Taunton, MA

Wing, Barker and Root, Orlando on March 12, 1834
#X008072 smut machine, scouring grain, hulling barley and rice, etc. Amsterdam, NY

Axtell, Jehiel F. on March 13, 1834
#X008073 horse power machine Geneva, NY

Davis, Daniel, 2nd on March 13, 1834
#X008074 machine for slicing apples Stafford, CT

Dutton, Joseph L. on March 13, 1834
#X008075 warm air for heating buildings Philadelphia, PA

Page, Calvin on March 13, 1834
#X008076 corn sheller Sandbornton, NH

Canfield, Norris L. on March 14, 1834
#X008077 dying and airing hats-frame hat block Wilton, CT

Hubbard, Edmund & Cheney, William L. on March 14, 1834
#X008078 lamp lighting Chester, MA

Osgood, William and Hunt, Ebenezer on March 14, 1834
#X008079 nails, spikes, etc. Troy, NY

Porter, Ethel H. on March 14, 1834
#X008080 cutting feed for horses and cattle Lincolnton, NC

Chapman, Samuel B. on March 15, 1834
#X008081 shaving and pointing shingles Burlington, NJ

Kinman, John on March 15, 1834
#X008082 raising bags of flour, grain, etc.for shouldering Miffinsburg, PA

Pierce, Henry on March 15, 1834
#X008083 bits for bridles Sharon, CT

Spoor, Abraham D. on March 15, 1834
#X008084 stove for anthracite coal Coxsackie, NY

Staebler, David on March 15, 1834
#X008085 ploughs Lancaster, PA

Chester, James on March 16, 1834
#X008086 spinning cotton yarn and roping Cumberland, RI

Broyles, O. R. on March 17, 1834
#X008087 safety carriage, extricating horses Anderson Court House, SC

Casey, Samuel on March 17, 1834
#X008088 carbonated alcohol substitute for lamp oil Lebanon, ME

Chenoweth, Richard B. on March 17, 1834
#X008089 self-sharpening plough Baltimore, MD

Shaw, Joshua on March 17, 1834
#X008090 percussion pistol whip Philadelphia, PA

Barton, Jason on March 18, 1834
#X008091 constructing bells for horses Cairo, NY

Coffman, Andrew on March 18, 1834
#X008092 pipes and tubes for conveying water Shenandoah County, VA

Crumber, Solomon on March 18, 1834
#X008093 dressing staves for barrels Buckhorn, PA

Rankin, David on March 18, 1834
#X008094 machine for cleaning clover seed Augusta County, VA

Robinson, Isaac on March 18, 1834
#X008095 softening hides Baltimore, MD

Elliott, George M. on March 19, 1834
#X008096 securing bolting cloths to the reel Hagerstown, MD

Evans, David on March 19, 1834
#X008097 hoisting machine Philadelphia, PA

Lanpher, Asahel M. on March 19, 1834
#X008098 spinning cotton Killingly, CT

Blanchard, Thomas on March 20, 1834
#X008099 planking vessels New York, NY

Bliss, Jeremy W. on March 20, 1834
#X008100 mortising timber Somers, CT

Eldridge, William M. on March 20, 1834
#X008101 buckets for water wheels Philadelphia, PA

Eldridge, William M. on March 20, 1834
#X008102 double power reaction water wheel Philadelphia, PA

Otis, Melvil on March 20, 1834
#X008103 making nails at one operation East Bridgewater, MA

Spalding, Thomas on March 22, 1834
#X008104 steam generating McIntosh County, GA

Whitman, Shepherd on March 22, 1834
#X008105 fur blowing machine New Albany, IN

Wemple, Jacob V. A. on March 25, 1834
#X008106 horse power thrashing machine Florida, NY

Cochran, J. on March 26, 1834
#X008107 accumulating lever power South Hadley, MA

Lukens, William E. on March 26, 1834
#X008108 machine for hulling clover seed Cadiz, OH

Thomas, John (assignees: James H. Peck, William Thomas, Robert Wash, John D. Coalter) on March 26, 1834
#X008109 floating dry dock St. Louis, MO

Dow, Jesse E. & Edmands, William M. and Davis, Samuel on March 27, 1834
#X008110 sieve or riddle for separating coal from dirt Charlestown, MA

Gerrish, Margaret on March 27, 1834
#X008111 aselepias syriaca, manufacturing external fibres Salem, MA

Leonard, Sylvanus on March 27, 1834
#X008112 thrashing machine Hampden, ME

Samson, Chester on March 27, 1834
#X008113 raising building materials, called "builders' tender" Brattleborough, VT

Allen, Zachariah on March 28, 1834
#X008114 mode of operating steam engines Providence, RI

Clark, Ami on March 28, 1834
#X008115 gridiron Berlin, CT

Hull, David on March 28, 1834
#X008116 portable bake oven Utica, NY

Pettee, Otis on March 28, 1834
#X008117 fliers for double speeders Newton, MA

Potter, Welcome A. on March 28, 1834
#X008118 spinning cotton Cranston, RI

Wallace, Thomas on March 28, 1834
#X008119 manufacturing wire of various shapes from steel, copper, brass, etc. Haverstraw, NY

Bouis, John on March 29, 1834
#X008120 hot air furnace or apparatus for warming rooms Baltimore, MD

Gilbert, Daniel on March 29, 1834
#X008121 lamp Brattleborough, VT

Gold, Stephen J. on March 29, 1834
#X008122 retaining oven for baking and cooking Cornwall, CT

Jarvis, Russell on March 29, 1834
#X008123 boilers for steam engines Boston, MA

Jarvis, Russell on March 29, 1834
#X008124 carriage wheels for preventing horses from running away Boston, MA

Keim, Jacob on March 29, 1834
#X008125 lamp Philadelphia, PA

Quimby, Daniel on March 29, 1834
#X008126 ventilating stove Calais, ME

Harriman, John on March 31, 1834
#X008127 stove for cooking Haverhill, MA

McCarty, Robert on March 31, 1834
#X008128 boring and mortising hubs of wheels Martinsburg, NY

Newton, Arad B. on March 31, 1834
#X008129 manufacturing, welding, or cementing horn, hoofs, whalebone combs Baltimore, MD

Prettyman, Perry on March 31, 1834
#X008130 bedstead Georgetown, DE

Hussey, Benjamin on April 1, 1834
#X008131 planting plough Jonesborough, TN

Fisher, Nathan A. on April 3, 1834
#X008132 pegging boots and shoes Westborough, MA

Prettyman, Perry on April 3, 1834
#X008133 harrow teeth Georgetown, DE

Skinner, Elijah on April 3, 1834
#X008134 draught in chimneys Sandwich, NH

Stagner, Thomas on April 5, 1834
#X008135 truss Madison County, KY

Bogardus, James on April 7, 1834
#X008136 gold cleaner New York, NY

Breckels, Francis on April 7, 1834
#X008137 bedstead, sofa, and settee New York, NY

Morford, John on April 8, 1834
#X008138 plough Maysville, KY

Voorhies, Charles F. on April 8, 1834
#X008139 printing machine Newark, NJ

Collier, William R. on April 11, 1834
#X008140 printing press Washington, DC

Holmes, John B. on April 11, 1834
#X008141 steering vessels Boston, MA

Whitson, Thomas on April 11, 1834
#X008142 cooking stove Roxbury, MA

Newhall, Timothy, Jr. on April 12, 1834
#X008143 preventing explosions in boilers Lynn, MA

Waterbury, Lewis & Waterbury, Talmage on April 12, 1834
#X008144 water shoot and driving wheel Malta, NY

Barnum, Isaac on April 16, 1834
#X008145 steam pump vacuum New York, NY

Whiton, Milo J. (8145½) on April 30, 1834
#X008145 grinding bark, cracking corn, etc. Amsterdam, NY

Howe, John on April 16, 1834
#X008146 forge, or heating wind for blacksmith's fire Alna, ME

Goodspeed, Benjamin and Wiswell, Daniel H. on April 16, 1834
#X008147 sawing and boring machine New York, NY

Chesters, James (8148½) on April 16, 1834
#X008148 spinning cotton yarn and manufacturing roping Cumberland, RI

Marck, John on April 16, 1834
#X008148 self-igniting cigars New York, NY

Robe, James on April 17, 1834
#X008149 bellows Morgantown, VA

Wolcott, Nathaniel on April 17, 1834
#X008150 diving suit Sidney, NY

Dawley, Augustus S. on April 18, 1834
#X008151 throttle valves Boston, MA

Jones, William on April 18, 1834
#X008152 pressing out instead of hammering puddlers balls Haverstraw, NY

Merrick, Solyman on April 18, 1834
#X008153 rack wrench Springfield, MA

Tyson, Isaac, Jr. on April 18, 1834
#X008154 blast furnace, heating and applying air Baltimore, MD

Atwater, James on April 19, 1834
#X008155 common furnace stove New Haven, CT

Hubbard, Henry on April 19, 1834
#X008156 hulling cotton seed Claremont, NH

Korn, Henry on April 19, 1834
#X008157 nets for horses (patented Dec. 8, 1831, reissued) Philadelphia, PA

Korn, Henry on April 19, 1834
#X008158 nets for horses (patented Sept. 12, 1829, reissued) Philadelphia, PA

Horney, Philip on April 21, 1834
#X008159 revolving washing machine Randolph County, NC

Angell, Samuel on April 22, 1834
#X008160 files for paper Providence, RI

Jones, Alexander on April 22, 1834
#X008161 powder and other substances, by applying hydrogen gas and platina Mobile, AL

Fossard, Felix on April 23, 1834
#X008162 dying with alkaline prussiates, manufacturing potash Philadelphia, PA

Plantou, Anthony on April 23, 1834
#X008163 steamboats and other vessels and propelling them on canals without injuring the banks Philadelphia, PA

Smith, Fowler & Steele, Lewis S. on April 23, 1834
#X008164 diving suit Norfolk, VA

Glenn, John on April 24, 1834
#X008165 tempering knife or flosher Champaigne County, OH

Chandler, Ebenzer and Holland, Joseph A. on April 25, 1834
#X008166 thrashing machine Kennebec, ME

Dobson, William B. on April 25, 1834
#X008167 blacksmiths' assistant striker Surrey County, NC

Rowe, William on April 25, 1834
#X008168 hulling clover seed Phillips, ME

Smith, John W. on April 25, 1834
#X008169 sawing shingles from the stock Montgomery County, VA

Rice, Clarke on April 26, 1834
#X008170 washers for paper engines Watertown, NY

Sutherland, RI
chard P. on April 26, 1834
#X008171 thrashing machine Chatham, NY

Pitts, John A. & Pitts, Hiram A. on April 28, 1834
#X008172 endless chain pump Livermore, ME

Whitman, Ezra, Jr. on April 28, 1834
#X008173 roasting jack Winthrop, ME

Babbit, Charles on April 29, 1834
#X008174 stock screw drill Taunton, MA

Bangs, Henry on April 29, 1834
#X008175 hulling and thrashing clover seed machine New York, NY

Spence, William J. on April 30, 1834
#X008176 self inking machine for a hand printing press New York, NY

Atwell, Phebe (assignee, Levi Ward) on April 30, 1834
#X008177 extracting fur from skins and manufacturing it into yarn Walworth, NY

Omitted on April 30, 1834
#X008178 see 8144½

Burrington, Joseph on May 1, 1834
#X008179 clamp used in sewing leather Burke, VT

Mann, Jonathan on May 1, 1834
#X008180 softening and removing the fleece from sheep skins Amesbury, MA

Cox, James on May 2, 1834
#X008181 fire-places and warming buildings Philadelphia, PA

Crocker, Daniel W. on May 3, 1834
#X008182 canal steamboat Philadelphia, PA

Hull, Amos G. on May 7,1834
#X008183 truss or surgical apparatus for the relief and cure of procidentia and prolapsus uteri New York, NY

Hutchings, Thomas on May 7,1834
#X008184 hydraulic machine on a new principle of action Reading, PA

Evans, Cadwallader on April 8, 1834
#X008185 preventing explosions in boilers by applying a fusible alloy Philadelphia, PA

Straub, Isaac on April 9, 1834
#X008186 grist and flour mills Northumberland County, PA

Colburn, David G. on May 12, 1834
#X008187 raising and conveying water for propelling machinery Cayuga County, NY

Slater, Samuel and Noblit, Stephens on May 12, 1834
#X008188 shelling and grinding corn Philadelphia, PA

Wyeth, Noah on May 12, 1834
#X008189 dough for bread Hingham, MA

Daniels, Reuben on May 13, 1834
#X008190 manufacturing wrought nails Woodstock, VT

Daniels, Reuben on May 13, 1834
#X008191 shearing cloth Woodstock, VT

Dunaway, Johnson on May 13, 1834
#X008192 breaking, fleshing, and hairing hides Woodville, VA

Morrison, John R. on May 13, 1834
#X008193 hubs, boring out the inside and the boxes for linch cups Springfield, OH

Twiss, Hiram on May 13, 1834
#X008194 clocks and time-pieces Meriden, CT

Twiss, Hiram on May 13, 1834
#X008195 pendulum, balance Meriden, CT

Snow, Oliver on May 13, 1834
#X008196 twisting auger machine Meriden, CT

Gustine, James on May 14, 1834
#X008197 churn New Petersburg, OH

Mix, William on May 14, 1834
#X008198 heat preserving and diffusing stoves and grates Prospect, CT

Parker, Amos on May 14, 1834
#X008199 horse power thrashing machine Portland, ME

Copley, Luther on May 15, 1834
#X008200 applying water, wind, or steam to a mill or machine wheel New Lebanon, NY

Cutting, Lewis on May 15, 1834
#X008201 stop motion of the drawing frame Lowell, MA

Dugdale, Benjamin on May 15, 1834
#X008202 water wheel Trenton, NJ

Prescott, Joseph D. on May 15, 1834
#X008203 cultivating and tilling the ground Chesterville, ME

Johnson, William on May 16, 1834
#X008204 protecting vessels against snags, called "steel spring bow fender" Louisville, KY

Lyon, Lemuel, 2nd. on May 16, 1834
#X008205 manufacturing napped hats Needham, MA

Town, Elisha on May 16, 1834
#X008206 rotary stove Montpelier, VT

Chaffee, Edwin M. on May 17, 1834
#X008207 boots and shoes from India rubber leather Roxbury, MA

Haight, John on May 17, 1834
#X008208 carpet loom Harsimus, NJ

Triplett, Robert on May 19, 1834
#X008209 cotton and hay press Davis County, KY

Poole, Daniel on May 20, 1834
#X008210 crackers, biscuit, etc. (patented Dec. 24, 1824, reissued) Dauphin County, PA

Burnell, Levi on May 21, 1834
#X008211 propelling boats on canals and in shoal water Elyria, NY

Burnell, Levi on May 21, 1834
#X008212 boilers for steam engines Elyria, OH

Dimpfel, George L. on May 23, 1834
#X008213 bellows New York, NY

Miller, Robert on May 23, 1834
#X008214 cleaning and breaking flax and hemp Glasgow, KY

Miller, Robert on May 23, 1834
#X008215 bedstead Glasgow, KY

Bonney, Josiah on May 24, 1834
#X008216 breaking and working hides scouring leather Cornwall, CT

Drake, Isaac on May 24, 1834
#X008217 sawing shingles, blinds, slates, etc. Minot, ME

Fairman, Simon on May 24, 1834
#X008218 compound rotary steam engine and boiler Lansingburg, NY

Porter, Rufus on May 26, 1834
#X008219 boats Billerica, MA

Redheffer, Benjamin & Redheffer, William on May 26, 1834
#X008220 manufacturing combs Penn Township, PA

Root, James on May 26, 1834
#X008221 condenser Painesville, OH

Harris, Charles on May 27, 1834
#X008222 twin boats Norfolk, VA

Weston, Charles on May 27, 1834
#X008223 cutting out shoes Salem, MA

Wheaton, James on May 28, 1834
#X008224 elliptical spindle grinder Providence, RI

Davidson, John on May 29, 1834
#X008225 shearing broad cloths Springfield, VT

Green, Ransom on May 31, 1834
#X008226 forge, and applying bellows thereto Brunswick, NY

Clark, Joseph H. on May 31, 1834
#X008227 destroying bugs, perfuming houses, and cleaning furniture Connersville, IN

Eastman, Joel (administrator, John Martineau) on May 31, 1834
#X008228 horse power machine Elbridge, NY

Draper, Joshua on May 31, 1834
#X008229 gumming saws Harrisburg, IN

Crocker, William A. on June 3, 1834
#X008230 cans, for spinning cotton, by employing sheet-tin Taunton, MA

Prentiss, George G. on June 3, 1834
#X008231 cooking stove with a circular revolving oven Smithfield, RI

Quimby, Phineas P. on June 3, 1834
#X008232 chain saw for sawing timber, wood, metal, marble, etc. Belfast, ME

Bradley, Robert on June 4, 1834
#X008233 triple rafter press Natchez, MS

Emes, James D. on June 4, 1834
#X008234 thrashing machine Lansingburg, NY

Whitney, Ebenezer on June 4, 1834
#X008235 horse collars Chenango, NY

Kohler, Daniel on June 6, 1834
#X008236 adding machine Sunbury, PA

Handy Samuel M and Albee, John & Cutts, E.B. on June 6, 1834
#X008237 grist mill Hallowell, ME

Cook, Ebenezer and Usher, Selden on June 7, 1834
#X008238 manufacturing oakum Haddam, CT

Latouraudais, Joseph H. on June 7, 1834
#X008239 saddlebag Flint Hill, VA

Claxton, Timothy on June 7, 1834
#X008240 air pump Boston, MA

Rennie, James on June 9, 1834
#X008241 ink coloring matter, mordant, or other liquids supplying or steeping Lodi, NJ

Barber, Sprague on June 14, 1834
#X008242 expansive steam engine Providence, RI

Bulkeley, Daniel on June 14, 1834
#X008243 water tables for doors Hampton, CT

Fisher, Isaac, Jr. on June 14, 1834
#X008244 manufacturing sand paper Springfield, VT

Fisher, Isaac, Jr. on June 14, 1834
#X008245 softening sand paper after the powder or grains have been applied Springfield, VT

Fisher, Isaac, Jr. on June 14, 1834
#X008246 sand paper Springfield, VT

Fisher, Isaac, Jr. on June 14, 1834
#X008247 sand paper Springfield, VT

Jackson, Bernard on June 14, 1834
#X008248 cutting and cradling wheat, etc. Brown County, OH

Jones, Alfred C. on June 14, 1834
#X008249 locomotive engines, cars, and carriages Philadelphia, PA

Kempton, James C. on June 14, 1834
#X008250 power loom Manayunk, PA

Lyons, Richard on June 14, 1834
#X008251 machine for making perspective drawings New Rumley, OH

McCausland, John on June 14, 1834
#X008252 canal boats Kingston, NY

Marchand, Lewis on June 14, 1834
#X008253 safety engine or machinery to supersede the use of steam Baltimore, MD

Mitchell, Harlow on June 14, 1834
#X008254 sawing wood for fuel, blocks for shingles, etc. Rutland, NY

Norcross, Leonard on June 14, 1834
#X008255 elastic diving suit Dixfield, ME

Parham, William S. on June 14, 1834
#X008256 frame work of mills Sussex County, VA

Perkins, Jacob on June 14, 1834
#X008257 cotton gin Bridgewater, MA

Porter, Allen on June 14, 1834
#X008258 metal combs Hartford, CT

Risley, Richard S. (administrator, Samuel Risley) on June 14, 1834
#X008259 smoothing, polishing, and grinding marble Philadelphia, PA

Sharp, James on June 14, 1834
#X008260 hammer arm forge Coleraine, PA

Winans, Ross on June 14, 1834
#X008261 springs for railroad cars Baltimore, MD

Phelps, Samuel W. on July 16, 1834
#X008262 rarifying oven cook stove Cincinnati, OH

Phelps, Samuel W. on July 16, 1834
#X008263 reflecting Franklin cook stove Cincinnati, OH

Badger, Leonidas V. & Walker, Richard on June 17, 1834
#X008264 windlasses Portsmouth, NH

Davee, Barnabas on June 17, 1834
#X008265 cutting straw, hay, etc. Leeds, ME

Holbrook, Adin and French, Benjamin F. on June 17, 1834
#X008266 power loom Dunstable, NH

Averill, Henry on June 18, 1834
#X008267 water wheel, for saw and grist mills Richland, NY

Brown, John on June 18, 1834
#X008268 churn Hallowell, ME

Melvin, John on June 18, 1834
#X008269 thrashing machine Readfield, ME

Zook, Shem on June 18, 1834
#X008270 plough Armagh Township, Mifflin County, PA

Campbell, Asa on June 19, 1834
#X008271 spinning wool Kingston, PA

Clark, Edward on June 19, 1834
#X008272 manufacturing vinegar Saugerties, NY

Miller, Ezra L. on June 19, 1834
#X008273 driving wheels for locomotive engines, Increasing the adhesion Charleston, SC

Stabler, James P. on June 19, 1834
#X008274 drawing milk from the breast of women, a machine, called the pneumatic pump Sandy Spring, MD

Stewart, Philo P. on June 19, 1834
#X008275 cooking stove Elyria, OH

Angell, Otis N. on June 20, 1834
#X008276 self-acting alarm clock Johnston, RI

McCormick, Cyrus H. on June 21, 1834
#X008277 reaping all kinds of grain Rockbridge County, VA

Phillips, Benjamin on June 21, 1834
#X008278 mode of determining the height of water in boilers Philadelphia, PA

Chase, Jotham on June 23, 1834
#X008279 washing machine Waterborough, ME

Parkhurst, S. R. on June 24, 1834
#X008280 napping and steaming cloth Providence, RI

Burk, William on June 25, 1834
#X008281 portable horse power Whitemarsh Township, Montgomery County, PA

Jordan, Richard & Anderson, M. on June 25, 1834
#X008282 medicated liquid magnesia Philadelphia, PA

Strait, Hiram on June 25, 1834
#X008283 construction of valves on the principle of a balance East Nassau, NY

Burnell, Levi on June 26, 1834
#X008284 enabling locomotive engines to ascend planes Elyria, OH

Ransom, Asa on June 26, 1834
#X008285 saw mills Clarence, NY

Center, Joab on June 27, 1834
#X008286 machine for spreading and turning hay Hudson, NY

Read, R. C and Read, Clement O. on June 27, 1834
#X008287 manufacturing wood screws Worcester, MA

Ayres, Littleton on July 8, 1834
#X008288 filtering apparatus Baltimore, MD

Bard, Aaron & Heywood, Simeon on July 8, 1834
#X008289 sawing timber, concave, convex Lunenburg, MA

Bradford, Hezekiah on July 8, 1834
#X008290 crane New York, NY

Howe, Joel on July 8, 1834
#X008291 hammer hatchet Princeton, MA

Jacobs, James on July 8, 1834
#X008292 plough Maysville, KY

Jacobs, James on July 8, 1834
#X008293 plough Maysville, KY

Lewis, John on July 8, 1834
#X008294 portable furnace Derby, CT

Mason, Samuel P. on July 8, 1834
#X008295 machine for whipping and cleaning cotton Killingly, CT

Moody, Paul on July 8, 1834
#X008296 horizontal cutter for straw, hay, etc. Philadelphia, PA

Porter, William and Sanger, Abraham on July 8, 1834
#X008297 constructing hatters' kettles Waltham, MA

Saxton Horace on July 8, 1834
#X008298 fire-places Eden, NY

Thompson, John, 3rd on July 8, 1834
#X008299 machine for picking curled hair Essex County, MA

Ames, Michael & Wright, John on July 10, 1834
#X008300 thrashing machine Fredericksburg, VA

Bassford, Ebenezer on July 10, 1834
#X008301 water power Jay, ME

Howlet, Jonathan on July 10, 1834
#X008302 machine for destroying bugs by steam Greenborough, NC

Kirkpatrick, John on July 10, 1834
#X008303 self-balance steam valves Baltimore, MD

Knight, Isaac on July 10, 1834
#X008304 railway carriages (patented Mar. 18, 1829, reissued) Baltimore, MD

Markham, Bela on July 10, 1834
#X008305 traverse sleigh Burlington, VT

Marshall, Moses H. on July 10, 1834
#X008306 bushing and pins for sheaves or pulleys Gloucester, MA

Booth, Nathan on July 12, 1834
#X008307 cider mill Cheshire, CT

Briggs, Eliakim on July 12, 1834
#X008308 horse power machine Fort Covington, NY

Dole, Lewis H. and Pickard, Nathaniel on July 12, 1834
#X008309 machine for drawing boots Rowley, MA

Kelly, William on July 12, 1834
#X008310 wheels for propelling boats Pittsburg, PA

Mills, Harvey on July 12, 1834
#X008311 manufacturing plates for gun barrels Springfield, MA

Pettes, Simon on July 12, 1834
#X008312 locks Bellowsfalls, VT

Saltonstall, Gordon F. on July 12, 1834
#X008313 boats, chain for inland navigation Society Hill, SC

Gilman, Jesse on July 14, 1834
#X008314 washing machine Waterborough, ME

Hay, Samuel L. on July 14, 1834
#X008315 platform balance Boston, MA

Kite, Joseph S. on July 14, 1834
#X008316 consequences prevented in breaking axles in railroad cars Philadelphia, PA

Woodside, James D. on July 14, 1834
#X008317 pump gauge Washington, DC

Phelps, Samuel W. (8318½) on July 16, 1834
#X008318 cooking stove, called Phelps' patent rarefying oven cook stove Cincinnati, OH

Wolf, William Leo on July 15, 1834
#X008318 bedstead for sick and wounded New York, NY

Cochran, John W. on July 18, 1834
#X008319 steam fire-places Lowell, MA

Hubba, Dana on July 18, 1834
#X008320 lath cutting machine Wheeling, VA

Kibbe, Sylvester on July 18, 1834
#X008321 cheese press Schoharie, NY

Barton, Henry on July 22, 1834
#X008322 retaining box Rochester, NY

Merchant, Samuel on July 22, 1834
#X008323 spindle, bush Ohio County, VA

Rich, Reuben on July 22, 1834
#X008324 manufacturing wagon or any other wheeled vehicle Albion, NY

Livermore, Daniel on July 24, 1834
#X008325 regulated pressure engine Blairsville, PA

Post, Nathan on July 24, 1834
#X008326 blocking hame collars Norfolk, NY

Hotchkiss, Gideon on July 25, 1834
#X008327 thrashing machine Windsor, NY

Peachey, Henry on July 25, 1834
#X008328 plough Philadelphia, PA

Bell, Edward S. & Bell, Daniel on July 28, 1834
#X008329 tanning hides and skins by compression rollers Smithfield, VA

Lenher, John on July 28, 1834
#X008330 machine for cutting tenons on spokes of wheels Cocalico Township, Lancaster County, PA

Davis, Phineas on July 29, 1834
#X008331 promoting combustion of anthracite and other fuel Baltimore, MD

Davis, Phineas on July 29, 1834
#X008332 chilling wheels for cars and carriages Baltimore, MD

Graham, Lorenzo on July 29, 1834
#X008333 knife saw Paris, NY

Balcom, Daniel A. on August 1, 1834
#X008334 compound resinous cement for roofs Northampton, PA

Bartlett, Horace on August 1, 1834
#X008335 cooking stove Carmel, NY

Deniston, James R. on August 1, 1834
#X008336 construction of tanning vats Connersville, IN

Gates, Avery B. on August 1, 1834
#X008337 washing machine Connersville, IN

Marshall, John, Jr. on August 1, 1834
#X008338 thrashing machine Sweden, NY

Follet, Francis on August 14, 1834
#X008339 press tub for pressing oleaginous seeds Petersburg, VA

Lawrence, Thomas on August 4, 1834
#X008340 truss for cure of hernia Winchester, KY

Smith, John on August 4, 1834
#X008341 manufacturing figured fabrics Shaefferstown, PA

Parish, Levi H. on August 6, 1834
#X008342 bee hive and management of bees Brighton, NY

Tarbox, Zena and Tarbox, Levi B. on August 6, 1834
#X008343 cast iron sink Delaware County, NY

Woodel, Joel on August 6, 1834
#X008344 striker for hammering iron Jackson, TN

Blackmar, John on August 7, 1834
#X008345 constructing weavers' harness Killingly, CT

Palmer, Freeman on August 7, 1834
#X008346 manufacturing nails (patented October 25, 1832, reissued) Buffalo, NY

Blanchard, Thomas on August 8, 1834
#X008347 circular saw mills New York, NY

Ellis, Darwin on August 8, 1834
#X008348 manufacturing butt hinges Attleborough, MA

Newton, Alfred on August 8, 1834
#X008349 spiral screw auger Meriden, CT

Sanford, Nathaniel C. on August 8, 1834
#X008350 single twist spiral screw auger Meriden, CT

Chandler, Thomas A. on August 9, 1834
#X008351 engine for elevating and throwing water Norfolk, NY

Rennie, James on August 9, 1834
#X008352 printing with two or more colors at one impression Lodi, NJ

Ricker, Joshua on August 9, 1834
#X008353 churn Bangor, ME

Martineau, John on August 11, 1834
#X008354 composition of matter and constructing roads, streets, etc. Elbridge, NY

Wood, Benjamin on August 11, 1834
#X008355 hulling and cleaning clover seed Doylestown, PA

Delano, Jesse on August 13, 1834
#X008356 iron fire-proof chest (patented March 7, 1826, reissued) New York, NY

Fauntleroy, R. H. on August 13, 1834
#X008357 fly driver New Harmony, IN

Moffatt, John on August 13, 1834
#X008358 cooking stove Buffalo, NY

Nunns, William on August 14, 1834
#X008359 body for hats New York, NY

Sexton, Samuel B. on August 14, 1834
#X008360 cooking stove Philadelphia, PA

Maurey, James on August 15, 1834
#X008361 manufacturing tobacco by machinery Petersburg, VA

Pitts, John A.: Pitts, Hiram A. on August 15, 1834
#X008362 chain band for horse power Livermore, ME

Tongue, Richard R. on August 15, 1834
#X008363 improved oven Fryburg, ME

Gallop, Isaac on August 18, 1834
#X008364 thrashing machine Plainfield, CT

Sullivan, John L. on August 18, 1834
#X008365 machine for facilitating the process in metallurgy of freeing the ores of the precious metals from sulphur New York, NY

Treadwell, Daniel on August 18, 1834
#X008366 machine for hatchelling hemp, flax, and wool Boston, MA

Treadwell, Daniel on August 18, 1834
#X008367 machine for tarring rope yarns Boston, MA

Grant, Joseph on August 19, 1834
#X008368 mill for grinding grain Providence, RI

Hannah, James Lee on August 19, 1834
#X008369 fire ladders New York, NY

Hannah, James Lee on August 19, 1834
#X008370 instrument for crumbling stone in the bladder New York, NY

Wilson, Charles on August 19, 1834
#X008371 thrashing machine New York, NY

Hidden, Enoch on August 20, 1834
#X008372 percussion cannon lock New York, NY

Hoyt, Benjamin E. on August 20, 1834
#X008373 revolving steel Ipswich, MA

Wiseman, Isaac on August 20, 1834
#X008374 filtering machine for purifying water New York, NY

Dobson, John on August 21, 1834
#X008375 machine for separating gold from soil Burke County, NC

Guthrie, Samuel on August 21, 1834
#X008376 percussion powder for discharging arms Sackett's Harbor, NY

Ranger, Reuben on August 21, 1834
#X008377 separating clover seed from chaff Wilton, ME

Snyder, Joseph on August 21, 1834
#X008378 finishing Leghorn hats and bonnets Philadelphia, PA

Daniels, Reuben on August 22, 1834
#X008379 shearing cloth (patented May 13, 1834, reissued) Woodstock, VT

Tufts, Otis on August 22, 1834
#X008380 printing press Boston, MA

Whitlock, Sidney B. on August 22, 1834
#X008381 spinning rope and other yarns New York, NY

Baily, Samuel M. on August 23, 1834
#X008382 hulling clover seed Attleborough, PA

Frieze, Simon on August 23, 1834
#X008383 double cylinder truck for raising stone Waterloo, MD

McGregory, Cyrus on August 26, 1834
#X008384 jointing and making staves for barrels Newport, NH

Streeter, Joseph B. on August 26, 1834
#X008385 horse power Middlesex, NJ

Tiemann, George on August 26, 1834
#X008386 improved scarificator New York, NY

Matthias, John on August 27, 1834
#X008387 thrashing machine Manchester, MD

Smith, Abial on August 27, 1834
#X008388 stove for burning coal North Providence, RI

Woolley, Williams on August 30, 1834
#X008389 bedstead for sick and wounded New York, NY

Haynes, Samuel on September 1, 1834
#X008390 perpetual shoe bench Malden, MA

Kendall, Amos on September 2, 1834
#X008391 boats, cylinder Washington, DC

Lukens, Israel on September 2, 1834
#X008392 thrashing machine Upper Dublin Township, Montgomery County, PA

Wilcox, Philo F. on September 3, 1834
#X008393 steam baker Springfield, MA

Kirtland, Lucius on September 4, 1834
#X008394 machine for cutting crackers New Haven, CT

Barnes, Elijah on September 5, 1834
#X008395 cheese press North Brookfield, MA

Handschy, Henry on September 5, 1834
#X008396 machine for shelling barley Bridgeville, OH

Dennis, James on September 8, 1834
#X008397 mill-can shoe Providence, RI

Ruggles, Barney on September 8, 1834
#X008398 spring wheels for carraiges Warsaw, NY

Clowes, Isaac on September 9, 1834
#X008399 friction rollers for machinery Norfolk, VA

Penman, John on September 9, 1834
#X008400 circular saw mills Charlotte, NC

Baldwin, Matthias W. on September 10, 1834
#X008401 locomotive engines and cars for railroads Philadelphia, PA

Chaney, Cyrus on September 11, 1834
#X008402 machine for moulding and pressing bricks Prospect, ME

Wilson, James on September 12, 1834
#X008403 union or double grate New York, NY

Anthony, David on September 13, 1834
#X008404 bedstead for sick and wounded Adams, MA

Cleaveland, Dyer on September 13, 1834
#X008405 horse machine collars Owego, NY

Howe, Elias on September 13, 1834
#X008406 mattresses of palm leaf Cambridge, MA

Parker, Obadiah on September 15, 1834
#X008407 constructing cisterns (improvement on Booth's) Syracuse, NY

St. John, John L. on September 16, 1834
#X008408 reaction water wheel Canajoharie, NY

Waterman, William G. on September 16, 1834
#X008409 machine for handling leather Sullivan, NY

Bush, Fenner & Pratt, Linus on September 17, 1834
#X008410 construction of gridirons (patented July 21, 1830, reissued) Meriden, CT

McCluer, Heman on September 17, 1834
#X008411 sun-dials of cast iron Hamburg, NY

Murphree, Nimrod on September 17, 1834
#X008412 straw cutter Nashville, TN

Gleason, Sewell on September 18, 1834
#X008413 horse power Westville, NY

Sutton, William on September 18, 1834
#X008414 rotary steam engine Geneva, NY

Norcross, Adna L. on September 19, 1834
#X008415 churn Hallowell, ME

Christian, George on September 20, 1834
#X008416 shears for cutting brass, copper, etc. Mentz, NY

Egbert, James D. on September 22, 1834
#X008417 forcing pump Lansing, NY

Leonard, Sylvanus on September 23, 1834
#X008418 horse power Hampden, ME

Elmore, Isaac W. on September 25, 1834
#X008419 dressing mill stones Lyons, NY

Hayward, Ansel on September 25, 1834
#X008420 cast iron fire-places Easton, MA

Knauer, David on September 25, 1834
#X008421 thrashing maching and corn shelling East Nantmeal Township, Chester County, PA

Scripture, Eliphalet S. on September 26, 1834
#X008422 centripetal power press Cazenova, NY

Heermance, Garet G. on September 30, 1834
#X008423 water wheel to propel machinery Coxsackie, NY

Hopkins, William A. on September 30, 1834
#X008424 cooking stove New York, NY

St. John, Josiah on September 30, 1834
#X008425 metal baker Hudson, NY

Winans, Ross on October 1, 1834
#X008426 railroad cars Baltimore, MD

Whiton, Elijah on October 2, 1834
#X008427 common suction pump Groton, MA

Givin, John D. on October 3, 1834
#X008428 washing machine Washington County, TN

Ustick, Stephen on October 3, 1834
#X008429 straw cutter Philadelphia, PA

Addis, Amos on October 4, 1834
#X008430 chutes for dams Washington Township, PA

Elliott, Benjamin on October 4, 1834
#X008431 alternate motion machine for propelling machinery Danby, NY

Johnston, William. G. on October 4, 1834
#X008432 horse power, IN
clined plane Bridgetown, NJ

Arnold, Peleg on October 6, 1834
#X008433 speeder flier Killingly Centre, CT

Stone, Othniel on October 6, 1834
#X008434 saw strap Pittsford, NY

Bogardus, James on October 7, 1834
#X008435 gasometer New York, NY

Gray, J. B. on October 7, 1834
#X008436 gun lock Fredericksburg, VA

Davis, Ezekiel and Field, Samuel on October 8, 1834
#X008437 horse shoe machine Oakum, MA

Lesuer, William W. on October 8, 1834
#X008438 lath cutting machine Urbana, OH

Shepherd, Forrest on October 8, 1834
#X008439 preserving wood from decay Fredericksburg, VA

Cromwell, Joseph on October 9, 1834
#X008440 plough Cynthiana, KY

Wellman, Timothy, Jr. on October 9, 1834
#X008441 corn shelling machine Brooklin, VT

Bunnel, Levi C. on October 10, 1834
#X008442 punching metals Otsego, NY

Carington, Wilson on October 10, 1834
#X008443 cooking stove New York, NY

Stackpole, David on October 10, 1834
#X008444 machine for tightening shrouds of vessels Portland, ME

Burgess, Asa & Baldwin, Hiram (8445½) on October 10, 1834
#X008445 machine for thrashing and cleaning clover and timothy seed Washington, Litchfield County, CT

Wilson, Carington on October 10, 1834
#X008445 cooking stove New York, NY

Adams, Nathaniel on October 14, 1834
#X008446 brick machine (patented June 22, 1830, reissued) Cornwall, NY

Blair, Henry on October 14, 1834
#X008447 corn planter Glenross, MD

Burden, Henry on October 14, 1834
#X008448 furnace for heating bar iron Troy, NY

Cadwell, Henry on October 14, 1834
#X008449 bake stove Owego, NY

Camp, Henry W. on October 14, 1834
#X008450 cooking stove Owego, NY

Dwyer, Joseph T. on October 14, 1834
#X008451 apparatus for distillation Nashville, TN

Hoggan, James M. on October 14, 1834
#X008452 figure power loom New Haven, CT

Lange, Urban B. A. on October 14, 1834
#X008453 apparatus to prevent smoking chimneys Philadelphia, PA

Haynes, Samuel on October 16, 1834
#X008454 perpetual shoe pattern Malden, MA

Mackie, Patrick on October 16, 1834
#X008455 covering ropes with caoutchouc New York, NY

Scarborough, Thomas H. on October 16, 1834
#X008456 cotton press Brownsville, TN

Barron, James on October 20, 1834
#X008457 blocks, tackle, and pulleys of metal Philadelphia, PA

Reed, Charles B. on October 20, 1834
#X008458 horse-shoe machine West Bridgewater, MA

Shaw, Erastus M. on October 20, 1834
#X008459 mortising and tenoning machine Brooklyn, NY

Brown, John on October 21, 1834
#X008460 grain thrashing machine Jackson, TN

Cochran, John W. on October 22, 1834
#X008461 rotary cylinder cannon Lowell, MA

Farnam, Joel on October 22, 1834
#X008462 forcing pump Stillwater, NY

Wright, John on October 22, 1834
#X008463 still, alcohol New York, NY

Dudley, Lemuel C and Brooks, Samuel on October 23, 1834
#X008464 tanning leather Portland, ME

Knight, Benjamin on October 23, 1834
#X008465 boring timber for mortising Cranston, RI

Stimpson, James on October 23, 1834
#X008466 constructing wheels for railroad cars and engines Baltimore, MD

Stimpson, James on October 23, 1834
#X008467 running gear for railroad cars Baltimore, MD

Sawyer, Samuel on October 24, 1834
#X008468 conveying sounds, called acoustic drum Boston, MA

Tolles, Elisha on October 24, 1834
#X008469 horse-shoe machine Winchester, CT

Dinsmoor, Alonzo R. on October 25, 1834
#X008470 riding saddle Goffstown, NH

Goulding, John on October 25, 1834
#X008471 boilers for generating steam and evaporating fluids Dedham, MA

Goulding, John on October 25, 1834
#X008472 boilers for generating steam and evaporating fluids Dedham, MA

Goulding, John on October 25, 1834
#X008473 steam engine, making dry Dedham, MA

Crocker, Daniel W. on October 30, 1834
#X008474 railroad cars propelled by horse power Philadelphia, PA

Fitzgerald, Daniel & Fitzgerald, John on October 30, 1834
#X008475 conical grain grinder New York, NY

Fitzgerald, John and Fitzgerald, Daniel on October 30, 1834
#X008476 grain thrashing machine New York, NY

Hall, Samuel on October 30, 1834
#X008477 lubricating pistons of steam engines Basford, England

Hall, Samuel on October 30, 1834
#X008478 steam engine Basford, England

Sleeper, John R. on October 30, 1834
#X008479 locomotive horse power Philadelphia, PA

Stillman, Thomas B. on October 30, 1834
#X008480 valves for steam engines New York, NY

Coleman, Ezra on October 31, 1834
#X008481 bedstead New Bedford, MA

Hoyt, Rodney on October 31, 1834
#X008482 corn sheller Miamisburg, OH

Price, John L. on October 31, 1834
#X008483 truss, for cure of hernia Nicholasville, KY

Bean, Joshua on November 5, 1834
#X008484 thrashing machine and hair picker Readfield, ME

Olmsted, Denison on November 5, 1834
#X008485 furnace for anthracite coal New Haven, CT

Davis, Frederick on November 6, 1834
#X008486 thorough braces Baltimore, MD

Force, Dexter C & Davis, Frederick on November 6, 1834
#X008487 axles and boxes for carriages and railroad cars Baltimore, MD

Whitman, Abial, Jr. ( 8488½) on November 6, 1834
#X008488 bee hive Londonderry, VT

Williston, John on November 6, 1834
#X008488 blocks used in building vessels Portsmouth, VA

Grimes, William C. (8489½) on November 8, 1834
#X008489 clover seed hulling machine York, PA

Isbell, Harlow on November 8, 1834
#X008489 Norfolk latches Meriden, CT

Grimes, William C. (8490½) on November 8, 1834
#X008490 clover seed hulling machine York, PA

Isbell, Harlow on November 8, 1834
#X008490 Norfolk latches Meriden, CT

French, Raymond on November 11, 1834
#X008491 auger pump and spur bits Derby, CT

Stroop, Jacob on November 11, 1834
#X008492 hydrant Pittsburg, PA

West, Stacy on November 11, 1834
#X008493 grain thrashing machine Harford County, MD

Tomkins, Caleb on November 14, 1834
#X008494 lever engine, or combination of levers Montgomery, AL

Tomkins, Caleb on November 14, 1834
#X008495 rotary engine lever Montgomery, AL

Kelly, William on November 17, 1834
#X008496 improvement on his water wheel for propelling boats Pittsburg, PA

Laighton, William on November 17, 1834
#X008497 thrashing and winnowing machine Portsmouth, NH

Stewart, John on November 17, 1834
#X008498 thrashing machine and straw cutter Cambridge, MD

Wadsworth, Charles on November 17, 1834
#X008499 machine for splitting palm leaf Barre, ME

Ramage, Adam on November 19, 1834
#X008500 printing press Philadelphia, PA

Shaw, John on November 19, 1834
#X008501 thrashing machine Augusta, ME

Simpson, Edwin L. on November 19, 1834
#X008502 water proof umbrellas Roxbury, MA

Whitson, Thomas and Haynes, Gustavus E. on November 19, 1834
#X008503 portable cooking stove Roxbury, MA

Davis, Frederick on November 24, 1834
#X008504 axles and boxes for carriages (patented Nov. 6, 1834, reissued) Baltimore, MD

Fowler, William & Germond, Richard M. on November 24, 1834
#X008505 roving, twisting, from speeders Union Vale, NY

Jencks, Levins and Dexter, Henry on November 24, 1834
#X008506 eagle balance Killingly, CT

Lord, Alanson D. on November 24, 1834
#X008507 improvement on G.A. Stocking's washing machine Bethany, NY

Naramore, Horace on November 24, 1834
#X008508 manufacturing grain and grass scythes Caledonia, NY

Burnell, Levi on November 25, 1834
#X008509 cooking stove Elyria, OH

Gardner, Smith on November 25, 1834
#X008510 portable horse power Rochester, NY

Lamson, Silas on November 25, 1834
#X008511 moulds for bending sythe snaths Sterling, MA

Lamson, Silas on November 25, 1834
#X008512 scythe fastenings Sterling, MA

Barthelemy, Peter on December 2, 1834
#X008513 movable sink New York, NY

Bennet, Phineas on December 2, 1834
#X008514 dogs, saw mill Hector, NY

Burden, Henry on December 2, 1834
#X008515 nail and spike machine Troy, NY

Burk, William on December 2, 1834
#X008516 propelling boats Whitemarsh, PA

Grimes, William C. on December 2, 1834
#X008517 brick machine, press York, PA

Grimes, William C. on December 2, 1834
#X008518 machine for moulding bricks York, PA

McCawley, Samuel on December 2, 1834
#X008519 spinning reel Fallston, PA

Parkhurst, Stephen R. on December 2, 1834
#X008520 circular tenter bars for drying cloth Meriden, RI

Ruggles, Henry on December 2, 1834
#X008521 mixing certain matters for pitch New York, NY

Armstrong, Martin N. & King, William H. (8522½) on December 2, 1834
#X008522 screening grain and berries New York, NY

Shelton, Frederick on December 2, 1834
#X008522 carryall Jackson, NC

Briggs, Olney on December 3, 1834
#X008523 side saddle Schoharie, NY

Hyde, Edward C. on December 3, 1834
#X008524 railroad tracks and wheels Natchez, MS

Mackie, Patrick on December 3, 1834
#X008525 covering ropes with caoutchouc (patented Oct. 16, 1834, reissued) New York, NY

Newton, Elias W. on December 3, 1834
#X008526 fire-places and stove Middletown, CT

Blaney, Benjamin on December 17, 1834
#X008527 oven Boston, MA

Brewster, Gilbert (administrator, Louis Brewster) on December 17, 1834
#X008528 cotton roping, called "wave motion" Poughkeepsie, NY

Brooks, Benjamin on December 17, 1834
#X008529 lay for power loom New Market, NH

Chandler, John Hasset on December 17, 1834
#X008530 mortising machine Worcester, MA

Childs, James on December 17, 1834
#X008531 cooking stove Henniker, NH

Eaton, Samuel S. on December 17, 1834
#X008532 oven Mansfield, CT

Fairchild, Asabel on December 17, 1834
#X008533 machine for dressing staves Queensbury, NY

Furbish, Webber on December 17, 1834
#X008534 thrashing machine Hallowell, ME

Grimes, William C. on December 17, 1834
#X008535 wrought nail and spike machine York, PA

Grimes, William C. on December 17, 1834
#X008536 wrought nail and spike machine, from prepared material York, PA

Hays, Benjamin Franklin on December 17, 1834
#X008537 easy chair Pittsfield, MA

Humphreville, Benjamin and King, James on December 17, 1834
#X008538 bedstead Morristown, NJ

Howard, Seba & Howard, Caleb on December 17, 1834
#X008539 lath machine Easton, MA and Bristol, MA

Kniffin, William C. on December 17, 1834
#X008540 lever power washing machine Alexander, NY

McNary, John on December 17, 1834
#X008541 manufacturing sheet or boiler iron Brooklyn, NY

Pierce, GA
len H. on December 17, 1834
#X008542 stone hammer Middlebury, MA

Potter, Thomas, Sr. on December 17, 1834
#X008543 boats, engine for unloading and removing weights Bowling Green, KY

Ridgway, Thomas S. on December 17, 1834
#X008544 smelting iron ore Pottsville, PA

Baker, Samuel T (assignee, Isaac Robinson) on December 17, 1834
#X008545 cotton and hay press Portland, ME

Searle, Augustus W. on December 17, 1834
#X008546 manufacturing scythes Indianapolis, IN

Beck, Charles & Jenks, William (8547½) on December 17, 1834
#X008547 hulling and breaking cotton seed Columbia, SC

Tenant, Charles P. and Eaton, William on December 17, 1834
#X008547 thrashing machine Wooster, OH

Daniels, Thomas E. on December 23, 1834
#X008548 planing machine Worcester, MA

Douglas, John Cooper on December 23, 1834
#X008549 apparatus for applying and conducting heat New York, NY

Grover, Zadock B. & Lawton, David on December 23, 1834
#X008550 planing and matching machine Springwater, NY

Mellish, Henry on December 23, 1834
#X008551 lathe pattern for turning lasts Walpole, NH

Moore, Joshua on December 23, 1834
#X008552 straw cutter Roane County, TN

Morrison, John R. on December 23, 1834
#X008553 bellows for smiths' and furnace fires Springfield, OH

Potter, Chandler E. on December 23, 1834
#X008554 machine for dressing manilla hemp Portsmouth, NH

Wadsworth, Charles on December 23, 1834
#X008555 machine for splitting palm leaf Barre, ME

White, Lemuel B. on December 23, 1834
#X008556 stomach and breast pump and cupping instrument (patented July 22, 1833) New York, NY

Coffin, Ezekiel W. (8557½) on December 23, 1834
#X008557 corn shelling machine Gilead, ME

Wilbur, Zibeon on December 23, 1834
#X008557 safety locks Woodbury, CT

Ambler, Enoch (8558½) on December 23, 1834
#X008558 cutting grain and grass by horse power Root, NY

Wolfe, Daniel on December 23, 1834
#X008558 machine for moulding brick Mount Vernon, OH

Emmons, William on December 24, 1834
#X008559 horse power New York, NY

Gleason, Lyman on December 24, 1834
#X008560 manufacturing steel carriage springs Stafford, NY

Parker, Otis and Parker, Daniel on December 24, 1834
#X008561 machine for sawing clapboards Hubbardstown, MA

Rankin, Robert on December 24, 1834
#X008562 machine for moulding brick Frankfort, ME

Ray, Fowler M. on December 24, 1834
#X008563 machine for bending tire and carriage springs Catskill, NY

Swett, Nahum on December 24, 1834
#X008564 washing machine and churn Readfield, ME

Theal, Isaac on December 24, 1834
#X008565 propelling boats by spiral New York, NY

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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